100 Replies to “Lec-1 Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

  1. Thanks, Professor! This is the best and clearest explanation of neural networks I have seen! I can't wait to get to the other lectures!!

  2. thanks a lot professor! the world is in desperate need of good teachers like you who still teach the good ol' fashioned way….Excellent lecture!!

  3. I think instead of attempting to mimic the brain that we should first learn how to effectively connect and control a human brain in such a way that would dwarf the fastest computer. Just because it's complex and has trillions of connections, doesn't mean it's performing in the best way. We do not know enough about the brain to attempt to mimic it. Obviously a network with trillions of connections is seriously flawed …the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, yes?

  4. Oh and one more thing…would someone please buy this man a laptop and an overhead projector and a copy of Microsoft Office PowerPoint? thanks!

  5. This is a good lecture.

    I would simply recommend a few updates regarding the logistics and lecture delivery method that wold allow more discussion and retro-speculation.

  6. The very reason of me scoring(or even passing) in my ANN exam would be this video series… Salute to the professor. Just Outstanding!!

  7. Good lecture … but look at the extra stress on the definition and key words … non-linear, parallel bhla bhla. This what u need to stick in ur mind if u r looking to score marks in test.
    That's what i hate abt. our education system 🙁

  8. definisions are actually very important, its what you base your entire knowledge on. Sad most people use them as just a trick to answer exam questions..

  9. I agree 'definitions' are important. But I think essence of it is more important then the wordings dots and commas in it. The problem is if a student words it slightly differently, he loses score.
    I think there is fundamental problem with our education/evaluation system. It makes students focus more on mugging up topic rather then understanding the topic.

  10. I will take my example – I understood what a normal curve really means years later when I had to use it in my job (IT professional in a investment bank). As a student I was really good at solving normal curve math problem but I never care to understand what a normal curve signifies. Knowing the formula was good enough for me to crack the problem in exam. And I do not remember my teacher explaining me the meaning of it either.
    The focus is … how to score.

  11. These videos are an excellent resource and the instruction is certainly top-notch. Thanks so much nptelhrd/IIT! Only thing somewhat missing in this course is discussion on 'spiking' networks. I uploaded some very simple spiking network visualizations for those interested

  12. Very good lecture, I learned many things to implement a backpropagation Neural Network. Search "josh napalm" if you want to see the youtube video

  13. can anyone tell me what is his name?? I´m doing a seminar on artificial neural networks and I need his name for quotes.

  14. There's lots of disturbance in the sound. Not able to hear a single word properly, either in PC or mobile.

    Anyone knows the solution?

  15. U are the greatest of all Profs………. May God give u the rest you deserved   RIP….

    I feel sick we all will miss you

  16. audio is disturbing ……. i can only hear from left speaker ……….. i checked my sound system and it is working fine……….. any fix to this problem ?

  17. very good introduction, thanks. What about spiking neural networks as the 3rd generation of neural networks, there is any lectures about it?

  18. Professor is great. But problem with audio.(only right side is working) This is problem with most of video lecture from IIT Kh

  19. Thank you sir.
    Indians give very important lectures but sometimes there is a problem with the accent so I can't quite understand it.
    Fortunately for me, this lecture is clear enough.

  20. Black shirts with fine strips are a no no for video. Moire fringe effects reduce data compression potential. Also handwritten parts can be speeded up. Prof also requires a teleprompter to avoid having to look down.

  21. I was trying to do some self learning. I reviewed many videos of a Coursera course and was lost. This lecture certainly went into the right level of details to help me understand. Thanks to our Prof and NPTEL.

  22. I'm planning to binge watch and complete within a week 🙂 Best way to start a New Year. Anyone in to cohort ? to share notes and discuss ?

  23. those who are getting problem with the sound issue, just unplug your earphone plug little outside the earphone jack and see the magic..
    Thank You 🙂 🙂

  24. Hey! I am planning to start this course in mid October 2017. Probably will complete it within 3 weeks. Anyone wants to collaborate to keep a check on each other? We can use Slack to share progress and files. I am a beginner with background in ECE. Let's do it.

  25. I just envy everyone who gets to attend such good classes. Its not fair in India that only a fraction of population receive such good quality higher education.

  26. Sir i am working on CNN , i have a non image dataset , how could i implement it,kindly give me some approach.

  27. amazing explanation Sir. I have read about this topic which is an outstading tool we can use to "adjust" or model non-linear systems, quite useful in control processes which are mostly non-linear.

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