LG Lucid vs. Pantech Marauder Verizon Wireless Smartphone Schmackdown Comparison Review

hi everyone Scott Lewis here for Wirefly today I'm here to bring you a cell phone Smackdown between the LG lucid in the pantech Marauder both 4G LTE smartphones for Verizon today's schmackdown should be a very close battle between two great value phones for Verizon we're gonna break today's matchup into three rounds the first round is going to be designed both félicité in the Marauder are touchscreen Android devices the Lucid is going to utilize a touchscreen virtual keyboard versus the pantech marauder is going to use a slide-out five recording keyboard but a lot of people get used to while using quick messaging devices are texting devices so it's a big design difference in these two phones now the particular router will also have the virtual keyboard if you choose to do it that way so you can pull it up and you can compare the marauder and the Lucid keyboards like that as well so let's say the slide-out QWERTY keyboard is a plus for the Marauder I normally only use a virtual keyboard so I'm very used to the touch screen on the Lucid it's very fluid and very nice it's very easy to use the marauders virtual keyboard is also very easy to use now the feedback on the display is a little nicer and the loosen but once again the Marauder has the slide-out QWERTY keyboard so I really like that it does take me back to days when I used to use a quick messaging phone to send text messages so it takes a little bit of time to get used to the slide-out if you're used to the virtual keyboard and vice versa if you're used to a real keyboard it would take you a little bit of time to get used to a virtual keyboard now because the Marauder has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard you would imagine that the Lucid has an advantage for thickness it does have a very slight advantage the Lucid is 11 millimeters thick with a marauder there's only 12 millimeters thick so there's a 1 millimeter difference you can see it's not very noticeable between the two phones and also in weight the weight on the Lucid is only 5 ounces we're on the Marauder it's going to be 6 ounces or 6.1 actually so there's a small advantage to the Lucid / the Marauder in thickness and in weight but for some people the advantage of the slide-out QWERTY keyboard outweighs that little bit of thickness and a little wait that you carry extra on the Marauder now the Lucid has a four inch diagonal LCD display with screen resolution of 480 by 800 which gives it an overall pixel density of 233 pixels per inch the Marauder has a 3.8 inch display with resolution of 480 by 800 so because it's a little bit smaller display with the same resolution it has a little higher pixel density this is 246 pixels per inch I think both phones have a very nice look and feel and have very nice color contrasts and very bright and vibrant displays but I do like to display and they loose it just a little bit better the color contrasts and the brightness and the clarity it just looks a little bit better especially in direct sunlight the last part of the design round we're going to talk about the battery the battery in the Lucid is a 1700 million power battery where the Marauder has a 1680 milliamp hour battery so there's 20 milliamp hours difference in my use of the phones it really made no difference at all they both needed to be charged at the end of the night with around the same percentage left so I thought both phones did a very nice job so I didn't see any difference in the battery at all between these two phones so I could really call around one either way if you're somebody that would like the full slide-out QWERTY keyboard I want to absolutely go marauder but if you're somebody that says that's not a big deal to me I had one on a feature phone a long time ago I don't care about that now I'm used to a virtual keyboard then I would take the Lucid and a little bit more vibrant display the match up and run was very close round 2 is even closer both phones have the exact same specs for the camera it has a point three megapixel front-facing camera or VGA quality front-facing camera and they both have five megapixel rear facing cameras but I will say that the Marauder does not have an LED flash with a loose it does have an LED flash the Lucid scammer will also record video in 1080p true high definition and the Marauder is in 720p so a little advantage once again to the Lucid I will say when taking pictures and video with the Lucid it was a little crisper than the ones that came out on the pantech Marauder you would notice the difference when you looked at them on the phones and when you downloaded them to a PC so I'm gonna go and put up on the display now a picture that I took of the LG lucid in with the pantech Marauder so you can see the difference for yourself here's the picture that I took with the loose it's 8 megapixel camera it did a nice job of capturing the greens and the grass and the trees and the different shades of blue in the sky and here's the picture I took with the Marauders 8 megapixel camera it also did a nice job of capturing the greens in the grass the red and the brick and the blue in the sky so those were the still image pictures that we took with the Lucinda Marauder I want to go ahead and show you a video clip that we took with a 1080p recording LG lucid in the 720p recording pantech marauder so I'll go ahead and play those for you now here's the 1080p recording LG lucid I have the phone about eight inches away from my mouth you'll see how the audio comes out the screen is very easy to see very vibrant I'm standing in the shade so it's pretty easy to see the colors look very true and all the camera functions are very easy to use here we have the 720p recording pantech marauder it's a very nice day out I have the phone about eight inches away from my mouth so we'll see how the audio comes out nice blue skies and I am standing in the shade the screen is very easy to see colors look pretty good so those were the two different video recordings like I said I like to loose it a little bit better than a marauder for the camera multimedia function so I'm going to go ahead and say that it wins round two because I think the camera took a little higher quality photo I like the 1080p recording versus the 720p recording and also I like the actual LED flash that the lease it has verse no flash on the Marauder so around three here's gonna be all about our tech specs on our benchmarks so we'll go ahead and run some benchmarks in a second but let me tell you what's inside both of these phones once again they are almost identical they both have dual-core 1.2 gigahertz processors one gigabyte of processor RAM now the Lucent has 8 gigabytes of on-board storage where the Marauder has 4 gigabytes of on-board storage so let's go ahead and run our ian to 2 benchmark in our quadrant standard benchmark on both and we'll start with the quadric standard benchmark just a reminder that the quadrant standard namely antutu benchmark are going to test the CPU the GPU which is the graphics processor and the read/write speed to the storage on the device and memory card so I'm going to go and turn the camera off now while the benchmark goes through and I'll pick it up at the very end so the Marauder just finished up let's go ahead and pull up our benchmark score for it so we can see the Lucid had a 2745 quadrant standard benchmark score with a marauder had a four thousand eight hundred and eighty eight so the Marauder definitely outperformed Lilu stood in the quadrant of standard benchmark when we're looking at the totals down here at the very bottom if you can see it it really outperformed it especially in the CPU and the memory read/write speeds so let's go ahead and take a look at our in to to benchmark and see how they both compare now the same thing I'll go ahead and turn the camera off whether the benchmark runs and I'll pick it up at the very end alright so both phones have wrapped up the antutu benchmark and we can see that the Lucid has a score of five thousand five hundred and sixty four but the Marauder once again beats at a six thousand seven hundred and four so we can see our scores again as a breakdown we can see the CPU GPU RAM and the input/output scores for the read/write speeds to the storage on the devices so the Marauder takes a clean sweep of the antutu in the quadrant standard benchmarks so the broader wins round three which would be the specs in the benchmarks so I know I gave you a clear winner in round two and round three we had brown two of the camera multimedia go to the Lucid where we had round three the specs and the benchmarks go to the pantech marauder I know I didn't give you a winner for round one that's because I'd like you to decide the winner for round one if you think one millimeter thickness and 1.1 ounces is worth having a slide-out QWERTY keyboard versus having a little bit lighter phone then you would say that the Marauder wins the overall Smackdown today but if you're saying that hey I don't need the keyboard it's a thing of the past I'm a virtual person I want a little bit thinner phone and I wanted a little bit lighter than you would say that the Lucid Wincy of rush back down today so I want to hear from all of our Wirefly YouTube viewers which one you think one was that the LG lucid or was a pantech Marauder make sure to leave your pick in your comments here on our Wirefly YouTube channel I can't wait to see what all of our fans say my name is Scott Lewis for Wirefly thanks for watching

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  1. I watched this to learn about the marauder, and I was between the upgraded version of the lucid and this phone, so I say the lucid wins, so I think ill get the lucid2

  2. Help please, my son somehow changed the theme of my apps to a less standard look. How do I change them back.

  3. Hi mattgarza8,
    I love the EVO 4G LTE and the Galaxy S III. So if you pick either one of those phones you will be doing good. Thanks for watching our Wirefly videos.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  4. I am having a hard time picking the eco lte or galaxy s3 I love to watch YouTube videos and I am a cray web browser and I love to go to different apps quickly

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