Lockdown mobile devices into Kiosk Mode with Gokiosk

Just between you and me modern
enterprises have some serious internal issues They are losing millions trying
to prevent employees from wasting time on unproductive apps during work hours Are you one of those enterprises ? Are you also a helpless watcher ? What are you
waiting for ? Get Gokiosk right now It’s a simple solution for all your problems. See the business bloom as misuse of devices is prevented what can it do that
you haven’t been able to 1) Prevent misuse, block non-essential applications 2) Remotely control and track devices through the cloud 3) With cloud
management you can copy app settings from one device to another including
blocked unblocked status visibility of apps default app and exit passcode. Get
your employees productive sooner. 4) ensure data security and integrity with
peripheral locking and passwords. Get it now and watch your employee performance
charts shoot up Experience reduced device maintenance time and cost

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