teammate: don’t u want to listen to the song? teammate: would u like to listen to other songs? what song can u sing? sing the song that u can sing well teammate: two songs what’s that? teammate: i do sing for the people that have consultation with me teammate: Chun Feng Cui & Zui Mei De Qi Dai what kind of song is this? what style? teammate: pure and fresh teammate: another song is lyric okay. not much different what kind of girl do u like? i like then u sing the first song teammate: first song? Chun Feng Cui. Okay, no problem Okay. u sing after the fight. How? teammate: military base there are people in the military base. lets beat them teammate: I’m afraid I’ll die Invincible to cooperate The only teammate follow your step the most beautiful girl and the most handsome customer teammate: u haven’t send me your picture u too teammate: I’m curious teammate: I send the picture to u teammate: So powerful Someone grab my kill Grab my kill The people on the shelf was shooting at u I don’t have a scope, i can’t see him. On the shelf People on the shelf. Not who. teammate: I know. I don’t have a scope. I can’t see him me too teammate: That’s okay. u rush forward. I’ll follow u teammate: I don’t know if i can protect u teammate: courage or u rush in front me? teammate: Okay. I walk ahead of u I didn’t mean that i just give an example teammate: I can’t follow u. U walked too fast teammate: U walked so fast. Your leg should be long. 180 cm He went into the house teammate: 180 cm 180 cm is the ideal height for girls. too tall I was annoyed at my height. 170 cm is better. 180 cm is too tall My dream is teammate: Nowadays, girl would like 180 cm height Lets pick the box U can sing teammate: Do u want to hide in a corner to listen to my I would like to drive the car later. teammate: Lets me sing a song, Chun Feng Cui. Do u able to walk around while u singing, right? teammate: Okay. No problem Okay. No problem. Nice There is a box outside here, pick it Let me have a look at your picture then we go to find a car teammate: No problem teammate: I’m going to sing Chun Feng Cui Okay Stop singing. Almost die teammate: Okay There is a guy on the shelf teammate: No need to save me. I dead teammate: All the best teammate: Is that people? teammate: There seems to be someone on the left teammate: I feel nervous in a sudden teammate: Excellent teammate: These people are arrogant. teammate: Amazing operation Where is he? behind? teammate: Maybe teammate: Your operation is nice Don’t he throw a grenade? teammate: No wonder many people like u your operation is good. Normally u bring girl to play I don’t always bring girl to play Other request me to play with them, but i don’t I just want to talk to a stranger U sing well Have u practice it? Professional teammate: I’m afraid that u blame me cause i’m singing when u fight with others teammate: Disturb u That’s fine. I won’t blame u Isn’t me died It’s okay If the person who died is me, I also on’t blame u There is no use to blame u No used to blame u, can’t let u resurrection We can’t victory. I don’t blame u I’ll just give u a bad comment teammate: Don’t give me bad comment Bad comment teammate: I can sing for u teammate: Chat with u teammate: Don’t give me a bad comment teammate: Even though I’m dead. My soul follows u Okay. I won’t give u a bad comment. Since u play well in the previous match teammate: Is it? yes. U do sing well teammate: U are a kind person I’m dirty Mom, I’m dirty I’m dirty teammate: Have a bath teammate: Get the tub ready teammate: Have a bath What do u want to do? I have a signal gun. Lets find a place to shot it The zone is refresh in the airport teammate: No need to go There is a signal gun Do u think i can win them? U looks pretty And u do sing well U don’t have boyfriend to be honest, if i go to SuZhou can we can u give me some learning material? teammate: Okay. No problem I didn’t want to do anything We can discuss about the learning teammate: I like the person that study hard I’m that kind of guy teammate: Attractive That must be If i got a chance to SuZhou lets discuss about it learning where do u live in SuZhou? teammate: I live at JiangShu, ChangZhou teammate: Come for vaction ChangZhou when i been an army, they went to ChangZhou to have a practice teammate: I do drive well No teammate: If u come to ChangZhou I treat u a lunch if i’m in the school teammate: Hotpot how much? teammate: It depend teammate: we can only go in the morning teammate: because our school has the time entrance morning teammate: yes did u hear a story in Si Chuan? the story is about friends meet together and go to eat hotpot teammate: after that? teammate: i didn’t heard it before. after that? then they discuss about the learning teammate: i didn’t heard it before teammate: is okay. i treat u do u think i should use sniper or? i’m thinking about it teammate: pick an energy drink to worship for me teammate: one shot one kill. not bad teammate: this helemt teammate: looks cute this is a kitten helmet teammate: cute teammate: i didn’t notice. I was so nervous teammate: u are the player that i want to be i think i drive a motorcycle teammate: i don’t remember teammate: u can’t keep your waist straight to be honest, is really fat teammate: don’t u say teammate: there are many girls in your school like u? yes teammate: what kind of girl do u like? me? I like … cannot get along I like many kinds of girls eye contact. in the previous, i thought i like the girl that have power mature and take care of me but right now. i like the sweet girls too queer and interesting girls. I like too in the previous, i thought i like the girl with a good body shape i thought i like the beautiful girl body shape is just okay. need to find a suitable girl that match with me these conditions are of no use what do u think? teammate: oh, i see teammate: i think i like the guy that is handsome teammate: real that’s not real. that’s what everybody thinks looks good, good body shape, nice personality, do sing and dance well universal variety that’s good if he or she is rich everyone wants to find someone like that teammate: u have just study in university. u are still young teammate: have to study hard must study hard. that kind of good girl maybe is not suitable for u teammate: u just enter the school.many girls like brother teammate: for the girls who study second years in university teammate: they were scouting the guy who just enter the university teammate: for example teammate: In the orientation day, many girls will ask u for the contact number teammate: they will say, let me bring u to look around the school teammate: please, don’t follow them is okay don’t worry teammate: oh, i see they are just a beautiful scenery in my life in my university life i can’t fool her anymore bro, i can’t fool her anymore teammate: did u see the girls who wearing a short skirt teammate: when they pass by teammate: they will looking at u yes while i’m standing wow. a group of girls stand in front me i stand in the front row because of the instructor first to third row is for boy standing i say the wrong let me have a think. i have forget about it first to third row, boys standing. fourth to sixth row, girls standing our class is different with others i’m standing in the third row cause i’m tall girls is behind me they always flirt me. so, instructor let me stand in the first row after that all the girls looking at me they gathered around i’m embarrassed looking a group of girls do u understand? teammate: young girls like to looking at young guys yes teammate: girls experienced teammate: they looking at which guys looks handsome Lets open YY teammate: many girls actively add your contact number teammate: they will say, bro, u haven’t look around the campus, right? teammate: or invite u to drink bubble milk tea at night teammate: that’s all the trick u are experienced how many people, did u succeed? teammate: i don’t have teammate: i have trick by my senior oh, i see sniper… is not suitable for me to use teammate: i’m nervous while watching on your view teammate: wow. u are so powerful i make a mistake, do u believe? i can’t play sniper well teammate: girls like boys who play games and don’t talk much teammate: u are so cute teammate: some senior likes u teammate: i didn’t succeed. waste money on relationships teammate: must have dinner together u can treat him to eat hotpot eat less. not expensive teammate: treat him hotpot? yes lets go to eat hotpot like this then u ask him to treat u teammate: is really nice there should be a lot of couples eating teammate: a lot teammate: can’t eat much hotpot reasonable teammate: improve the food eat lok-lok eat nice food teammate: the price of pork has rising teammate: boys who order the dishes teammate: i’m afraid that he eat my pork what does it mean? teammate: the price of pork has rising teammate: why don’t dare to fall in love another team what’s that? teammate: u do play well with rifle gun what are u talking about? sniper are my business teammate: oh, i see if u don’t understand, don’t talk teammate: nice i felt i hold the gun too high teammate: what? the gun what happen? didn’t feel i won’t let u be disappointed this guy only shot me once what does he mean? he hide himself teammate: battle with him by using sniper. how’s that? teammate: all the best teammate: i get nervous while watching u play the games is it? teammate: I’ve never been so nervous playing games myself okay teammate: handsome teammate: i like handsome guy make sense i don’t know where is the people who using the sniper? ho can i battle with him? your technique is excellent will u ask me to play with u next time? i will teammate: really? what happen to u? teammate: i saw the thrill teammate: my god teammate: i have a feeling that we will victory teammate: so nervous teammate: to be honest, luckily i team with u what if i match u teammate: how did i die? i don’t even know teammate: excellent teammate: one team left? don’t know thought he was still on the right teammate: feel sad. u got a high damages teammate: then teammate: feel sad. didn’t victory is okay

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