Man arrested after racially-charged rant at Friendswood cell phone store

for a racially charged rant caught on camera at a cellphone store and friends with this video has been viewed on social media hundreds of thousands of times and now the man seen delivering in that rant is facing charges chal to see on roads is live at the store in friends would where this all happens he on and key that employee tells me that his blood was boiling as this man went on his racist rant the other day but he says he stayed calm and collected knowing that it was all being caught on camera and he would have proof of what happened it started over a lack of proper ID for a credit check 38 year old Joey Derrick Christian arguing with the sales rep on behalf of his nephew who only had a passport on him when he came to get a new account the whole thing filmed by a customer who was in the store with her child Christian is belligerent and vulgar throughout the encounter then going a step further hurling a slur at the employee who is of Middle Eastern descent what yes Christian charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct both Class C misdemeanors he’s seen in this mug shot from a DWI arrests and Friendswood earlier this month wearing a t-shirt that says I’m sorry now we stopped by Christians home but no one answered the door when we knocked on it we’re told by friends would release that because these are just Class C misdemeanors they’re the equivalent of tickets so Christian was able to pay about 680 dollars in fines and he will not have to appear in court on this again we’re live and friends would see on Rhodes KPRC channel 2 News

10 Replies to “Man arrested after racially-charged rant at Friendswood cell phone store

  1. Loud mouth coward is what the scumbag is. The employee was man enough to stay as calm as he could and let the chimp-boy show the world what a sorry piece of garbage he is.

  2. Typical republicans and conservatives . They say there are no jobs but never went to college, they say they love their country but lie about serving the military, and they act worst than liberal who (entitled). They all look the same as well

  3. Nothing new……… he wanted to change the narrative because his privilege has always permitted that! So he decided to go ham on the store employee, telling him he doesn’t need a state ID to run a credit check! He wanted to invoke his white privilege, DO AS I SAY BOY

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