Mandela Effect: NEW YORK CITY: PART 3: The Brooklyn Bridge and VERIZON BUILDING

[Laughter] if I'd a thank you for joining me to appreciate so very very very much really do so I'm gonna type up the Brooklyn Bridge okay then before I show you the images that come up with just think of every image you've seen now before you guys are born I'm not talking about the bridge itself like how it looks or like how many lanes are or nothing like that more like the positioning of the bridge would you when you see the Brooklyn Bridge what do you see around this bridge like what are you used to seeing the terrain the buildings around it I'm not trying to be like all there used to be 32 steps on that staircase now there's 36 I'm not doing that I'm just did you know like when you look at you know anything in your life that you like something you've grown accustomed to you it's a regular for you so far from me my experience with the Brooklyn Bridge in New York is just 9/11 I'm heavy it was heavy into that hundreds and hundreds of hours I've seen everything you know put up videos going you know afterward you've been affected I fell videos going oh my god this is a new video I've never seen it angle before these columns I've never seen these columns fall like this and a lot of you agreed a lot of you like damn I've never really seen this angle before too and I never even notice those columns so there's gonna be a lot of more things happening around New York and just the same as all around the world we're gonna stick to New York now and so basically just think okay I'm gonna show you the photos now I typed in Brooklyn Bridge World Trade Center 9/11 okay and just remember envision everything the bridge which direction it went where it was connected to and connecting from everything if you remember the days on that 11 remember the explosions remember what you saw when those explosions happen remember what was in the picture and what was not in the picture so this explosion here is brand-new for me I've never seen this type of I've never seen the Brooklyn Bridge in this photo before like this and I'm so I'm talking to people who are from Sagittarius obviously if you're from Orion which is here on this planet it's this is the norm this is not the norm for me it this is even weirder this is even weirder because we're about to talk about this building right here some notice it has the New York that telephone company Bell signed their it now has the Verizon sign this is now the Verizon building we're gonna talk about that building in a second but when you see this explosion and I've watched many documentaries on 911 have seen lots of videos homemade video or home videos and just pictures photos there's two things that stand out in this picture well three things actually this building here the one we just talked about we're gonna talk about that in a moment Verizon the Brooklyn Bridge wait this isn't the Brooklyn Bridge wait a minute is this bridge right here stands out I don't remember seeing explosion like this with this bridge under there that doesn't look correct okay and then this bridge right here so we got the Brooklyn Bridge in the Manhattan Bridge what is the matter never mind so oh and the other thing that's standing up I wanna say anything about is this building right here at all these you know the vertical lines none of this looks right but I could keep going on and on about it I'll just show you more pictures like I don't remember seeing the explosion like this with the smoke like this but the book them Brooklyn Bridge over it like that don't remember that but I'm not gonna say anything else into it this photo here is very I don't remember seeing buildings like that guys how many thousands and thousands of independent photographers were around that day and how many people like cell phones I don't think there was that big back then like I'm even if they were a lot of them didn't have self cameras on them I didn't have a cellphone I don't think I think I got one like a year after that regardless I get that when I say oh I've never seen this before there's so many pictures out there that I haven't seen of this same event so I'm not gonna be like room for error room for error but but this seems to be a very popular picture you know I mean like it's over and over you got the New York or the Brooklyn Bridge crossing across the city like I mean here's the other thing it's very predominant now the Brooklyn Bridge it's quite what I mean crossing over the city is like the bridge blocks out all of the city now I don't remember this view ever but it's a very popular view okay it's very popular like look it's over and over and over this is a very this is not how I remember it at all and look this is before 9/11 look at the bridge I don't remember that at all in that angle that direction so we're gonna take a look at Google Earth because I remember the bridge pointing the other way and you can only see the towers now I know these are actually good poles and see these ones are there so try to make this video earlier and I screwed up so I'm used to seeing the buildings like this with the bridge coming over like this but I know this is that we're looking east so I know the Brooklyn Bridge would have to go that way you know the other way but I'm just saying like it's not fitting okay this is not fitting it's also not a very good picture I mean it's it's not good that this bridge just covers all of the city that's not what you want right like not and I don't know it doesn't look good to me you want both you want to see the bridge and the city you want to see the skyline now this bridge is totally cuts that off that's the other thing it's just new to me look at this picture does that resonate with you at all do you remember seeing this before like I don't so let's say you feel like I'll show you on Google Earth where I feel the Brooklyn Bridge used to be now we have to remember that I say this a lot in my live streams that if you're gonna change one spot in your China you know be like okay let's put New York back the way it was well you have to Putin fix New Jersey you'll have to fix Queens Manhattan everything all the surrounding neighborhoods have to be fixed in order to fix something else so it's a tough thing to do the one thing I will start with is you see this pair right here I'm gonna say that it was down here more so let's just stick with the tip right here boom I say that was probably right around here more here's why I say that when the immigrants all came over on the boat a long time ago when they first entered the harbor and they would see the Statue of Liberty was the first thing they saw and then they would go to Ellis Island but I mean I mean they were on the same the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island was the same thing they would do a thing then cross over into New York but now what you've got is this long boat ride to the Statue of Liberty okay it wasn't like that it was as soon as you got into the harbor boom so what does that do excuse me clear my through here so if we've got this over here all of this side still has to change like I said if you're gonna change in Manhattan you have to change Queens you have to change everything else I can't see him pinpoint and be like all this is where this used to be and that because I just don't know all I'm going is by memory scaling in my memory my body memory might you know so let's be 10 we've moved all that down this is the Brooklyn Bridge which we've been viewing the Brooklyn Bridge for me we probably do this more okay now I have no worries about where land was on this side that that doesn't matter right now and I feel this video that there's not our concern all I could say is that if we bring this down all of those changes same with this and this and this and this you know I mean everything changes so for now let's just say this is where it is now right claim it to be we've pulled it down the Brooklyn Bridge should be going across this way because I remember postcards and like just seeing videos I can't get the angle right here so just trying to envision here I'll just leave those lines there actually I've seen the skyline like this with the Brooklyn Bridge there you see you could see it there it's still on the same spot it's still on the same side everything's still the same you just move it down more and change the angle on it changes everything now you've got a skyline on the left and you got the Brooklyn Bridge and a beautiful postcard that's what I remember stuff like this you see you can still get that shot you know I mean but now your most famous shot for if for some reason is down in between these two bridges and like this that make no sense so let me know what you guys think on that I'm not gonna beat this to death it's just something I've noticed the Brooklyn Bridge is been bothering me for a while same with the Manhattan Bridge I don't know what's going on here with this bridge I guys just if you've got Google Earth just scan around for a bit use your memory okay let me know what you come up with let's talk about this Verizon building right here this is the world's tallest data center whatever that means you know if this building looks like I reminds me I should say it doesn't it look like it reminds me of this tall building with no windows long lines building 33rd 33rd and Thomas Street 33 Thomas Street which is the odd number tall and very like windowless it's got little windows but slits make it look like there's no windows but the world's tallest data center what does that mean what is it look data you know what I mean so this building definitely stands out let's take a look at some pictures just so you guys can see that now does this look normal to you no I mean does that resonate with you at all I feel like when I see this picture I'm on another planet honestly like but it really kicks in after a while I really you really kick in like we could drive there and I could be like touch this building but what that does not resonate at all especially do you know how iconic this bridge is especially these two pillars the both of them on this bridge I've never once seen this pillar I don't know what to properly call them but these giant pillars that hold up these cables I don't ever recall them being near this Verizon building like this Verizon buildings an eyesore if you want my opinion didn't ask for it but you got it it's an eyesore it looks nasty I don't like it not to be right where it is representing New York you know what I mean look at this this is even back anywho look at look at that it's just wrong I've never seen this in the movie oh postcards and it goes hand-in-hand with the new direction of the Brooklyn Bridge it doesn't go look at how empty this picture is I don't remember ever seeing this much emptiness I also don't remember the Brooklyn Bridge being beside these buildings here like I don't know what these buildings occult it's obviously a residential area but like this looks off this does not look correct I mean it for us for us who come from Sagittarius obviously this is of this world but again I'm gonna start repeating myself so I'm gonna end the video here over the time you guys almost perfect a 15 minutes videos are perfect for me and for you I hope because you know who likes that look at that that's New York like that looks like the Empire State Building but not really it's a new modern-day building it's a $60,000 a month penthouse what that's why this world is changing that's why it's going in a hole so just take a look does this building look familiar with all their buildings no it's a lot of place anyway like I said I'm just repeating myself guys you could look into it you've got Google Earth I showed you enough pictures I'm at the beginning of the video I asked you to remember what the Brooklyn Bridge looked like and if it resonated with you at all or if you can remember and look at this building look at this ladies and gentlemen this is the Brooklyn Bridge totally not in the trade spot the old World Trade Center and look what's here now that's the New York belt our New York telephone company and then Verizon bought it and then Verizon just recently renovated it and that's where all those blue windows came from they just finished it recently so but when you see this picture do you resonate with it at all I don't this looks like a different New York City this Wow like this is like one of those times right now we're it's hitting me that yeah this is different where are the different room I don't know what to call it cuz I don't want to put ideas in people's heads I myself am looking for where we are and what words to use I'm at a loss of words but let me know what you think guys again I'm repeating myself I'm repeating my repeats alright guys have a great day and I'll catch you in the next shift take the pole and let me know what you know what you think down below Loney and go one more to c5 a piece oh yeah I wanted to add the sin of my experience with the New York trade Senate World Trade Center why I feel the building or the bridge is in the wrong spot I had an affinity for the World Trade Centers always have I also have an affinity for just tall buildings from structures like I'm afraid of heights but I would still love to go to the top of these things and experience it when I was watching 9/11 videos oh my god on a regular for like two years it was non-stop I've often wondered what it would be like to be on top of the World Trade Center and watch a plane collide you have crazy thoughts like that so I'd watch a lot of videos of people in their home videos from on top of the World Trade Center just to try and get an idea of the height and like what it would look like and one thing I do remember is looking south and looking over here and you see I still have those lines there that's where I remember the bridge being I would even go as far as to say like I would move it over more this way but I'll leave it there for now I don't want to make it about that but I always remembered looking south and seeing the bridge right away now it could be easily done like this guy's I could easily just turn it like this and boom there's the Brooklyn Bridge and people could be like y'all you turn a little bit but no it wasn't like that it was this direction I remember it was out towards the inlet you know the opening of the bay there and I remember seeing Brooklyn Bridge right there that's what resonates with me that's my residue you know it's just memory I scan it I feel with my body my mind and that's what it's telling me so I just wanted to share that with you guys have a great day peace

26 Replies to “Mandela Effect: NEW YORK CITY: PART 3: The Brooklyn Bridge and VERIZON BUILDING

  1. Hey Lone Eagle: old movies have a TON of residue for one thing. For another thing… They now talk about the tower at WTC ground zero. But you know what is weird? Before all this mandela, it was planned nothing would ever be constructed there, and they turned it into some kind of park or something, and I thought, wow, what a waste of prime real estate. Now we have a tower that supposedly has been built, yet there was never any news coverage or press photos of it being constructed? No newsreels? No "Wow, this is such a historic construction project" or yeah… I mean… One day I went to bed and there was no building there, just the footprint of the old WTC towers, and the next day there's a freedom tower or whatever there?!

  2. In this reality there are far more bays and more in-land cities and bays. St Petersburg is the same – too far in-land now

  3. I say more. There was never a bridge at that location. I was somewhere else. I'm from Russia, I vividly remember that day as I was watching news

  4. hi what did you mean by if your a Sagittarius your use to this & orion is here on earth? I,m Sagittarius & i get what you mean concerning photo,s is it possible that new york use to look like that. Bfore the mud flood

  5. Ive heard you reference the windowless building in a couple videos. FYI… that building is the NSA HQ. You can find references on the internet everywhere. Keep up the great job!

  6. Lone Eagle I only remember one Brooklyn Bridge on the Earth that I was Born. Also the colour of Statue of Liberty has changed. This New York is a better and more advanced version of the New York I saw before. Like somebody time travelled and changed everything!! New York skyline was always shown with Liberty in Postcards!!


    Its just a different angle wow look its the Mandela effect. Stupidity at work 🤔

    I consider myself to be pretty well at geography and visualizing. Plus, I've been to NYC like 5 times.

  8. Downtown brookllyn is a mud flood place. The brownstones there got mud flooded and are under the sidewalks

  9. I understand change for marketing purposes or whatever, but why try to erase the history like it never existed, having people question their sanity

  10. At first, I was wondering what, really? I'm from Sagittarius and after you showing the 9/11 picture with the Brooklyn Bridge that close to the World Trade Towers, that is brand new. The bridge was never that close. New York City is completely wrong from Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and not to mention the Statue of Liberty. Manhattan was much lower. The Brooklyn Bridge is in the wrong spot.

  11. I believe that this is a different dimension/reality, not that anyone has moved things around. If you have Hulu, look up the TV shows Sliders and Fringe). That would explain many things being a bit off from our memories (ME). The changes in the Bible seem to be the result of direct manipulation.

  12. You are very much onto something, Lone Eagle. After watching your video, I just googled "Brooklyn Bridge" and the most current, predominate photo (and angle) really is something that I have NEVER SEEN BEFORE. I am very familiar with this NYC depiction and every classic picture of the Brooklyn Bridge has been taken pointed north with the image towards Midtown. NOW all the pictures are from a southern angle point south towards downtown. This is very strange to me! These new pics are definitely not the iconic pics of the bridge and downtown Manhattan. Also, I have NEVER EVER seen a picture of the 9/11 World Trade Center explosions that included the Brooklyn Bridge. That is completely insane, as well. Great video, dude !

  13. I used to live in NY. I just now looked at the map of NYC area and my mind is blown. Everything is all jumbled. Everything is in the wrong place. 😭😭😂😂

  14. i wish the brooklyn bridge went all the way downtown like that.. it would save a lot of time… in my reality its always been where it is.

  15. Yes… it looks off!! I've noticed that the "newer" or "added" buildings and/or solid placements of material have a bleached out color effect to them. The Verizon building looks creepy as h~e double hockey~sticks, too! I used to enjoy marveling at bridges but for some reason have very minimal reculation of the Brooklyn Bridge… strange!!!

  16. oh yeah, this is for the viewers and comment readers HOW MANY TOWERS FELL ON 911 ? IF YOU THOUGHT 3, RESEARCH IT, IT WILL FREAK YOU OUT, AS THEY ALL COLLAPSED !

  17. hi Lone, are you a Sag… too, i find ALOT of people i discover who remember the old reality , 80% have been sagitarian, i am, and these daily changes blow my mind, i had one last night, a record label from 1991 changed their A's to upside down V's, that damn frickin chevron shit again, when will it end, hulp uz

  18. It totally change, I agree…
    But you seem to not be able to keep track with the changes, just too many of them 😮

  19. Forgot to mention that the huge antenna or lightning rod was never that size on top of the tower. There was a smaller one but now it stands out and is part of the buildings silhouette. Wow that word looks wrong. Silouette looks so much better but has changed I guess. Was alerting you to a change and found a new one myself. Damn you mandela!!! I feel so dumb like I cant spell anymore.

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