Melhores smartphones para importar, de Xiaomi e Pocophone até OnePlus | Junho 2019

We’re back with another guide, this time to help those who are not very happy with the options available in the domestic market or with the price charged for them. We listed here some devices that you can buy in Brazil through the known marketplaces, which avoids longer waiting times and surprises with customs fees besides, we also point out the best prices for those who are thinking of importing directly. It is worth remembering that in both cases you give up warranty and official technical assistance in Brazil. Still, many consider the prices worth of it. If you think so too, just follow me in this video. The Redmi 7 is Redmi’s cheapy, brand that has come off of Xiaomi and can be found in retailers of imported devices for prices around five hundred reais. Appearing in Brazilian marketplaces for something close to 800 reais and being officially sold by DL for one thousand five hundred reais. It performs well, especially in games. Reasonable cameras for the price range and good battery life. Besides a cool look with drop-shaped notch, being probably the best current option for the entry-level category. If you want something a little more complete, the Redmi Note 7 can be found around R$ 850 at international retailers, rising to close to one thousand one hundred reais in Brazilian marketplaces and being offered by DL for two thousand reais. The device brings the powerful Snapdragon 660, great set of cameras for the price charged and good battery life. It has as the already known visual commented in the smaller version. In our analysis we call it the “midrange killer”. Oh, what about the Pocophone? Yes, the phone was also features in the list, the noisiest model of 2018 is still a great option, whether for importers who pay something close to R$ 1300 plus fees or for anyone who wants to buy in Brazil with marketplaces asking something close to one thousand seven hundred reais. While the DL asks three thousand and one hundred reais to offer the official assistance and guarantee. It has top of the line hardware good cameras and battery that does not disappoint, being his greatest CON the rather awkward look and notch of considerable size compared to current standards. The Mi 9 SE inherits many elements of the current top of the line from Xiaomi, ranging from the design to the triple set of cameras on the back. It has the Qualcomm 700 series processor, 6 gb ram and good battery life, being found in import retailers for something around one thousand four hundred reais. If you want to buy the device in Brazil, for now, your only option is to look at the marketplaces which charge around 1800 reais for the device. It is not yet known when DL will start selling Mi 9 SE here. Following to the flagships of our list, the Mi 9 is probably the best value for money. Featuring the powerful Snapdragon 855, three rear cameras for greater freedom in your photos and differentiated design. Considering the price around one thousand and seven hundred reais charged by international retailers, it’s hard to think of another model that attractive. In Brazilian marketplaces we have something in the range of two thousand and eight hundred reais while DL asks for four thousand and seven hundred reais for the Mi 9, offering only the version with 128 GB of storage. The Mate 20 Pro brings many points in common with the P30 Pro, the current top of the line from Huawei. It has the same powerful processor long battery life and a curved edge display on the sides, as well as offering three cameras on the back and a design that draws attention everywhere. Its price, however, is not as attractive as the Mi 9, even in the import channels, being charged on average something close to two thousand and nine hundred reais. In marketplaces the situation is even worse, with the average price of 5 thousand reais. Yes, OnePlus has released newer models, but as we have not had the opportunity to review the new OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, we will include here the OnePlus 6T, which remains as a great option for those who want Good camera and quality screen without disappointing on battery. With the average price of R$ 1,800, the OnePlus 6T is the only one on the list that is not found in national marketplaces, at least when this video was recorded. So, it is good to save some money for the fees and exercise the patience if you choose to do so. The Redmi 7 is suitable for anyone who wants a good set without spending too much being sold for a nice price with stock already in Brazil. The Redmi Note 7 follows the same line, but offers better cameras and performance. The Pocophone F1 is for those who want performance above everything else offering performance far above others in the price range. The Mi 9 SE is for those who enjoy the design and top of the line of Xiaomi but do not need everything that a flagship offers. The Mi 9 is the best cost-benefit today, while the Mate 20 Pro is aimed at anyone who wants a good battery something rare in line tops without giving up the rest of the set. And finally, the OnePlus 6T brings many points in common with the current flagship of the brand, but at a more attractive price. All the links to the best deals of each device mentioned are just below in the description – just choose yours and click For a great purchase. Comment further below if you liked any model presented, or if you are looking at some other that we do not mention. I’m Wesley Moraes for A big hug and see you next time.

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  1. Hoje, o melhor com certeza é o OnePlus 7 Pro, pelo o conjunto geral, porém custo benefício, é o Xiaomi Mi9.

  2. Bem que a DL poderia deixar de ser uma representante da Xiaomi, para se tornar oficialmente um açougue. 🔪🔪🔪

  3. Galaxy S10+ vs Oneplus 7 Pro
    Oneplus 7 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 9
    Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Galaxy S10+

  4. Boa tarde, eu tenho um Redmi 6 3/32gb to pesando em comprar um redmi 7, Samsung A20 ou redmi note 7 e também MiA2 COM CHIP 660 qual dos 4 e melhor em semepenho, bateria ou preço. preciso de bateria e desempenho sem ser caro demais

  5. poxa de hoje que eu venho tentando entrar no grupo do WhatsApp de vocês e não consigo tem como arrumar uma vaga para mim aí não

  6. Redmi 7: 800
    Redmi note 7: 1100 e 1150
    PocoF1: 1400 e 1480
    Mi 9 se: 1550 e 1600
    K20: 1800 e 1900
    Mi 9: 2000 e 2200
    Esses são os preços de alguns vendedores que compramos KKKK

  7. o que poderia mudar na Xiaomi brasileira, é ela tirar as propagandas dos seus aparelhos, claramente essa prática não está abaixando os preços

  8. com a tecnologia no pico, tds os Smartphones estão bem iguais. na opinião de vcs qual o mais bonitão, e pq é o reno da Oppo?

  9. Ta chato comprar celular..
    Ou a tela é muito grande, ou nao tem entrada de fones, ou a trazeira é ridícula sendo de vidro ou a bateria é nanica. Ou tem uma camera de 1000megapixel

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