Meteoro Falcon 50G

Hello my friends how are you doing? Alright !! Doing another video about amplifiers, speakers, gears and related And today I wanna do a review and sound demo of this very cool amp right here Meteoro Falcon 50 – a signature model amp from the great Faiska It’s a 50 watt head amp with 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2x 6L6 power tubes a single channel amp with a great clean channel with a Fat switch (Footswitchable) that increases more bass response and volume and combined to a high Preamp volume setting can create a Fat crunch / Overdrive But I want to demonstrate only the Clean sound and with a Distortion pedal the cranked preamp sound need a additional adjust and I didn’t liked it it’s not a too useful setting because the low end excess … too fat !! but maybe with a boost pedal like a Tube Screamer it can be fixed … and to not extend the video … I also want to make a speaker comparison with a few speakers I’ll be very objective – only the clean sound and with the Boss DS-1 modded pedal right here Front panel features Input, Volume – a gain control – the Fat switch Treble, Bass, Mid, Master Volume and a Master Reverb the rear panel features Send/Return with level adjust, Line out Speakers out (4 & 8 ohms) and the Voltage selector switch, ok? it’s a very well built amp with a small size and a good weight And I think this will be a great video My rig: Fender Strat American Standard with Dimarzio Pickups – more details below on the description Boss DS-1 modded pedal – it’s my backup pedal for an emergency and videos Meteoro Falcon 50G head Harley Benton 2×12 cab with Celestion G12T-75 and Vintage 30 and then I’ll swapp the speakers for a Nordik Heimdallr and a Celestion Creamback and at last with another 2×12 cab with Eminence Private Jack and the Wizard, ok? I’ll play the clean sound first with all the speakers and then the distorted sound with the Boss DS-1 with the same speakers sequence and then the final considerations Alright? Check it out … Now with the Boss DS-1 modded engaged Settings: Tone – 10 o’clock / Level – 10 o’clock / and the Distortion gain – 3 o’clock the amp equalization – I forgot to tell it on the beginning – is the same for both modes: Volume (gain) – Halfway / Treble and Bass close to 2 o’clock Middle – 11 o’clock and Master Volume between 9:30 and 10 o’clock a little bit of Reverb … around 8 o’clock, ok? Let’s play with the Distortion What a great sound !! Very nice !! a very beautiful clean sound works great with the DS-1 pedal … works fantastic !! I just rolled down my guitar volume to feel how the drive reacts in this case the pedal … worked great with this amp and with all these speakers we had an idea The Creamback and Heimdallr combined surprised me ! Sounded very cool here !! I think I will keep them on my speakers cabinet … Finally … if you loked click thumbs up … subscribe Questions and suggestions leave in a comment and I hope to see you soon, ok? All the best !!

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