Mobile App: Manage Holds & Checkouts

Welcome to the mobile app managing holds
and checkouts guide. This video tutorial is for our patrons using the SWAN
Libraries mobile app. We will cover the basics of managing your holds and
checkouts in my account. To see the items you currently have checked out, go to My
Account and then checkouts. To renew an overdue item, select the item and then
select renew. If the renewal is successful a confirmation message will
appear. To renew multiple items but not all, tap select then choose your items.
Renew selected when done. A green check mark indicates which items were
successfully renewed. If you receive an error message with a red X, this means
the item cannot be renewed. Reasons include another hold has been placed on
the item, it’s more than three days before the due date, or the renewal limit
has been reached. For assistance renewing these items, contact your home library.
Also, if your library participates in auto renewals, eligible items will be
automatically renewed for you. To renew all of your items at once, select renew
all. If you have previously opted to record your checkout history, you can
view that here under checkout history. Now let’s learn about managing your holds. You can manage your holds by selecting my account then holds. Here you’ll see a
list of your current items you have on hold. To cancel a hold select the item
and then cancel hold. The item will be removed from your list. To suspend a hold,
meaning you don’t want your hold to be filled between a certain time frame,
select the item and then suspend hold. Select your start date, end date, and then
suspend hold. To unsuspended this hold before the end date, select the item and then resume
hold. If your library participates and pick up anywhere and you need to change
your pickup location for an item you have on hold, select the item, choose
change pickup location, then select a library from the drop down menu. If you
would like to perform the same action on all of your holds, select all holds then
select the action you would like to perform. To perform the same action on
more than one item but not all, tap select then choose action you want to
perform. Select your items and then confirm the action. This concludes how to manage your holds
and checkouts in the SWAN Libraries mobile app. If you have any questions
please contact your home library. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to see our
other videos

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