Mobile Education & it’s Disruption Ignite Talk #SCALE15x

Alright so for some Lightning top trivia there is an event that happens in multiple locations around the world called ignite and that’s what mostly popularized this talk type series and so earlier this week on Thursday there was a workshop done about how to write your very first ignite talk and so our next presenter actually went through that experience and was nominated as one of the best present so we included him in our upscale presentations but give him an extra friendly audience as it’s his first ignite top so Mike well let’s welcome Michael to the stage and he’s going to be talking about an open source community of successful learning sorry cut off maybe I mess it up. Thank you, very much. In 2009, I heard this rumor that no matter how much money you make it can’t take it with you when you die so I thought well why spend all my time working on enriching myself when I could be enriching the world and so I looked around and see some of the biggest problems that we had and one of them I said well you know as an engineer we’re problem solvers so how can i solve the biggest problem. I looked around and i couldn’t find something and then I realized “Student debt”. The cost of college everybody was complaining about in the media, but nobody was doing a damn thing about it! And, 44 million Americans have it. Americans have this debt they can’t buy a house many of them. They actually have to you know live without. So I started free education bringing in all the open Courseware from MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and an open community Learning Management System LMS, and $250 a month sound like a good idea so I started off and is where I camp every day for eight years. Started “World Mentoring Academy”, free education leading to college degrees. Utilizing the open Courseware from MIT and Stanford, I aligned them with College Board’s AP’s/CLEP’s, DSST’s, TECEP’s, NYU-SCPS and all the other acronyms. And students can learn from free from my Free school [mobile education] using courses from MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and all the other fine institutions. Now with mobile education, it allows you to do a lot of things that you would not normally do with your online. You know or distance. You can use these particular courses at Thomas Edison State University, and Charter Oaks College, both regionally accredited State Universities. They are not fly by night for-profits. Some students are getting their bachelor’s from as little as five thousand dollars in fact including we have a program for Bachelors in Computer Science, utilizing your A+, N+ plus your LPIC’s, and all the others for your core courses, and you can hack your damn education for less than five thousand dollars! You can also use mobile education to do Sabbaticals, gap years, bridge years, and Experiential Learning learning learning languages and being part of NGOs and things of that nature between your High School and your College. Going out and learning things. So picture this, you’re 17 years old and you’re my child and I say,,, you know what? You’ve been in school for 12 to 14 years you’re burned out. If you go to college likely get alcohol poisoning. So you decide to go to Lyon France the French cooking capital of the world. You study with a three star rated Michelin Chef, as a dishwasher. During your breaks you’re doing julienne cuts with three year program that we have in Culinary Arts. After a while chef notices that he goes, hey “mon ami”. You’re in France could so guess what you got learned French. So on your day off you catch your train to go to Paris. You go to the Louvre Museum. You study Art history & Art appreciation you’re not looking at the picture of the Mona Lisa, you’re experiencing it. After two years abroad you come back in the brick-n-mortar College. Your friends brag about doing bong-hit’s @ the fraternity. You talk about partying ass off in Mykonos, getting drunk in the vineyards, having a Parisian nightlife. Better yet, you decide to go work with “Doctors Without Borders”. You do all of you work with the medicine, you have the first two years of Harvard Medical School, on your terabyte drive your Raspberry Pi or whatever flavor you like. Or you decide to go work as a deckhand on marine research vessel with a 2 Terabyte drive, lab just below deck. You also discover, what marine biology is like, and whether or not used to get Seasick or not. So this is a far better & richer way to learn things as well including taking your education and going into creative spaces, and do project & design based learning. We retain much more by when we “Learn by doing”, instead of “Sage on the stage”, like me. You’re probably only going too remember 5-10% of whatever I say. So anyway, what I do with all my students, is I get them too go out to maker spaces & biological labs, and do project-based learning and I started a second project where I cataloged all that in where you have; hackerspaces biolabs creative spaces, YouTube collaborations film-making, robot, FRC teams. And then I lay that on layers and Google Maps and attach that to the education so that you can then do tinkering. So what is going to be the future of Education? Well come over and chew some fat with me @ booth 711 tomorrow and we’ll talk about what may happen in the future. Also like to ask if you guys might participate with me because $250 a month is in a solid plan. Although I’ve been doing it for 8 years, I do enjoy it but I need your help! Prof. Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School said “In 15 years, 50% of all Universities will be gone” Let’s be a part of that. Thanks a lot Alright is Dwayne O’Brian here? Hey so Dwayne ran the workshop on Thursday so he wants to run it again. So if you’re interested in doing this, talk to Dwayne and give them some feedback so thanks for helping us out on Thursday. Let’s give Dwayne a hand for that, really quick okay alright a quick poll how many people have been to a job interview here okay how many people have been on the other side and interviewed people for the job how many people think both of those experiences sucked? Okay well friggin hopefully solve that problem in five minutes we’ve got kuase here to talk about interviewing and how we can make it better. Thank you should I wait for a minute I can take a selfie I can do

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  1. Students are earning Bachelors in 60+ majors from several State Universities for less $5,000 books & test fees with Harvard/MIT's and For more background watch this video

  2. Socialism is becoming popular with 39% of registered US voters who have Student Debt. The sad thing is there has been a College path since 2012, that avoids Student Loans. Students are getting their Bachelors in over 60 majors from several State Universities for less than $8,000 books & College fees, using Credit-by-exam [AP's, CLEP's, DSST's etc] and Free test prep from World Mentoring Academy & EdX [Harvard & MIT]. Met an 18yr old Harvard Grad student in Boston 2018, who used the above method. If you still have a phone attached to a wall or a car, you need to get updated.

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