Mobile Escape Room OR Ambulance Tiny House Steampunk Vehicle?

Click… Engine not starting Click… Musical Interlude while I change this battery It starts! And runs… hey it’s Pete welcome back. This week
we’re not in the workshop I’m actually in my 1994E-350 ambulance and I’m
gonna be getting back to the CNC conversion but waiting for some parts on
that so while we’re waiting on that I wanted to throw an idea your way. This is
a vehicle I’ve had for about five years now and originally I purchased it as a
service vehicle for my company and shortly after buying it I stopped doing
service basically I was kind of needed to stay in the shop and keep things
running back there- so it’s sat around all this time mostly just spending money
on it to keep it running. Replaced brakes, rotors, tie rods, bearings, calipers,
transmission, the injection pump, fuel injectors, glow plugs, all of the exterior
lights, several body panels, the entire dashboard, the windshield, all four tires,
plus a spare, plus replaced a bent rim, exhaust system, steering stabilizer, gearbox
for the steering, both front seats, the batteries, the windshield wipers, the
vacuum pump, the idler pulley, the serpentine belt, power steering pump, and I’d really like to do something else with it something more productive
hopefully these are all in focus and you can hear me over the engine. one of the
things that we have proposed in the past was to use it as a tradeshow vehicle- as
a promotional thing but I only do one or two trade shows a year so it would be
really underutilized in that fashion especially considering the amount of
money it would take to do something like that. Right now the only thing I really
do with it is it sits in the driveway and we throw cardboard in it and when it
gets full I take it to recycling so obviously I’d like to do more than
that with it. so I’d like to do some sort of conversion on this vehicle. There’s a
lot of ideas floating around. We could turn it into an RV or a camper I’ve seen
lots of conversions on YouTube we could just turn it into a party
vehicle Disco Beat…. maybe make a tiny house out of it building tiny houses these days seems
to be a big trend. But the one idea that really has my curiosity at the moment is
to create a mobile escape room Clock ticking….. and if you don’t know what an escape room is go
ahead and look that up. but that’s kind of the way I’m leaning right now and-
that’s not, it’s not out of our wheelhouse to do that. My company, we
basically build things for amusement parks and museums and haunted
attractions so building something like an escape room is really right up our
alley of course that would require
all sorts of fabrication. Actually, probably get a chance to use the CNC
machine to make some parts for it. Would require some electronics. I think overall
it’d be an interesting project to tackle but what I’m looking for is some input
from you down there in the comments, you know is that something you’d like to see?
It would be quite a bit out of the ordinary you know step by step walkthrough of
creating a mobile escape room. so let me know down in the comments if that’s
something you’d like to see. I don’t know how quickly we’re going to get to this
project it’s kind of in the planning stages right now the only place I have
to really work on this vehicle is out in the driveway it’s just too big to put in
a garage and winter is coming so the actual construction might have to
wait till spring but we could get some planning done get some ideas together
and I think it might be an interesting project. So that’s about it for this week
and as always like share and subscribe if you got any ideas, please put them
down there in the comments and I’ll catch you next week.

4 Replies to “Mobile Escape Room OR Ambulance Tiny House Steampunk Vehicle?

  1. Changing gears just a bit this week as I wait for parts to show up for the CNC conversion. Need to do a bit of maintenance on my 1994 Ambulance and discuss the future of the vehicle. Would love hearing your feedback about the project! Subscribe!

  2. Haul sick people around in it, drop em off at the hospital on the way to the dump with the cardboard. No EMT's their on their own. Charge $1000 a trip

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