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in this mobile legends guide we are going to talk everything about Carmilla from Skills, Emblem, Item build, Tips and tricks and also his counter but before we start I want to shoutout first to Lester TV whoever will be the first comment on every video, I will shoutout on the next video and if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell ok, let’s go! let’s start with her skills her passive is what you call Vampire Pact this is what you can see below her HP and also the icon above the Regen whenever you deal damage on enemies either basic attack or skill you are stealing their physical and magic defense but one hero only every 5 seconds that means after taking defense from 1 hero take from the next one then after 5 seconds you can already hit the first one to make the stack 3 times if it’s not yet 5 seconds and you attack, the stacks won’t add to make it stack quicker, as much as possible you must hit all your enemies you will notice here that it’s only plus 10 physical and Magic defense only but if you increase your level the physical and magic defense given will be higher here, because it’s already level 15 that additional physical and magic defense is 10+10 per stack that means if you have 5 stacks you will have 100 physical and magic defense her first skill is what you call Crimson Flower she will summon 2 Crimson flower around her and when it hits and enemy it will get faster it will deal damage and slow, aside from that whenever Crimson flower hits you will also have magic lifesteal aside from magic lifesteal, your movement speed will also increase when you use the first skill and to make the Crimson flower hit more as much as possible you must face the enemy where the Crimson flower is spinning you must remember, the more you hit the first skill the more it will deal damage and be faster aside from making the first skill hit it’s also important to hit multiple target to receive more lifesteal and deal more damage now let’s go to 2nd skill this is what you call blood bath when you use this Carmilla will charge then you can throw it to the enemy even if it’s not fully charged you can still throw it but it will deal less stun duration and less damage aside from that, it will also give additional 60% movement speed when you cast it you can only use this skill on heroes and jungle creeps but you can’t use it on minions when it comes to her ultimate this is what you call Curse of Blood when you hit an enemy they will bind with each other then all of the damage received by 1 target will be received by the 2 others same with crowd control skills when one target gets stunned that 2 others will get stunned too but the damage and crowd control duration is less on the 2 other target if you will deal damage on 2 heroes you will deal more damage on all of them aside from damage it also has 90% slow after hitting the target you just need to remember, you must hit the enemy because this is skill shot you must not just click it, it can still miss when it comes to her Combo before getting close to the enemy you must already click your 2nd skill to have addition movement speed and also if you are going to use it it’s already full charged aside from that you must only use your first skill when you get close to the enemy to not waste it and make it speed up faster and to make your ultimate not miss, it’s better to use it after using your stun when it comes to emblem, I chose Mage emblem I think it’s better to make Carmilla a Mage rather than support you will know later why I chose Cooldown reduction, Magic Penetration and Mystery shop but when you are going to use her as support tank, you can still go for support emblem but you must remember that because Carmilla is still a new hero we need to experience using her many times before we could know the best Emblem that suits her when it comes to item build, this is the item build that I think fits Carmilla because I think it’s better to use her as mage, that’s why this is the build that you need to do cooldown reduction is so important on her because of her first skill you will notice here there will still be 4 seconds left on her first skill after using it but if she has 40% Cooldown reduction her first skill almost doesn’t have a cooldown to complete the 40% Cooldown reduction, you are going to get 10% from emblem and because you are mage you will get 10% on blue buff 10% on boots and the last 10% will be on one item with 10% cdr in this item build, that is Oracle you can replace that item with a lot of different ones, one of that is Dominance ice and if you can’t take the buff you can go for Enchanted Talisman Fleeting Time and Calamity Reaper is also possible the reason why I chose Concentrated energy is to increase your Hp and Lifesteal it’s still possible to change that lifesteal with necklace of Durance or Ice Queen Wand the reason why Glowing Wand is the next item, it’s because of Carmilla’s ultimate to increase the damage of her ultimate, the 2nd and 3rd target should also receive damage so that when she has Glowing wand it will deal damage to 2nd and 3rd target twice that means it will deal more damage beast killer is good when you have Retribution and the last 2 defensive item will depend on the enemy you can still make those items offensive when you are snowballing the game and just like what I said earlier, because she is still a new hero there’s still a lot of item build that can change for you to know more about how to build item I made an item build guide part 1, 2 and 3 that you can watch when it comes to spell, these are the spells that I think suits her Execute is good because it can be used on her ultimate if you are the mage you can go for retribution and build beast killer if you need to be defensive you can go for Flicker or Purify and if you are support you can go for revitalize or aegis aside from execute, Calamity reaper also works on her ultimate the true damage will hit the 3 heroes you can hit it 4 times because you can use 4 skills when it comes to countering Carmilla you must remember that she relies on magic lifesteal that means you can build Necklace of Durance or Sea Halberd to counter her aside from counter item you must remember that she relies to much on her first skill as much as possible you should not get hit by her first skill you must also not fight her when you have a lot of allies near you because you need to remember, her magic lifesteal will increase if there’s more enemies hit by her 1st skill another thing you need to remember, you can dodge her ultimate because it’s a skill shot and the range is not that far that’s why you can dodge it and if she hasn’t used her ultimate, you must not get close to your teammates so that you won’t get hit it’s also possible to go for Purify so that when she stuns you, you can still escape there’s still a lot of things that we need to know about Carmilla but for now this is the only tips that I can give because she is new hero, we need to experience first how to use her I hope you learn a lot from this guide and because you finished the video, everyweek I have a giveaway, if you want to join what you need to do is Subscribed, Like every video and also share it also don’t forget to hit the notification bell to get notified when we have a new video for me to know if you really finish it, you need to look for the keyword on this video you must comment the Keyword plus your ID# and In game name but you should not comment here comment it on our latest weekly highlights one with the keyword will win our weekly giveaway so if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribed and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out

100 Replies to “Mobile Legends Carmilla Guide | Skills, Item, Counter | Master the Basics | Eng Sub

  1. Shout out kuya lods!! salamat po sa tutorial sa carmilla ang daming mga new carmilla users na in-need ng guide. Thank you po!

  2. Dahilan bakit di ko gusto ang mage carmilla ay kailangan mo lumapit sa kalaban
    Dalawa lng ung mage item na irereccomend ko un ay fleeting time at necklace of endurance
    Naiinis tlaga ako sa dami ng carmilla na nagbubuild ng mage at nagpapakain
    Maganda rin ang flameshot talent

    Sa ngayon 100% parin win rate ko 7 games 3 mvp kung interisado kayo sa build
    Courage mask,rapid boots,apocalypse kween,necklace of endurance at kahit anong def item depende sa kalaban

  3. Mas ok kung maging support sya kesa sa mage type kase yung 1st at 3rd skill nya pang short range ibig sabihin kailangan nya talagang dumikit sa kalaban para maging effective sya. Bagay syang support dahil na rin sa passive nya , nagamit ko na sya kaso 5 games pa lang pero napakakunat nya lalo na kung ma maximize yung passive nya.

  4. Ikaw talaga dahilan kung bat nag improve laro KO master..salamat..godbless you master…d ka Sana mag sawa gumawa ng mga guides para samin 😊😊😊

  5. Palaging mauna dapat ang tank pumasok tapos si carmilla naman para di nya salo lahat ng skills then let your fighter mm mage do the rest

  6. Idol salamat sa mga tuts mo bet na bet ko tuts mo kay selena medyu gamay ko na sya because of your tuts hehe salamats 🙂
    Keyword: PrayForBatanggas
    I.D. : 78939306 (3096)
    IGN :༒꒒ꀎꎇꎇꌩ༒

  7. Pray for batangas
    Best carmilla as a mage
    Super amazing damage by first skill stun in second skill and you ca dodge the ult of carmilla
    Skin:chou(elite or special)

  8. PrayForBatangas……..lodss.
    Galing niyo tlga magturo.
    At sna ako na yung manalo :< lagi ko toh napapanood eh..lab u..snaaa po manalo..PrayForBatangas

  9. Tank build gamit ko kay Carmilla, makunat sya. Kaya nyang sumabay sa fighter pati narin tank. Pero try ko advise mo na mage items. Nice tips. Sana hndi sya manerf, pero binaban pa sya ngayon sa rank games.

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