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  1. Ini baru yg namanya skin Cok ah ajg monton. Liat efek nya keren banget ga cuma beda warna doang kayak skin2 yg sekarang jdi kita ga bsa bedakan mana skin elite, starlight, special. Karena Smua cuma beda warna doang efeknya

  2. Irithel skin sooooooo nice.. all skin looks good, even Helcurt Zodiac Skin looks badass.. (no comment with lesley, Stellarist Ghost still better than Gucci Outfit, but Skill efect looks Awesome..)

  3. Lesley,Angela,Chang’e,Aldous…Auto

    Franco….still thinking..

    Moskov (Im okay with Javelin Champion) and Irithel (I prefer Zodiac) …Pass

  4. И зачем я это смотрю? У меня ведь не будет ни один из этих скинов.

  5. Ok…. New skins are awesome but Lesley's seems bullshit, what the fuck?! The bullet got wings for god sake! It didn't even transform or anything!.

  6. They are getting really good at these entrance animations.. wonder what happened with Lunox Libra 😅 but anyways (just walk down some stairs) ! Such great skins coming soon! Angela has to be one of my favorites! Lesley ult looks really good, the rest of the costume doesn't really make sense? Pirate? Ghost Hunter? Amazing effects though 😙

  7. K honestly Angela's basic is sweet, actually think it's much more persuasive of a buy considering lesley skin is legendary and so expensive

  8. "Alright we need new ideas for legendary skins…"

    "Sexy dark themed space assassin with handguns with dark glowing green blue and purple effects?"

    "…any real suggestions people?"

    "Mexican themed zodiac pirate?"


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