Mobile Legends New Skin | Upcoming Hero Cecilion & Carmilla l Upcoming Map 120FPS l GOD OF MLBB

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  1. Now I know why moonton is releasing expensive skins and events it is because they need money to upgrade their game, so they will not lose gamer or user.

  2. Saran aku sih jngan langsung di versi asli,Adain dulu v2 kayak dulu,biar terbiasa dulu,klo usaha terbiasa baru di versi asli

  3. ya con esto tendremos vampiros en la liga o algo asi pero para cuando una gorgona como medusa no se ustedes pero yo quiero una

  4. I’m using Iphone 6 and i often crash all the time after the game. I don’t know if i’m the only one who is experiencing this.

  5. 2 skins review, 15 minutes of gameplay. What a shame. You should change the name of the video to "Cecilion & Carmilla gameplay" instead "Upcoming Skin". Dislike it

  6. 08:30 carmilla died and she said "where is he?" But cecillion is just near her…maybe they should add some death dialogue for cecillion and carmilla when they are fighting in a same team?

  7. Suggestions Of Skins To MLBB First Heroes.

    Tigreal = Overdrive Insane
    It Looks Like Halfed Evil And Good. And It's An Epic Skin Or Elite Skin.
    Cost: 💎 1059
    How To Obtain: Simple, Use Diamonds.
    When Choosed
    "Evil Or Good We Chose"
    Same Quotes As Tigreal Says.

    Alucard = Lovely Warrior
    It's A 2020 Skin BUT Not A Valetines Skin It's A Season 15 Or 16 Skin Celebration.
    Cost: NaN
    How To Obtain: When You Are In Mythic Or Mythical Glory You Get A Free Limited Skin.
    When Choosed
    "Glimmers All For Love"

    Same Quotes As Alucard Says

    Miya = Lightning Stranger
    This Is A Possible Skin At All Times In 2020. But It Cost 749 Diamonds.
    Cost: 💎 749
    How To Obtain: Simple, Use Diamonds
    Same Quotes When Chose

  8. Cellion will be banned in rank. I realized something, his mana gain is linked to the hits his skill do…

    Carmillas ult links 3 people together.. maybe nah idk probably tho

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