who’ checking has to send it hey guys what’s up, Max is with me today we have been to the hardware store already and bought some wood we are going to build a new mini kicker ramp today not soooo mini its supposed to be a step-down kicker so we c an practice step-down tricks or jump on things and off things when we do some urban riding got some plates and wood pieces these things are already cute to the right size that’s not going to be a full how to video but I guess you can see everything in here clearly and can attempt to rebuild such a ramp yourself for ultimate fun so lets get into building and later into sending it first things first we are going to draw the radius and then cut it ramp is going to have 2,4m radius, 90cm high and 1,90m long first things first we are going to draw the radius and then cut it later on I will list all the measurements for you again we have now measured the radius and cut this string, attached a pen and now we will draw the radius should work lets get the saw and then the first piece will be ready ready and now we will use this as a stencil for the other side Lukas style check we will now screw in the first beam that’s why its good to have a helping hand, so one can screw, one can hold all the beams were already cut to the right length, so we can screw em in one after another now you see that its going to be a ramp lets put some more for ultimate stability the more of those the less it shakes and flexes time lapse? yes! some more beams, and we marked all the positions were we screwed them in, so its all in the right order and same distance going to be a skeleton now we will screw in the top piece and then we are finished also good to have a helping hand, one steps on the plate, the other uses the screwdriver already looks pretty good and super good rideable see measurements on the left hand side looks like its really going to be a good one for a bunch of step-down tricks can’t wait to ride it max got something from inside unfortunately no test today as its already dark see you tomorrow for the first test we are now at the first spot, one day later i am on my enduro now and dirt jump bike is with me aswell looks super trick able but first lets try to send it all the way into this hill should work the way it looks max on the hard tail the ramp we had before was 30cm lower and more kicky this one is more mellow, also kicks you high but also far, which is sick the longer radius feels so good its so much fun great job max total cost of this ramp was 136€ btw now we have jumped straight now I will gap all the way to this side lets try to make it when I rolled out I discovered a much better landing over there, lets move more steep here its such an impact did a speed check lets flip it now bigger impact on this bike isn’t it? max wants to trick it high five dude we both always land in this exact hole isn’t that crazy max called me to flip it first go on the hard tail bike works so well want to do another flip combo we have to find a better landing in the near future this one works but it still has to be steeper and definitely a dirt landing the grass is a bit strange and not even but we can’t dig out this grass field as its not ours who checks it has to send it worked so well just kicked it and was like on a real jump this one is so cool to have in the bag for crankworx Rotorua which is at the beginning of March again lets do a second one max is filming an iPhone angle for the gram, but I will leave this camera running so much fun building and riding this ramp so glad this one works so good definitely not the last video with this ramp max has a video on his channel coming out aswell, as we are heading to a second spot now. he is going to cover the action there so make sure to check his channel link is below weather is crazy good so lets use it hope you guys enjoyed this video

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100 Replies to “MOBILE RAMPE GEBAUT und GESENDET! – How To Rampe bauen

  1. Macht dich mal dazu eine Größere Landung dann habt ihr nen Mobilen Double, könnt ihn hinstellen wo ihr wollt und die Entfernung auch

  2. Ich wollte mal fragen ob es deine Snow Camo Handschuhe für immer nur noch in größe XL geben wird oder auch noch in anderen größen? Ich würde mir die nämlich gerne in größe M bestellen

  3. @Lukas Knopf kann man die Rampe wie beim anderen Video auch mit anderen Maßen machen z.B. mit 1m
    Und dann einfache die Größe der Rampe wieder einsetzen sowie es bei #mathemitlukas erklärt wurde 🙂

  4. 1-8. März Crankworx?! Dann ist das Slopestyleevent wahrscheinlich an meinem Geburtstag! Leider aber auch in der Prüfungsphase

  5. Geil 💯🔥😍🔝 wie immer 🔥😍🤘💯 Bester Youtube Kanal auf der Welt …. 🤘💯💯💯💯💯

  6. Hi du bist echt sehr gut im Flip ziehen villeicht schaust du ja mal bei mir auf tik tok vorbei ich heiße : simi downhill

  7. Woher weist du wi viel der Radius beträgt gibt es da eine Faustregel?? Bau mir morgen in der Schule einen Kicker

  8. Ich blick des net wie man den Radius anzeichnet von welchen Abstand und so kannst du mir des noch mal erklären 🤙🤙

  9. Ich trau mich nicht die grossen Sprünge in meiner Stadt zu springen weil ich keinen Bock habe auf Maul zu fliegen. Wie kann ich die Angst überwinden? Hab übrigens auch nur 120mm

  10. Echt geil wegen dir habe ich mit dem ganzen angefang du bist mein for bild bester mann echt mach weiter so. Den das leben ist kurz. Echt krasse rampe ich habe im mein gart auch rampen und komplette trails gebaut nice

  11. Geiles Video Lukas!! Die Qualität und Produktion deiner Videos wird immer besser und Ich liebe es! Den Herbst sieht auch super cool in deinen Videos aus…und Max und seine Shots sind immer on Point!👏🏻..Anyway…Die Rampe ist MEGA und der Flip-whip in der Wiese war einfach der Hammer Lukas…echt…absolut geil!! 💪🏻🔥🔥

  12. Hi ich habe mit 37 wieder mit BMXen angefangen und mir auch diesen Sommer eine kleine Kickerrampe aus Holz gebaut. Macht mega Spass so ein Projekt, werde im Winter weiterbauen, evtl eine Funbox oder sogar ein Rail.
    Life's short- STUNT the fuck out of IT! 🤘😍🤙

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