79 Replies to “Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. MAXI BOOST ON – Info Trailer | PS4

  1. Who else is was a HUGE fan of PlayStation before 2020?!👀🤩🥳💞💞💞🤩🤩
    Gifting my next 122 loyal subscribers?!!🔥💯🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰💞💞

  2. Cool always excited for a new gundam game. Always loved mobile suit gundam as a kid and playstation was usually my only source for gundam games.

  3. People are saying this game has local multiplayer. That's one thing devs should always mention because if they dont people will assume it doesnt. I hope it does because if not I'm gonna have to skip it

  4. And hopefully they won't have the absurd DLC model they did in Gundam Versus ps4. I shouldn't have to pay over 100 dollars to buy all the MS' and pilots, with each Suit being sold separately and not in DLC packs.

  5. This is so cool!! Gundam is love!!
    I need more gundam game.
    I need new Dynasty Warrior Gundam
    New gundam breaker (gundam breaker 4)

  6. Man i really need to get more into Gundam. Only watched Iron Blooded Orphans but liked it and it's by far not the best i heard

  7. I really hope that all of the characters from G Gundam are in this one. You can see a few but not the important ones like MAXTER GUNDAM.

  8. This is so exciting! Having played (and watched) this game in Japanese arcades, I'm so eager to get this on PS4! Problem is… no release date! At least give us more of a date than 2020!! That's so cruel Bandai Namco!

  9. Lol, it's like no one loves Athrun at all. Gundam Versus disappointed me because there was only one Athrun suit. Maxi Boost ON also has just one Athrun Suit. These are sad times for Athrun fans.

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