Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt DECEMBER SKY (EN.HK.TW.KR.FR.CN Sub)

These guys play the best tunes! Listening to pirate radio again, Io? At least wear headphones. You gotta feel the music
in your bones. – Isn’t this an old broadcast?
– I like this one. You definitely picked up the signal
at the perfect time. Maybe the thunderbolts
are bringing it to us. – Or the Minovsky particles are- –
– Thin? Whatever. – Make me a copy later.
– Right here! This part is perfect to listen to
before a mission! I know how you feel. I can see it now. Me, flying through the debris,
dodging at the last second. The vibrations tell me what my hands
and feet should do with the controls. Everything acts as my eyes as they move. Can’t they do something about
this nasty air in the hangar? – It’s just your sinuses again.
– Cornelius, gimme some tissues. You better return ’em. – Thanks.
– Later! Here is your mission objective. You are to eliminate
the snipers that are hiding in our home of Side 4, Moore. In the past month, over 40 friendlies
have been shot down. We must never forgive the cowardly
enemy who destroyed our home, the Thunderbolt Sector. This war is reaching
its final stages, and retaking this sector will play a pivotal role in its outcome. Renewed prosperity to Side 4, Moore! Death to the cowardly Zeon! Preaching to the brotherhood, huh? Man, my birthplace
refuses to let me go. Free jazz is perfect
for the Thunderbolt. I love mobile suits.
And space and the battlefield. Because I’m free out here. Oh, crap! They can see
exactly where we are! If they open fire, we’ll just trace
it back to pinpoint their location. Now, who’s gonna draw the short straw? – Who was hit?!
– Ensign Io! Commander! Command- – Break-break! Commander Allen
hit by beam cannon! Suit completely destroyed! Enemy is sniping from behind the debris! Radio comms will never reach with
the Minovsky particle density this high! Just focus on the enemy- – Dave! Locate those enemy snipers! How can they see us?! The Minovsky particles are too dense! – Calculate their location, damn it!
– It’s Side 4! Are you telling us to
attack our own home?! Barrel has exceeded lifespan. This is Daryl, now switching to
trajectory prediction relay role. Good job, CPO Daryl.
I’ll take it from here. This’ll make me a shoo-in
for the Zeon Cross! To brag to your girl back home?
Or to… Sean, Ensign Hoover’s reporting
situation is complicated. Lay off! I’m gonna bag ’em real soon!
Both these Feds and all the girls! Damn, Daryl’s good.
Is he clairvoyant or something? Or maybe he’s one of those Newtypes. I’m gonna get an award back home
and then go on R&R! Ensign Hoover, is your suit drifting?
Your comms are breaking up. Please check your cable connection. They are? Huh? Hey! Hoover! It’s a person!
That’s a Fed normal suit! Daryl! Do you have a shot?!
I don’t have one from my position! But Hoover might be- – He was shot in the head!
You saw him! The cockpit’s not too different
from a Zaku’s. Yo. You look like the ace
of this sniper unit, but you have mediocre
taste in music. I’m disappointed. Big talk, coming from someone
who only caught a lucky break. And sneaking around,
shooting people from far away is the perfect job for folks
with peg legs. Are you laughing at my legs? I have your firing positions. I just need to pick a blind spot
and stroll home. You’re not getting away next time.
Mark my words, I’ll take you down. I’m Chief Petty Officer Daryl Lorenz.
And I’ll always be gunning for you. The name’s Ensign Io Fleming. When you hear jazz,
that’s your cue that I’m on the stage. Patty Page, right?
That was “Tennessee Waltz”. – Oh, you heard this?
– I’m a Royal Teens fan, myself. For “Short Shorts”? No, for this. Ah. Let me know if you
want to borrow it. Maybe later. 24 went out,
and this is all that came back? That’s what happens with
ops thought up by that bitch. Move it to the maintenance hangar!
Top priority! Io! Ensign Io Fleming has returned. I never did like this guy.
He was such a playboy-wannabe. Take the body to the Reuse Lab. It was a miracle that we found him.
We want to return him to his family. Retrieving the data from
his prosthetic arm comes first. You’re treating him like a lab rat
even after he’s dead? You’re all able to fight
thanks to that data, remember? Prof. Karla?
They’re taking the body to… Professor? No! No… Heavy damage, 4.
Light damage, 6. Cockpit block only, 5.
Lost, 9. Understood… We’re currently extracting data from
the Rick Dom that Ensign Io Fleming stole. It might let us predict the enemy’s
deployment and movement patterns. Fine. Also, the item is currently being
loaded into a container. The mechanics we dispatched
are coming back with it, so I’m told we can begin
startup tests right away. Who do we assign it to? I believe Ensign Io is the only choice. True… Shall I give him the order? No, I’ll tell him. A prototype mobile suit? Did the Moore Brotherhood
front some money to the Federation? Everyone who outranked you
died in this last operation. Otherwise, you… We both got where we are
by our superiors dying. Isn’t that right, Acting Captain? Let go of my hand,
Ensign Io Fleming! That’s an order
from your captain. Yes, sir. So that’s how it is… You never can tell, right? Where’s the Captain? The young lady is spending
quality time with her man. She’s captain because she’s an elite.
The privileged class get all the breaks. Speaking of whom, what’s this about
the prototype going to Io? Same with him. He’s the son
of Moore’s old leader. The incompetent elite let Zeon
invade and destroy our home. Still, they’re the perfect people
to offer up as sacrifices. The young heroes who lay down
their lives for our ideals. We’ll use those with a guilty pedigree
as Moore Brotherhood propaganda. That’s what this Gundam is for. I have to stop loving you! Then I’ll be able to
order you to your death. Go ahead, Claudia.
Order me into battle. I’ve been possessed. By the demons called mobile suits
that shine on the battlefield. I listened to the comm logs
from the battle. That Federation pilot
who killed Hoover… When you hear jazz,
that’s your signal that he’s come, right? Yes. I’m begging you, Daryl.
Make sure that you kill that man. You’re our ace sniper.
You can do it, right? Prof. Karla. Can I get
some painkillers? These legs you gave me are hurting really badly tonight. You’re checking the sniper rotation
intel from the Rick Dom! You get that, right? You just need to do
that as part of the test flight. Cornelius, gimme some tissues. Here you go. – And gimme some tunes, partner.
– Will do. Oh, wow… It’s like night and day.
This… is a Gundam! This is the best!
This power is exactly what I wanted! Gundam… Give me your strength! It dodged me? No way! Crap! What the hell?! It’s jazz. Three Zakus were shot down. Each one’s Big Gun fire was evaded. This is a heavily armored and highly
maneuverable mobile suit. This is exactly what the Living Dead
Division is least equipped to handle. That’s the Federation’s… Gundam! It’s him! Isn’t this that song your dad liked? It’s a sappy song. You think so? I liked it. Cornelius. Gimme some tissues. Sure. Gathered here at
the space fortress A Baoa Qu are young, elite troops
who have performed amazing feats, as well the leading minds
of the Principality who were awarded
the glorious Zeon Science Medal. Their loyalty was praised
at the staff meeting of the prestigious
Zeon Space Strike Fleet! We members of the Zeon armed forces
must become the cornerstone of the realization of
Spacenoid ideals! There’s no itching
in your mind, is there? It’s fine. Okay, then. Beginning recording. We’ll be starting
Phase 6 today. I heard. We need to run
checks first, right? Yes, of course. Neural transmission shows green. Step off with your right foot.
Now pull it back, and then… Good! Now your left. Switch from right to left in time
with the speed on the bar. Okay! Professor! Begin Reuse Psycho Device
operation test. Roger that. It’s an amazing system.
I bet it’ll let us act as more than snipers. We have far better
artificial legs than those. I know. But that system will let me do more than
I ever could with my real legs, right? You want another medal? You got one, too! I threw it away.
I hate war. Gundam! Let’s see you
blow my mind! Noise level nominal.
All green. Thanks. Chief Daryl, you don’t think
this place is haunted, do you? Out in space? Lots of people died at Side 4,
so I was wondering if sensitives see ghosts here. Horror movies freak me out,
so I just thought… Well, I don’t see any. Oh, really? That’s a relief… Ah. It’s terrible, you having to
go out in a Zaku I, Chief. Even if this is all we have left, our ace sniper deserves better
than some ancient Zaku I. A sniper doesn’t need mobility. I’ll just shoot any prey that gets
caught in our net, same as always. This is plenty. I figured you’d say that.
I hope you avenge our friends. Well, good hunting. Thanks. Fisher! Sean!
He’s in your area! Gotcha! He’s fast!
Try this, then! Over there, huh? Crap! You’re mine! Damn it… Sean! Bunch of cowardly snakes! Can’t you fight outside of your
hidey-holes in this debris?! Hit, damn it! That was too small!
Fisher, that blast… wasn’t the Gundam! Where are you?
Where did you hide, Gundam?! That was also too small!
Was it another decoy? Move! Move, damn it! Now to finish you off! I see you! That’s one hell of a long shot…
Sniping me at this range means that it’s you,
isn’t it, Peglegs? A thunderbolt deflected the beam?!
I can’t believe this guy’s luck! Run, Daryl! When a sniper’s location
is given away, he’s history! You’re no match for a Gundam! Crap! I can’t see a thing! Sean! He’s still alive?! If you can predict my movements,
I dare you to fire! If you’re prepared to kill
one of your own, that is! Shoot! Shoot this guy, Daryl! Trying to create a distraction
by adding to the debris, huh? I’ll make a path for you. Come closer!
I’ll put a shot through just you! This song has me so pumped up! When you hear jazz like this,
it’s all over for you! – What the- -?
– Light up! Sean! Above me?! With that body of yours,
that must be the best you can do! Bastard! It’s over, Peglegs! You son of a- – Focus attack on the center
of the enemy fleet! Maintain speed! Keep shooting until we’re
out of firing range! – Two Musais destroyed!
– Ten seconds to edge of firing range! We sank two Musais
with a single decoy Gundam. A fine plan, Captain. That’s all we managed…? Running away again, huh? I’ll dig up a new prosthetic hand for you.
Give me a minute. Two hours of stopgap repairs will let us
send four mobile suits back into action. Only one Big Gun remains. Your team should be prepared
to die rather than surrender. The division has been ordered to defend
this sector to the death. If need be, the science team
is to die with us. Captain, our experiments have reached the stage
where it can be sent into the field. But that suit needs… If you mean the final key component,
I’m sure you only need to give the word. You have to understand,
Prof. Karla! This is the only way to save the division
from utter annihilation! Our experimental unit is the only thing
that can fight that Gundam! We can’t, Sexton! It has to be hooked up to the nerves from
four limbs to reach its full potential! We have Chief Petty Officer Daryl. He just lost his left hand
in battle, didn’t he? What are you suggesting? Cut off his right hand! They aren’t lab rats! This is hard for me, too! How much more of my soul are you
going to force me to give up?! If you don’t help fight this war, what will happen to your father,
who’s in prison for treason? Now is the time to put your brilliant
research to work for the homeland! It’s for the independence
of space emigrants! And for the Principality of Zeon! This is the real power of
the Reuse Psycho Device! I can crush the Gundam with this! Attention, deck crew. Deck 3 and 4’s hatches will be open
for landing operations. Don helmets immediately
or move to an airtight area. Message from Moore Brotherhood: Begin all-out assault to retake
Thunderbolt Sector in two hours. Message ends. Guncannons, 4.
GM Cannons, 20. Balls, 12.
Supply containers, 40. 40 relief pilots have also arrived. We appreciate the fresh pilots. I guess this was
the little girl’s breaking point. Yes, sir. Now pressurizing decks.
New pilots, report to briefing room. Deck 4, mobile suit berthing
operations complete. Begin closing gate! Check all safeties! – Begin securing mobile suits to hangar. – Hang on, they’re all kids!
– Begin securing mobile suits to hangar. – Hang on, they’re all kids! – Begin supplying and inspections.
– Hang on, they’re all kids! – Begin supplying and inspections. A Gundam! It’s a Gundam! What the- -? They’re your men.
Take good care of them, Commander Io. What a sick joke. Little patriots, huh? This explains why the Federation is
sending out multiple Gundam prototypes. – Hey! Captain!
– Ensign, please! Screw you! Get lost! Hey! Claudia! Wake up! Claudia! Wait, are you- – You’re an officer, damn it! What the hell are you thinking?! – How long have you been using?!
– Ow! You’re hurting me! Now I… Now I understand how your father felt! When he was ground down by the reality that he let hundreds
of millions of Moore citizens die! Io, you don’t know what it’s like. I’m going to order more
people to their deaths! Even those children who were
sent here like expendable goods! You should be feeling
this same pain, too! – That’s amazing!
– That’s our ace sniper! A special two-rank promotion! Here’s to the Ensign! Show us your insignia! Just this once. That’s so cool! Want a belt, Ensign? I didn’t mean to…
Sorry. Don’t mind me… Don’t be like that.
Are you guys all weepy drunks? Thanks for throwing
this party for me. I’m okay with it, don’t worry.
It was an order. And I want to protect my fleetmates. In fact, it was an honor to be asked. These pictures sure take me back. I remember the Colony Air Race
like it was yesterday. That was such a huge win. We did everything ourselves, didn’t we?
From the planning to the sponsor hunting. I thought that we could
do everything ourselves. I still see those days in my dreams. Drugs can’t take you back. Io doesn’t actually enjoy war. He’s just the type of person
who only feels alive when he pushes himself to the limit. He can only live
in the madness of war. I feel sorry for him. Ensign Daryl! We’ll be heading out first. My father is a historian. He’s in prison right now
as a dissident. The military said he’d be spared if I helped
the war effort with my research. My father was the sort of man
who kept on fighting even after many attempts on
his life and losing his left hand, but I did as I was told
and cut off your right arm. Out of ego and self-preservation. Let’s survive this. Let’s survive and laugh from
the bottom of our hearts someday. This irrational reality is the real enemy
that’s making us suffer. Those of us who live in times of war
undergo lots of little ordeals, and maybe it’s a miracle
just to survive in this war, but I’m sure that there are miracles
even in lives as dark as ours. I want to laugh from
the bottom of my heart. – Ensign Daryl.
– Yes, sir. Everything hinges on your success. I apologize for being unable to salute,
but roger that, sir. We’re all counting on you. Daryl Lorenz, launching. Move closer!
Closer, closer! Our mobile suit force will begin
the operation at 2400 hours. Act as my shield. I’ll be avoiding
any random skirmishes en route. The Full Armor Gundam’s sole mission is to destroy the enemy fleet and
eliminate the enemy’s ace sniper. This is a messed-up world where
someone who kills lots of people gets praised as a hero. An endless loop of
planning ops and fighting. Even if the players change,
the mission we call war continues. Try to ignore it all you want,
but there’s no escaping it. I love mobile suits. I’m hopelessly in love with
these machines that amplify my abilities. It gets me fired up from head to toe. Call it bad karma
or sinful or whatever, but I’ll break free of anything
that ties me down and keep fighting to the brink of hell itself. Farewell, my brother and sister
fellow expendables. If any of us survive, I’m buying. This is Io Fleming. Full Armor Gundam, launching! All you innocent children… Please, come back safely. As many as possible. Damn, they’re like tidy candles
on a birthday cake out there. But they just have numbers… – Philip!
– Where is he?! – Hold fire! Hold fire!
– People have been hit! We can’t win with uncoordinated fire!
We’ll be wiped out like this! Okay, then… If I can keep their formation split up… …this’ll be easier than slicing
a cake with a knife. We have to do it like in training!
Link up with each other! – Crap, we lost another!
– Shut up! Don’t break forma- – Chief! Crap, they’ve started forming up again! Man, it’s been forever since the last time
I had a slice of Grandma’s apple tart. We got him… We got him! I’ll be joining you soon! Now on penetration route.
Everything going according to plan. Target acquired. Take it from here,
Petty Officer Layton. Roger that. Gotta wait 200 seconds… Keep it together, Layton! Prof. Karla! Are you planning to go down with this ship? Thanks to my work with that weapon, I’ve learned how the world works
and realized what a fool I am. Thank you, Sexton. We should escape! If we bring your research
back to the homeland, Zeon can- – Escape by yourself. The device is complete.
You don’t have to babysit me anymore, right? No, but- – The data! Professor! I don’t believe it…
Fine, have it your way! Professor! Relax! Do it like in your military
training and you’ll be fine! It’s the Gundam! Damn you, Gundam! It’s time! I did it!
I did it, Ensign! I did it! I did- – Engineering hit! Give me a damage report! We can’t afford to go down here- – Load the wounded into the pods first! This one is packed, too… – This man’s injured!
– Give us a hand! – Hey, are you all right?
– Let’s get him into a pod! Right. Graham! XO Graham, are you all right? Get your hands off me. The ship’s about to go up.
I’ve given the order to abandon ship. You did what? You’re abandoning ship?! You incompetent elites… First you cost us
our homeland, and now our fleet! You think I can look my late wife
and daughter in the eye if I run? Graham… For the honor of Moore. I’ll be joining you. Claudia? Hey, what was that light? That blast was huge! That wasn’t our mothership, was it? The battle’s not over yet. There’s still a powerful enemy in there. He wasn’t in this combat zone. It’s you, isn’t it? We’ve received intel that
the Living Dead Division’s battle has spread from Banchi 3
to Banchi 2. – Tell all the reinforcements!
– Roger that! Daryl… Guys… Hold out until these reinforcements arrive. Damn it, die already! Karla, this is amazing!
This mobile suit you built for me is way better than
the arms and legs I lost! The enemy flagship is dead in space
from a friendly mobile suit force attack. Multiple Zeon troops
are still alive inside. We are en route to board
and take the enemy ship. Take the ship? This lifeboat doesn’t have enough oxygen. Chief Petty Officer Chiba
will take point in a Ball. – Cornelius, you ever shoot anyone?
– No. I finally understand why he wants
to listen to music in battle. I can do this…
I can take him! The engine room’s that way.
Take your men and secure Engineering. – But we’re just mechanics…
– You’ve had training! Roger that. There’s air. They must be up where
this music is coming from. Thank you, Prof. Karla. This explosion should spread
through the entire ship. Let’s take them all with us
and put an end to this nightmare. Freeze! All of you,
stay where you are! We’re the Earth Federation Forces
Moore Brotherhood! This ship is under our control!
Surrender yourselves peacefully! Is the person in charge here? Who’s the ranking officer?! No Zeon soldier would live with
the disgrace of being taken prisoner. He’s right! It’s a matter of
a soldier’s honor and pride! Never! Die, Gundam! Daryl, I won’t let you die alone. I’ll join you. This will kill you! Let’s do this. – Sieg- –
– Wait! This has to end! How long is the hatred
and killing going to go on? It has to end.
This… has to end. All of you, come here!
Get a move on! Why hasn’t there been an explosion? Maybe they failed…
Plan B. Switch to Plan B. Blowing yourselves up is pointless!
This has to stop. We won’t be taken prisoner!
We’ll take you out with us! – You took our families and loved ones!
– You’ll feel our hatred! We’ve endured plenty of suffering ourselves! This sector is where
our colonies used to be! It’s where our homeland was! – Homeland?
– They’re from Side 4? That’s right. Our home was taken,
our mothership was destroyed, and now there’s only
a handful of us left! I don’t want to see
any more of us die! Let’s figure out a way
to survive this together! Fighting until we’re both wiped out is just stupid! What are you- – – It worked!
– It was a longshot, but it worked! This thing’s built tough, all right. If I ditch the extra armor,
I can still fight! I’m gonna put an end to this.
I’ll kill him. Hurry up!
We can’t hold them off! Whoa! Sieg Zeon! Oh, come on! Not after we made it
all the way to the magazine! When you hear my jazz,
that’s when you die! Peglegs! Why?! Why can’t I beat him?! I get it now, Karla. When I met you,
that was my miracle. No way! He’s missing all his limbs?
I lost to a guy like this?! I see. Claudia isn’t with you? She was the ship’s captain,
so she probably… Thanks. The reinforcements
you brought saved us, Fisher. No, I just did it without thinking. We lost the Psycho Zaku, though. How do we report this? When Prof. Karla recovers,
the Reuse Psycho Device will be mass-produced. More pilots will probably decide
to take on the same fate as you. Yeah, the Reuse Psycho Device can turn
even average pilots into supermen. They only have to cut off their limbs.
Just like I did. That’s enough, Living Dead Division!
Torture is a treaty violation! As a Special Service member,
I can no longer turn a blind eye. We understand, sir.
Our apologies. Go ahead. You have five minutes.
Audio and video will be recorded. Thank you. Io Fleming… Son of the former leader of Side 4. Attached to the Earth Federation Forces’
Moore Brotherhood. And notorious Gundam pilot. Daryl Lorenz… C’mon, tell me.
How do you pilot a mobile suit with that pathetic,
crippled body of yours? I wanted to put an end
to this by killing you. I thought if I could defeat the Gundam, it would set me free from
the nightmare of war. Nightmare? You’re playing the victim
after all you’ve done? You beat my Gundam with
power you gained by offering up your body
to your mobile suit. Helluva rush, isn’t it? Even as we curse war, we become
more and more obsessed with it. It’s our fate to go on fighting. This war isn’t going to end just yet. Translation, Adaptation and Subtitling:
David Fleming

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  2. What is up with this garbage Jazz music that fails to meet the tempo, pace, setting or mood of the show. Absolutely jarring and awful.

  3. My main, and only, complaint about this movie is the singing. Beats and melodies are fine. I just wish the Japanese singers would've stuck to Japanese instead of attempting to sing in English.

  4. The one of the main protagonist got Corona!
    yes watching this on 2020.

    But the artist knew this three years ago future mankind with mechs still can't cure influenza and covid19.

  5. Very enjoyable with great animation. The imperialist Earth Federation is certainly the villain, but they’re still treated as human and multi-dimensional.

  6. One side using "fresh pilots" ( young children) while the other uses amputees for their own machinations. Damn thunderbolt really shows in war no one wins, everyone suffers.

    Side note: kinda love that both superior of Daryl being forced to order the heavily scarred soldier both physical and mental to pilot THE ZAKU even if all of Daryl's limbs are removed and Io really hated ordering kids to fight in a battlefield that they have no experience or reason to fight for.

  7. Does anyone think of the cost when an O'nell cylinder is destroyed? Especially when they build they the length of Long Island, NY! How many trillions of dollar and man hours is down the drain?!

  8. [故事大綱 – DECEMBER SKY]

    時值宇宙世紀0079年,地球聯邦和吉翁公國之間爆發的一年戰爭末期,SIDE 4的殖民地群姆亞因受到吉翁的攻擊而被破壞,無數居民因此命喪黃泉。






  9. 這版本的劇情真的更像實際戰爭的樣貌!!!戰爭只會造成更多的逝去與悔恨!!!!

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  13. 10/10 anime, this gave me the chills man. How dark and deep but true. Sunrise really pulled it off this time

  14. This has what ironblooded orphans lacks. Morally neutral writing with no clear op good guy vs weak or kinda strong bad guys

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