Mobile Website Design and Development

Have you ever wondered what your potential
customer sees when they visit your website on a Smartphone? If not, you should, because
according to a recent report by Google at their Mobile presentation, in the past year,
there was a 400% increase in searches done via mobile devices. This means that 1 in 5
searches on Google is now being done on a mobile device or Smartphone, and the news
is even more alarming for a small business owner like you.
For small businesses, the rate is even lower; 1 out of every 3 searches is done by someone
who wants to find a business or services provider like you in their local area. Simply stated,
this means you are missing a big chunk of potential business if your website is not
optimized for mobile device viewing. As if that is not bad enough, the situation
becomes even more dramatic. Smartphone usage is predicted to overtake use of desktop computers
by the end of this year. It won’t be long before most of your website visitors will
be using either a Smartphone or tablet. If your website is not Smartphone-friendly, you
are going to miss a large chunk of potential business.
This generation of newer mobile users seldom just surf the web. Instead, they want to find
specific information. They want to know about your business, hours of operation, location,
your phone number and services offered. . If they can’t find what they’re looking for
quickly, they go elsewhere. That means that your competitors WIN and you LOSE.
Do you know what your website look like on a Smartphone?
The problem with most standard websites is that they are not designed for Smartphones.
The result for mobile users is the website is hard to read and navigate. Those websites
take too long to load, key information is not displayed prominently, and users need
to scroll back and forth and zoom in and out to read all the information. This ultimately
is a big turn-off to your potential customer and should be avoided.
Now, let’s look at anther website and see how they handle their mobile visitors. The
difference is huge, right? This site has a Mobile optimized version of
their website that is shown to their mobile users. All the information is easily accessible
right from the home screen, customers can call you with just a click of a button, and
important details such as directions and hours of operation are all easily found. The whole
site is designed to automatically resize to fit all of the most popular Smartphones, so
users don’t need to zoom in or scroll around. But, one of the most important factors is
the simple design which means the site loads quickly right on the screen. This is very
important for your customers on the move. So, let me ask you this, if you were on a
mobile device searching for information about a business, which one of these sites would
you prefer to use ? There is good news! — When you create a mobile
optimized version, your website will be faster and easier to use. Creating this new website
version is less expensive than you might think, plus we do all the hard work. This new mobile
world of potential customers is a huge slice of the marketing pie, one you don’t want
to miss! Get ahead of your competitors today, so they don’t pass you by. Think smarter,
think mobile/Smartphone/tablet today, and get ready to draw in your share of millions
of potential buyers. Act smart, contact our office today. We will
assemble a sample site for you, to show you how a mobile optimized version will benefit
your business and serve your customers better. You can meet this new demand right now. And
don’t worry; there is no obligation for this sample site service. Contact us right
now, and request your free sample mobile website! 888-685-4910

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