[Mon Ster] || (Ark mobile) Help tribe attack alpha on server Leech.

welcome to back. Today we have a big attack. I just got up and prepared breakfast. and receive a message with the offer to attack this server. I also don’t know anyone this alpha server .. just treat it as a new server. I was wondering if I should accept this offer. is in my free time, so I accept and go to this server. The goal to the server is to help this tribe attack the alpha. like other servers i helped, do whatever i want. non constraint. firstly fly the bird to observe the volcano. previous raids on other servers. I fly a bird (soak) quite a lot. and I realized one thing … maybe you don’t know … that is ……… The sky is so beautiful hahaaaaaaaaaa Damn, just complimenting but the fog covered the surrounding. lolll This job is also quite interesting. we just fly and watch the sky … and pray the accident don’t happen .. if it happens to be both characters and dinosaurs. lolllllll oh. I see the weak point of this facility. okay. observed the song. next time will break into the interior. ok, I’m back here. hope no accident, lolllll not bad. Thanks for the equipment. Sorry alpha server, I’m breaking your home. Hope you don’t hate me. Maybe we’re still friends after this raid. :)) You see, most of the battle I didn’t talk. because I don’t know English and can’t be fighting and going out to translate that language. Don’t blame me for being rude. Doing so makes me pitiful. loll last night I returned from a frantic party and now my body still smells of alcohol, lollllll That is very irritable. anyone who says I’m rude * d * tm * m * y. Just say that for fun, have fun. If the video is bad, you might not care about the image. Can increase the volume for your phone and enjoy this music. It’s pretty good, isn’t it? very mellow for the morning. lol, he shot the poison at tapejan, not understanding what he thought but doing that. I am pressuring them. loll tapejan 600 damage that bite him 1 shot does not die. lolll I have just returned to the storage facility picked up from them. This facility is very resource-poor. lol Damn it, I’m shooting the hook at the rock and it just disappeared. lol, quite unexpectedly. A mess is happening, lolllllll I have him. lolll Damn, it’s lagged. I can not fly. What a mess. lolll, very happy. Maybe they went to bed. I’m going to have lunch. therefore also intended to end the attack here and leave the server. I will not kill the dinosaurs, plan to go to bed and destroy them all. later offline. Take a look. Oh, a bed on the other side. broke 2 beds already. Oh, great third bed. Damn it, that’s it again. ok. Get out of here.

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  1. lol these noobs( not ya monster) cant even attack without you bruh… but yh that sht INS got wiped very soon we all knew that even from these people

  2. I was wiped by Holly in that video, I'm badcroc so if u guys want to see revenge sub to my channel. I'll will revenge INS. Please

  3. I doubt you attack the BR CLAN base on the server "EuSouAndroid PVXC".
    I challenge you because this tribe is on the volcano and it has a lot of defense.
    Good vidio

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