Mooer 005 preamp x EVH 5150 III Fender (Celestion V30 & G12T75)

Hello my friends how are you doing? Alright !! Doing another video about amplifiers, speakers, gears and related And today I think that I finish my quest of testing Mooer preamp pedals … right here with the real amps … unless that I buy any other pedal ’til next week … then I’ll try to make a new video … and I’ll need another real amp to compare either Today I have this one … Mooer 005 … called Brown sound 3 that simulates this amp here … EVH 5150 III from Fender, ok? So following the same logic and methodology from my previous videos I’ll play some clean and distorted riffs with the real amp straight to my cabinet, then with the pedal as a preamp connected on amp’s Return jack with the speakers mic’d and at last … with the pedal cab sim connected direct to my audio interface, ok? and … what else? this 3 combinations … Ah … with the clean and on the overdrive channel on amp and on the pedal which is awesome, alright? My rig: Gibson Les Paul Studio – the same from the other videos it’s a stock guitar with no improvements more details about the equipment below on the description EVH 5150 III 50W with 6L6 power tubes a very cool 2 channel amp … Harley Benton 2×12 cab loaded with Celestion G12T-75 and Vintage 30 both mic’d with Sennheiser E609 mics who lent me this amplifier was my friend Filipe Delbel … thanks for the amp !! and he also have a great YT channel … Guitar Gear Geek I’ll let below the channel link … with a lot of cool info a new video at each 2 weeks with musical equipment news and no more jibber jabber Let’s hear how the amp and the pedal sounds I’ll let here the rig and settings according to the moment to help the understanding cause I’m lost sometimes Now the overdrive channel … check it out Veeery cool !! A great sounding !! of all that I’ve tested … this one, the 011 Dual Recto and the 015 Peavey 5150 this pedal (005) have a more faithful cab simulator sound compared to my cabinet than the other two … this one sounded very close on amp and direct to the interface this pedal is awesome IMO … it’s already on my pedalboard and I’ll keep it this way … right my friends? If you liked click thumbs up … subscribe questions and suggestions leave in a comment And I hope to see you soon !! All the best !!

10 Replies to “Mooer 005 preamp x EVH 5150 III Fender (Celestion V30 & G12T75)

  1. Excelente comparação, como de costume! Obrigado pela parceria, na dúvida entre o pedal e o amp, eu vou com os 2! valeu!!!

  2. Muito bom, estou de olho nestes pedais há algum teempo. Claro que testaste o pedal no proprio power original. Chegaste a testar em outro amp? Tenho um clone marshall mas tenho medo q o power aceescente muito medio e melar tudo.

  3. Muito bom e esclarecedor. Sempre achei que esse 005 era fiel ao 5150 da peavey, porém você esclareceu que não!!! Muito bom Thiago!!!!

  4. Muito legal a comparação Thiago. Sempre tive dúvida entre esse pedal 005 e o 015 (Brown Sound). Sabe esclarecer, parece q ambos remetem ao som do Van Halen?

  5. Muito bom e prático o seu comparativo. Eu tenho usado ele mais em casa para treinar, direto na interface de áudio.Você usa ele no board pra ligar direto no send/return ou no input do ampli?

  6. Muito legal essa comparação!
    Eu tenho um EVH 5150III Combo da primeira geração. Você sabe me dizer aonde posso conseguir fazer aquela mod do ganho e volume (ou todos os controles) dos canais verde e azul? Obrigado!

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