Moto g6 Play Restore Keyboard. Motorola XT1922-7 Boost Mobile Verizon Wireless

okay if you go to compose a text message and you see this message or this this means that your Google keyboard has been disabled so let's go to settings to enable this or restore this keyboard okay let's go to settings and now we find apps and notifications then you're gonna open all the application which is the 43 when they write on the top and then it's gonna scroll and find G port okay if you don't see these keyboard in this section I just go to the side or arrow and open disabled apps okay you wanna find keyboard there so open it and just touch the label unable select over there let's go back and test let's open the keyboard and now touch the little back button or the X I mean great right there okay has been enabled the keyboard has been restored so now you are able to compose message text messages if you have any other questions please let me know in comments and please some I am my channel help sponsoring this inside coach smart ball so just go to their website inside coach calm and learn more about this smartphone for your kids it is very fun to play with and I have a unboxing video about this smart ball on my channel so please find it just unboxing inside coach and just basis visit the website and learn more about them this one which is my video any other questions let me know in comments and please subscribe so you can have access to many other tutorials about this model any Marvello phone for your support okay thanks so much

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  1. Thank You / You just helped me do in 5 minutes what a Verizon telephone tech couldn't do in an hr..She told me take it back to the store after a hr of conversation and various attempts…

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