Motorola – 2004 National Medals of Technology & Innovation

Nar: When America took to the roads, Motorola
was there is it’s great travel companion. This company started by Paul V Galvin in
1928 transformed innovative ideas into
ground-breaking products while bearing witness to some of the most
important moment in our nation’s history. Ed Zander: The best kept secret is that we are a
worldwide, mobile communications company that
provides a very complex technology to different constituents in a lot of different areas and
applications. Motorola has continually redefined mobile
communications throughout its history. In doing so, the company has also evolved.
We’re on the onset of probably one of the biggest technology
disruptions or biggest changes in the way we use information technology in the past 50 years with the advent of
next generation internet, which is mobile internet. Nar: Motorola is bringing the
seamless mobility to the marketplace and enhancing it through design. EZ: Razor’s been really responsible a lot for the rebirth of Motorola. It’s put the cool back into our company,
into our logo. So if you take a look at the electronics, the compactness of it, how we designed all of the aspects of building a mobile phone,
getting into something that’s, I think, 13 or 14 millimetres is a– is truly a breakthrough and
extraordinary. It’s driving a whole new generation on products around thinness. Nar: From home appliances to homeland security, Motorola continues
to serve Americans with technological advances and has revolutionized the way we
exchange information and share ideas

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