Motorola D-Shell Earpiece [CP185 CP200 BPR40 CLS1110 CLS1410 RLN6423B]

Hi this is Nick at Two Way Direct and I’m here to show you the d-shell earpiece It’s the standard 2 prong connection right here. Works with the CP185 BPR40, CP200 or the CLS series are just examples of what it will work for So to connect the piece which you’re
gonna wanna do you is make sure the radio is in the off
position and you’re gonna want to just go ahead and take that off right there. You’re gonna plug it in like that. It’s got a tight fit so it’s gonna be one and you’ll hear the second click
just to make sure it’s in there all the way and then to turn the radio on, just go like that. You’ll hear that beep in your ear, which means that it’s connected securely and working and then it’s got the little Push to Talk button right here that can clip to your shirt or wherever’s most comfortable And you’re just gonna wanna click down that button right there and you’ll be able to talk right into this piece here and the other person will be able to hear you. It’s a comfortable earpiece and works with all standard 2-prong Motorola connections.

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