Motorola Defy XT Camera Test (still shots, front and rear video)

This is just a quick camera test of my
Motorola Defy XT smartphone I recently purchased from
Republic Wireless. As you can see this videos is not
very high quality this is the rear-facing camera. The front-facing camera, though, is a little better and the still photo quality isn’t too
bad either so what I’m going to do is upload this video without modification
to YouTube and then I’m gonna also do a couple
other clips with the front facing camera and also take a few still shots and
put all those on YouTube and then splice them together with the YouTube video
editor. So hopefully this will be but useful to you if you’re trying to
evaluate what kind of camera this little phone has.

6 Replies to “Motorola Defy XT Camera Test (still shots, front and rear video)

  1. I heard so many comments about how horrible the camera feature was on the Defy XT. This video shows they're sadly mistaken..

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