Motorola Radius CP200 Two Way Radio

Hello everyone this is Matt with Two Way Direct and today we’re gonna talk about how vertex radios are in fact
compatible with Motorola radios as you can see these two have been
pre-programmed to communicate with each other already testing 123 testing 123 it’s a very simple process and what you can to verify the frequency information on your CP200 here is simply remove the battery then there’s going to
be a model number on the inside panel of the radio and it’s gonna start with an AAH50RDC or an AAH50KDC. Now if it’s in R that’s going to
signify that this is in fact the UHF radio and if it’s an age AAH50KDC then its gonna signify that is in fact a VHF radio. After you verify that information go over to our VX231 here and these models work a little bit
different as far as determining the frequency information so
on this model here if we can zoom in on this the VX231 G7 The G7 on the Vertex means that it is in fact a UHF radio and the vertex’s also come standard with a lithium-ion
battery and a rapid charger And it’s got a three year warranty as
opposed to the 2 year warranty here on the CP200 and in addition to that and all the other specs
are very similar and we can also get you
6 bank chargers and these radios can be but side by
side into the six banks as the pods are in fact customizable. As you can see these two different models of radios fit right next to each other, so if you have a mixture of radios you can charge them side by side in these chargers. And you save about 100 dollars going with these VX231’s versus the CP200’s. Very similar
specs and a great radio.

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