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– It’s open, flipped closed. (phone slaps shut) This is the Moto Razr haptic sounds. (phone slaps shut) (phone rings) I’ve been here now for about three hours trying to make a musical
review with flip phone sounds because the sound is awesome,
and it brings me back to my younger years,
and now, here in 2020, the flip is back. The new $1,500 Moto Razr, and the $1,380 Samsung
Galaxy Z Flip have classic clamshell designs, so I
hired a music producer, Ben Walding, to see if we
could do a musical review with just the sounds of flip phones. Can we do it? – Absolutely. – He says so. You hear that creak? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get just one more. – Neither phone is as
easy to open with one hand as the original Razr. (phone hits floor) It takes a little skill and muscle. Put your finger under there. The Razr is definitely easier
than the Flip Z to open with one hand though. The Samsung Z Flip. But the Razr feels much flimsier to flip because of its hinge. You can hear this as it opens and closes, plus, you can see the screen
rise up right there, and bend. Don’t you worry about this, says Motorola. The sound is intrinsic to
the mechanical movement of the phone. Razr has undergone rigorous
durability testing, and the reported sounds in no way affect the quality of the product. One sound you won’t mind… (phone slaps shut) Boom, it’s very satisfying, even more than the Z Flip. The Z Flip’s hideaway
hinge, as Samsung calls it feels more solid. Hear anything? – No, I can’t even hear that. – [Joanna] Can’t hear it, no. – Even I can’t hear it. – So rigid, and so sturdy. Now, for the foldable screens themselves. This is the Moto Razr screen tapping. (Joanna taps screen) The Moto Razr has a
6.2-inch foldable polymer that is plastic screen. It feels very thin, so
you can actually hear, in some areas, the screen
hitting the surface behind it. You can also see outlines
of what’s under there. Because it’s plastic, the
screen can also be easily dented, or scratched. The Samsung Z Flip, on the
other hand, has a 6.7-inch foldable screen, with a layer of plastic, and a layer of glass. How Samsung’s folding glass, it won’t say. Regardless, the screen feels a lot firmer than the Razr. That said, it still
comes with a whole bunch of warnings about how easily
the screen can be damaged. There is this crease here,
but Samsung’s playing that up, creating software that
splits the screen in half. Look, a mini laptop. The Razr’s outside
screen is great, though. I love keeping it closed, and just glancing at notifications. The Z Flip’s outside
screen is just too tiny. All right, let’s hear it. – Here it comes. – The Flip is back. You can hear this creak. You hear it? And crinkle. Nice, I love it. Okay, we’re gonna move
on to the second section of the song, which I
want to be about the why. Why would you get a flip phone today? One word, compact. Both phones are so much smaller
than a regular smartphone when you fold them up, and
there’s another reason. Remember when flip phones
were actual phones? This feels more like a phone, phone, and the call quality’s been good, too. Why does nobody pick up the phone anymore? – [Woman] Hello. – And boom, you can just
hang up with a flip. Big points for Motorola here. It also has this retro
Razr keypad with sounds of the original Razr. (phone rings) – [Announcer] Hello Moto. (phone rings) – What you got so far? – Check it out. (phone rings) – Why does nobody pick
up the phone anymore? (phone slaps shut) – Hello? (phone slaps shut) – Why do you need a flip anyway? (phone slaps shut) Phones are now too big. I love section two. Now, section three needs
to have everything else that people wanna know about this phone, like the camera. The Razr camera is bad. Not only does it take bad
pictures, but the shutter’s so slow, you often miss your shot. The battery life, not good either. It often runs out before
the end of the day. Samsung does that all better. It’s got two better rear
cameras that snap photos instantly, and it has bigger
batteries, one in each segment of the phone. Samsung only lent me this
phone for 24 hours, though, which is not really enough
time for battery testing. Is there any way to get in my conclusion? – All right, let me just edit this down. Hang on one second. – All right, let’s hear it. (phone slaps shut) (phone rings) (phone slaps shut) Cameras. (phone slaps shut) (phone rings) So yes, the Z Flip is the better choice of the two, but neither is as good as your regular smartphone. The technology’s getting
better and better though. You could say the phone
makers are just starting to play the flip phone tune. This is my new radio station powered by ringtones by Samsung. Here’s to all those
lovers out there tonight.

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  1. Silly and contrived, you could've done something much more informative with this. Instead, it's approximately five minutes of time I'll never get back.

  2. I like Joanna Stern's quirkly videos. I enjoyed her iPhone X's Face ID test she did with a face mask nearly 3 years ago.

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