Motorola XT531: Overview

Wassup everyone its Rob here from Gadgetgyaan
with the overview of Motorola XT531 Motorola XT531 is also known as Spice XT in
Latin Ameria and Fire XT in Europe Motorola XT531 is a smartphone which is having a 3.5inch
capacitive touchscreen If we see on the front it has a VGA front facing camera Underneath
this screen you will get you four standard capacitive touch buttons which are Menu,Home,Back
and Search respectively and at the end you get your MOTOROLA logo If we see here
on its back it has a 5 megapixel camera present with a single LED flash Motorola XT531 is
running on Android 2.3 or Gingerbread and has a 800MHz
single core processor inside it with 512MB of RAM This phone may be upgradable to Android
2.4 in the near furture Motorola XT531 is 114X62X11.95mm
in dimension and weighs nearly about 127 grams It has
connectivity features like bluetooth Wi-Fi USB port and a 3.5mm AV jack as well Well
Motorola XT531 is a 3G phone and I would definitely recommend
you this phone because it has very nice features and phone
is priced very low This phone may be priced $80 with a two year contract after paying
$50 mail-in-rebate in Latin America

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  1. Poor review. This information can be found in any page. A review should give more information, like the experiences of the user, advantages and disvantages of the phone, etc.

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