Motorola’s New Ones Bring “Action” and “Zoom” – For Under $500

– [Michael] I was prepared
to be underwhelmed by the Motorola briefing ahead
of the IFA 2019 trade show, and let’s face it, while
the Lenovo-owned brand is finally doing well financially, it’s been a long time since
Motorola did something exciting. While what I saw didn’t
exactly blow me away, neither of these is the
rumored RAZR foldable phone. But I did come away reassured that the spirit of innovation
is still alive at Motorola. (energetic guitar music) First up is a phone you might’ve seen covered a couple of weeks
back, the Motorola One Action. On the surface, it looks like
just another iPhone clone, which is what originally turned me off. But when I picked it up, I immediately got a flashback
to the Sony Xperia 1. The good kind of flashback. And this 21 by 9 form
factor is still a rarity, but holding phones likes this
makes me wish it weren’t so, especially one handed. I’ll come back to that in a second. Now, the Motorola One family is a strategic play in the mid range. That’s the principle segment driving Motorola’s success right now. So, you’ll find a plastic
back instead of glass, eh, a full HD screen instead
of a more ambitious one, and a spec sheet topped by
a Samsung Exynos processor, which is kind of interesting. Oh, but don’t worry, it’s
engineered for millennials. Okay, there is a cool part here and it’s what the company
has done with the camera. This one packs the expected
trio of 12 megapixel primary, five megapixel depth sensor,
and a wide-angle action camera that gives the phone it’s name. It’s not the action
camera’s 170 degree lens that made me sit up in my seat, it’s the fact the Motorola went in there and rotated the sensor 90 degrees. Like, physically rotated
it and here’s why: So you can hold your phone upright and still shoot landscape video. Now, if that kinda sounds
like a 2019 solution to a 2015 problem, yeah, I feel you. The reality is that the video snobs have basically lost the
war on portrait video thanks to apps like
Snapchat and Instagram. And you know, that’s fine. This is still cool in a
flip video kind of way, for folks who wanna shoot
proper landscape video and want a more comfortable
grip to keep it steady. Folks like the skateboarders and surfers who might ordinarily buy
a GoPro for that purpose. But while those folks will appreciate the excellent software stabilization that Motorola has included here, they’ll probably be as confused as I am by the lack of ruggedization
or water-proofing that you’d expect from a phone with action right in its name. There’s just Motorola’s usual water-resistant nano coating
on the boards inside. This is available now in Brazil,
Mexico, and parts of Europe and will come to the United
States sometime in October. Just don’t expect that fetching teal paint job to make the jump, we’re just getting the boring colors. Sad. If you’re disappointed
by that, don’t worry. There’s even more to be sad about. The more impressive of
the two phones I saw isn’t slated to come
out to the U.S. at all. (record scratch) Update alert, Motorola took our
feedback from the pre-briefs and presumably some more market research, and decided, you know what, we will launch this product
in the U.S. after all. So, what’s so special
about the Motorola One Zoom that prompted such a dramatic,
eleventh hour reversal? (record scratch) Let’s start with the most important thing. If you’re addicted to eye-candy, yes, that’s a notification light
built into the Motorola logo and it can be any color you
want, as long as it’s white. No matter, though,
since it does a nice job of setting off the glass pinstripe finish of the quad camera module mounted atop that satin glass back plate. This camera’s a doozy. With a 48 megapixel primary sensor with optical stabilization
and eight megapixel telephoto with three X optical
zoom, also stabilized, that 170 degree wide-angle again and a depth finder to
round everything out. That ambitious camera module is supported by equally
aspirational specs, including a big 4000
milliamp powered battery that should last quite a while in the conjunction with the
power sipping processor. I’m tired of talking numbers, so let’s lean into
software for the finish. You may have noticed the lack
of Android One branding here. Motorola is cooling way
off on that program. The One Action will only
have it in certain markets and the One Zoom won’t
have Android One at all. Now, that’s not too big a
deal, since I’ve always found Motorola’s take on
software to be excellent, with useful improvements
and a minimal aesthetic. But I do wonder how this will affect the company’s already
questionable reputation for keeping up with updates. And for what it’s worth,
the company says, quote, “We will offer at least one upgrade”, that’s an Android platform upgrade, “and provide all security updates “on a frequent industry
standard schedule.”. We’ll see. Again, don’t expect the
Zoom to come to the U.S. I’m mainly excited to see
Motorola experimenting with ambitious ideas in the mid range, particularly in the optics department. Because when that fabled
RAZR does eventually land, and I’m really hoping it’s soon, I’m not gonna wanna sacrifice camera capabilities for a folding screen. Folks, there’s plenty more to
see from IFA 2019 in Berlin. Be sure you’re subscribed
to theMrMobile on YouTube and for more up the minute mobile news, follow me at the same handle
on Instagram and Twitter. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends. (lighthearted electronic music)

100 Replies to “Motorola’s New Ones Bring “Action” and “Zoom” – For Under $500

  1. Do the LG Stylo 4. Its not a flagship, more like the cheaper market, and its not even the latest model, but its the phone I use, and its really good for normal use.

  2. I come for the tech, I swear I do. But, I also come to listen to Michael's voice. I can just close my eyes and listen to his voice overs all day long. 🤩🤗🤭 #BestVoiceEver

  3. I want to see more manufacturers get on the “glowing light/logo” train… LG, Razer, ASUS, and now Motorola are following it. I wanna see OnePlus and even Samsung do it, too!

    +5,000,000 points to Apple if they decide to have the Apple logo light up a subtle white in a few years! 😄

  4. Love what Motorola is doing with the video recording. But I wish companies like Google or Apple would listen and make a square sensor with the ability to shoot horizontal video while shooting either vertically or horizontally.

  5. They went from not releasing the Moto One Zoom in the US to putting it up for order with a $50 saving in the span of hours lol. Something tells me the initial statement of not releasing in the US was an error on their part.

  6. "Won't make it to the US. Oh no wait, it will. Err.. don't expect it to make it to the US."

    Seems like you put as much effort proofing the script as Motorola does in pushing timely updates 🙈

  7. i wish one ui, was on these kind of 21:9 aspect ratios taking in mind that the latest one ui focuses on one handed functionality

  8. Not hormone induced like Unbox Therapy.
    Not robotic boring like GSMArena.
    Not too much accent filled like Mrwhosetheboss.
    Why wasn't I subscribed to the most human reviewer earlier?
    Just discovered you now My Friend(please read it in James Bond villain voice).
    Lovely coverage.

  9. Don't throw shade on the plastic back. Be glad somebody actually has the brain to put a non-brittle material on a phone (which is, you know, standard in common-sense-land) 🙄

  10. Why can't they just focus on the E, G, X and Z series and try not release too many phones so that they can push updates regularly?

  11. The reason for Motorola's success is cheap displays in their mid range smartphone suffering from in display burn in. I first faced it with moto g3 after just a years use then i switched to moto g5s plus and yet i started facing same issues after 1 year and 2 months in use. Motorola i crap just don't but it folks rather buy asus or mi mid range smartphone's

  12. sick of never getting the latest android or having to wait months unless i have a specific phone, it's not my fault i can't afford a flag ship or would like my phone to last me 5 years instead of 2

  13. How about sound? The one big complaint I've seen about Motos is that the volume is rather lacking.

    I'm also concerned about unit quality. Last year my partner and I bought new phones. I got a Moto G5 Plus, she got a Moto G5S Plus. Mine is mostly good, including the GPS sensor. Her GPS sensor seems to be crap – and hers is theoretically the higher and better version of my phone.

  14. how can you be surprised that it isn't rugged when just being plastic makes you say "ugh"?and how tf do you see what you're filming with that super long horizontal shot squeezed into the vertical screen?

  15. I still don't see the glass argument because it is obviously only for aesthetic purposes. 95% of us is gonna put that glass phone in plastic/silicone cases anyways so why bother with aesthetics? plastic can be waterproof, I want my user battery replacement back! most of these phones' batteries become not so great after a year and a half.

  16. Ok, so Zoom has more cameras… but is it any better than on Nokia 8.1 that you can buy for 300 EUR now? And Nokia 8.1 has Android One, so, hopefully, will get updated to the next Android version. Also, Nokia 8.1 has 710 Snappy, so it should be a bit faster than 675.

    I'm in doubt now. Should I get Nokia 8.1 now or wait for something more powerful for 300 EUR? But I'm not sure we'll see any cheap options soon. I tend to ignore Xiaomi, Huawei etc. because many of them don't have NFC and Xiaomi is infamous for having buggy software for a year or so after the launch, and usually no Android One guaranteed updates for those devices.

  17. Hey, what is wrong with a plastic back?! You obviously prefer glass back, so you have to put a phone in some TPU case to protect it. You pay much more money for something you don't enjoy touching on the long run. What's the point in buying it, then? (except to have wireless charging, which is not a must)

  18. Motorola under lenovo is mehh.. Some of their product might have a right hardware or ideals but.. Still dont feel like the old moto.. Still keeping my original moto g as backup phone.

  19. I'm sorry I dont get it the trend of the
    Dang stupid trend of now coming folding phones?
    I literally thought it was just a goofy trend
    But its really dumb and not necessary
    Or inlighten me I dont understand it

  20. Why nobody use mediatek processors and each and every YouTuber proclaim it as worst processor 😟😕🥺 my cellphone running on mediatek Helio p 60 and it's working almost fine .

  21. It's funny how pretty much all YouTubers say when something is like 399 under 400 , which is true but come on . Don't do it , just say 499 !

  22. why did sprint get rid of nextel i was paying 50 buck a month sprint took my money and lied to me this is why i dont trust cell phone companies they go out of business take peoples money mr mobile

  23. But you'd want to hold it in landscape because you want to see the video preview in the whole screen, not just a small part of it.

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