My Stance On The T-Mobile And Sprint Merger (FT. Sneed Mobile Tech)

hey your discord everybody Michael here welcome back to tech boy a special edition episode of tech knowing guys I am joined by a very special guest now before we get into who he is I must advise you guys I try to get the best guests as possible whenever I do we've live episodes so far I've had theme park history Zolo tech tech rank and now joining these elite youtubers is another elite youtuber in my opinion who is up-and-coming he's a great youtuber I've discovered him from following this merger from the beginning and almost to the end it hopefully I hope it's the end and he's an amazing youtubers need mobile tech who is in my comment section every single video always appreciate his feedback when he gives and I'm so honored and thrilled to have him on its knees welcome to technology thanks for having me buddy I'm glad to be here now before we start the video i20 vanilla I would like to give youtubers a chance to introduce themselves of who they are and also what they do so if sneed I would like to give you the floor for a good two minutes or a minute even you introduce yourself say what you do I just gonna plug this I pen in so introduce yourself alright so my name is Steve from state mobile tech I've been making YouTube videos for I don't know about a year and a half almost two years and what I focused on in terms of topics and content for the heart carrier information whether it's you know the wireless carriers or cable service providers it's just really important consumer information in the case that I think a lot of people unfortunately aren't necessarily privy to and they don't think about so what I do is try to make that information readily available to the average consumer and user and allow people to become more informed so what I've been doing recently actually this is kind of the funny part and this is probably why you brought me on I've become like connected to the Sprint and t-mobile urger and it's consumed so much of my research and efforts and making my videos because it's probably the most important thing in the wireless space that's happened and probably like the less of in our eight years at least since the transition from 3G 4G and LTE so the reason I feel this is so important and the reason I spend so much time on my channel covering it is because it's going to reshape how people's plans are going to be kind of affect that in terms of cost it's going to affect their choices in Wireless it's going to affect network technology in 5g and I think overall it's just gonna reshape the marketplace within the US and I see that in the general public a lot of people are misinformed on it so I kind of take the approach that I'm trying to do the public a favor and just bring to the forefront kind of what's happening with the merger when it comes to cellular news you can look at means for tech news but when it comes to the information this guy uses straight 100% and before we start this video I want to tell every one of my subscribers and future viewers you must subscribe to this guy this is not a consideration this is a must he is an awesome dude you heard he's informing the average consumer which is the number one priority of all tech channels but unfortunately saw them get bribed with good stuff but the point is yet guys check this guy out please give them a subscribe and anytime you want you to be able to hit a thumbs up so please guys before we start going further hit that subscribe on this new mobile 10 thank you appreciate that Michael Kuiper's thank you alright so let's get into it so normally as you guys watch my channel I have been slightly been talking about the t-mobile and Sprint merger for a while now I've remained very very quiet and the reason I remained quiet is not because I chose to like not say anything I only stayed quiet because I thought if I was gone get involved in this I knew I was gonna have to release somebody now you guys know my logo you know what I like to do I like to keep it real 100% without the vs and also keep the bias T's out but in this particular situation being a t-mobile customer and knowing the backstory and knowing some people about with t-mobile and Sprint it's really really complicated for me to throw my hat in the ring however with the recent news and recent events that have happened I feel as if it's my duty and duty but but I feel it's my responsibility to step in the ring finally and give my personal take on the Sprint and t-mobile merger now I will admit before the video starts I am going to be favoring the merger I want to disclaim that I'm not gonna drag it out I'm not going to do it I will explain why I'm favoring the merger and also I will explain in the video why I think there are some benefits maybe if you drawbacks I will have to address the other side but most importantly I want to explain where I stand that is the whole purpose of this video may 8 whatever you want to call it podcast to collab anyway and sneeze is gonna be here to also answer some questions and also some counter arguments that I will propose to him that some people have submitted for the purpose of this video so let's get right into it so before we start about where we stand right now we need to look back so I'll give a brief rough down and you couldn't fill in some gaps if you v2 so basically the merger started last year where a t-mobile had agreed to buy out Sprint for twenty six billion dollars now twenty six billion dollars I gotta say that's a hell out of Luna and that is quite a bit now originally this merger was already facing some drawback even before I went through to the FCC and the DOJ there were already sites starting to take whether they were favoring it and unfavored once it got to the FCC flash-forward of almost a year later there was progress being made here and there but the FCC was the one that it really came now in order for a merger to be approved it has to be approved by two parties that FCC Federal Communications and also the deal pick J the Department of Justice now the FCC is the first branch and the DOJ is the big guy that go to so t-mobile and Sprint met with the FCC first most originally a couple months ago they were doing some concessions in order for this merger to happen they had to give up a few things now I'm only giving the summary because there was a lot more that happened before they went to the DOJ and the FCC but I want to keep this you know because of time references so basically the FCC said in order for this virtual kind of happened you have to give up something and that's what t-mobile and Sprint did they decided to give up boost which gave them the OK on the FCC so I was looking at and I said okay so they're giving up some assets they're giving up some prepaid carriers to help sway and give it and they were also giving up a little bit of spectrum in there somewhere I think I may be wrong on that so Michael one second before you go forward I just want to clarify one thing okay the FCC's requirements for this merger is actually not boost what you're mentioning those are all DJ components so what you're talking about the FCC they're actually 5g components so so what they're saying is they're saying we want you to build out a nationwide 5g network for 85% of America within three years and we want it within six years to be a 90 97 percent of the American public so they've put I'm and percentage completion of 5g as their stipulations so that's the FCC side well you're talking about boost and spectrum that's the DOJ side so you can go ahead now back to now to the DOJ so as we were saying I explain to dlj because it is the most recent are basically the DOJ had a lot going they wanted a lot to be given up in order for this merger to happen they wanted to give up boost a couple of assets and spectrum but the most notable one that really had me here today it got me to this situation that we are in now was when they wanted to create a fourth carrier and I will explain all that I'm just laying out what I saw and also we see and why I've been doing this so when I saw that I was like hell to the no how are you going to make four cards if the whole idea is to merge one with the other and create three well three total when you go to create tape you're gonna have four but two of them are going to create three total anyway you get what I'm saying right right I didn't know why I made sense so I looked at the DOJ and I said okay t-mobile obviously has got to do something because t-mobile never gives up they are very confident in them and John Linder he is great CEO and I know he will definitely the job done it looked like they were about to do it everything was going about we didn't hear any backlash we didn't hear any negativity until we heard about the lawsuit from the ten Attorney General's and it just so happens the one attorney general in the goddamnedest state of New York where I have to become a that spirit and also I have a lot on the Senate review I'm not sponsored by no company yeah I got to be the spearhead along with New Jersey two things okay taina I live in New York it's no secret and I couldn't Jersey to go to the movies cos go and go anywhere why the hell does it have to be New York New Jersey because now I'm soaking it bloom are I'm you and before we start talking the thing that blew me away was when I read the case and I read what we're trying to file for to me their issue so this is what they present an antitrust issue and also how you will benefit the average American consumer or the average American in their words quote-on-quote and that's what led me here today to kind of debunk the that they read and basically the that they're trying to spill and to be honest this is gonna be Thanksgiving for me and you because we're gonna rip these a part time so so Mike here's the thing here's the thing what you're saying what you're saying is legitimate what you're saying is as you're insinuating it's it's become very personal and politically so we all look we all know I mean maybe not all of us know but we should know New York in New Jersey is horizon country and because of that the political influence that that ginormous country has for that that huge stay has is going to influence what goes on with input systems so you take a person the Attorney General of New York that filed this lawsuit her name is lateesha James Letitia James is also spearheading an investigation into Trump Trump businesses at the same time that this is going on so it's not that we're trying to insinuate that she's clearly you know a personal attack on Trump but it's it's clearly evident that she is politically very active within the Republican Rome so I only say that because it's possible that it could be part of this equation I'm not saying that it is I'm saying that it could be a piece but the bigger problem is is that these 10 Attorney General's it's the timing like you said the mercury is a near completion and the merger is near a decision from the poj they kind of saved their final bullets for the very gun but the DOJ is not going to stop they're gonna go ahead and they're gonna be meeting this week very early they'll probably have a decision no later than Wednesday or Thursday because the first pre trial date is set to Friday where the state's attorney Jones are they've already filed for this preliminary trial date and I forget the name of the judges I think it's Marrero he's the south New York Manhattan judge that's going to be presiding over this so oh so like if I was to say like how this is played out the DOJ has been working diligently to find solutions that will create this merger situation that's good for the consumer but unfortunately it's it's it's there seems to be a camp of people that don't understand how this is a little bit different than most mergers all right so we have four carriers nationwide mm-hmm the problem is is our fourth carrier is failing the fourth character is sprint and for anybody who has sprint or has ADD sprit in the past there's a reason why they're not with Sprint anymore I do want to say my family members who live in Florida do have sprint and they have told me even though t-mobile they don't get good reception they you say sprint does have the reception but it is very slow that the even though it's like four bars it's not as fast and I have tried out sprint and the way I've tried it out is my friends who live on Staten Island we don't do speed tests guys we just do this on an average everyday use because we're not gonna feed you bench scores we're gonna put you in a perspective of the average consumer and everyday person we're not gonna be the Geek Squad and go the benchmark for the download speeds and the uploads no we're not gonna do that on my channel if you want benchmarks going online is tech or anybody so what do I mean so Timo when I use t-mobile when I'm downloading or uploading it's like apps and stuff and posting photos they're generally about fifteen to thirty seconds depending on how close I am to a tower and also how far right but when sprint it took a solid two minutes to download like a small app not even you know 100 megabits like 50 megabits so it's slow but the idea very typical that's very typical at least our network what you're speaking of with your experience is your showing the deficiencies of the network and this is I wanted to bring up this a little bit of data because I don't like to blur people with numbers but sprint has had the same market share of customers in the nation they've been at about I don't know 12 to 16 percent for since 2012 they have zero growth over the course of the last seven years language and the reason for a second let that sink in everybody so to those people that are countering say spring to do fine because I want to address I will be a counter that somebody wrote on my video I think you've seen it I'll read this counters will break it down if you agree disagree but people are saying that straight has the money and we'll have people buying them teeth why would anyone want to give more billions of dollars to a failing company key word okay here's the problem here's the problem Michael sprint in and of itself as a business is facing bankruptcy they have thirty four billion dollars in debt we're talking about spring communications their parent their parent owner Softbank which is a Japanese conglomerate they're very wealthy an eight tons of money but they are in no position to be investing money company that is failing and the reason I say failing is the network is not improving customers are not seeing performance increases people are fleeing the carrier and if I could give you perspective so if 12 to 16 percent market share and they haven't shown any growth in seven years meanwhile for the last two years they have been very aggressive in making promotions they've been giving away free lines their customers that are only paying tax on a line of service through Sprint they're not paying for that one and you know something I would be surprised right now but I see what's happening but Michael think about that they're giving away free lions they're charging $25 for an unlimited line and they have zero consumer growth and right there the issue why this merger needs app and that's the first reason is literally like a scene iv burgers filling us that's the first reason it's family now I'm thinking about what you said now thinking like if I was like I could if I had like no sign on this merger how to probably say Sprint is definitely gonna go bankrupt and I've told people many times way before this merger happened let's go back to here and almost two years ago and I couldn't find the article it just will take me a lot of searching but there was an article posted about how sprint was considering at chapter 11 they were considering the possibility before the merger happened before t-mobile decided to say we'll give you twenty six billion there were three attempts at this merger two of them in the past where T Olins french-fried but they couldn't agreed to some terms and conditions in the first time second time was also trying to make a deal happen in the time frame and this is the third attempt and it looks like it's working now had you told me two years ago that's t-mobile is gonna by Sprint I was gonna say to you and I can see it happening but now that I see that the products was sprinting I see it I'm saying to myself that's the best company that should buy it which leads me to my second reason we're gonna talk about is where did you happen the second reason is who is a better person than t-mobile like who is better now listen Verizon no disrespect strong service depending on how much you pay gives you Goods reception gives you good quality but there's a big big problem with Verizon there's over crisis with their consumers there have been many switches I actually have some records before I did this I contacted the local t-mobile store on stand-down he gave me a pie chart so think of this pie chart this is an estimate he didn't give me an exact but he told me he gave me an estimate so say about 45 to 70 users are variety 25% are 80 and this was before the new new new year and then you had t-mobile users now these are that go to the store to pay their bills to switch within six months of that timeframe the pie chart went from 45% of Verizon went down to 25 where okay so so what you're saying this is a regional ID graph this is what people in the area are using right okay so so so what you have to keep in mind though so that's a regional coverage usage you have to consider national on this might and what I mean what I mean by that is AT&T has about a thirty four percent market share Verizon has about a 33 to 35 percent market share when you combine those two companies that's two-thirds of the market that's almost 70% which leaves 30% of the market share with the two smaller companies and that puts I want to say I think Sprint's at about twelve or thirteen percent so what we've seen with t-mobile though is over those let those same set fears I gave you a bus for mmm-hmm where Sprint has gone from 16 down to 12% t-mobile has gone from like 16 up to 23 percent to 24 percent so they're showing promising growth now how does a company like t-mobile show that type of growth t-mobile is the youngest and the newest carrier in the u.s. how did they do it they did it because of aggressive pricing they did because they were able to provide good customer care and they were dependable enough in terms of network performance to get people to stay t-mobile is the obeyed carrier has been adding 1 plus million customers every quarter for the last twenty six quarters consecutive now here's the thing they've got 80 million subscribers Sprint has about 54 million mmm-hmm Verizon has about 150 million in sodas eighty three hundred billion with the big to t-mobile has 80 they're playing catch-up and the reason is because they're late to the party they're the newest carrier so it's it's a time restriction they're they're playing catch-up and it's because of time plus see Verizon and AT&T they're not shrinking there's they're very steady t-mobile's growing but they can't really compete but not as Verizon AT&T just how lutely work to the game not that's precisely what it is yeah and so what the thing with t-mobile the reason I said you're also the better company and everything you say look at what t-mobile does to the market now way when John ledger is that his name John line I hope I'm saying it right yeah that's correct so what he took over t-mobile t-mobile was pretty much like I remember the old days of t-mobile my dad had it might like 3011 like 3011 my dad and mom had t-mobile since the nineties that's the old school they they were there with stream when they were a windstream company my father knew about for that so let's talk about now with John so pretty 2011 t-mobile was really not the best when this man came into power and took a with t-mobile in the span of I would say eight years since then look at what he's done and he's not only shaped the market of t-mobile but he's shaped the industry of the carrier network how do I mean that so look at look at what he did he took over Metro he bought Metro they brought them in look how Metro grew look at the prepaid subscribers from what they claim now these are the same people I'm also going to talk about that said that this was not gonna happen that this was gonna be a problem he made a video showing the growth of their prepaid Metro by t-mobile showing the promotion of including Amazon Prime and the thing and that's another thing when you by t-mobile or any of these things he includes a like that's also like a gimme like Netflix on us Amazon Prime notice when they he did that when they put those into their lines immediately the competition had to get there so Verizon did Apple music Netflix on one year eighteenth he did DirecTV now now while I will say that's a pretty even matchup for Netflix let's be honest here I don't think anybody has DIRECTV not that I know of well I will say this about those promos you're talking about and why you know it's really good that you brought this up t-mobile celebrates value they give their customers a lot of value they give their customers Netflix they give their customer is unlimited they give their customers hotspot data they get that value and their plans it's something that Verizon doesn't do and it's something that AT&T does not do those companies force a fee for everything so if you want certain features sure you can have a number isin an AT&T but you have to pay for it t-mobile does their best to provide the features free of costs that the customer feels fulfilled and satisfied with the services they have and then they celebrate it and they know that they have that customer and they're not going anywhere mm-hmm and that was always people's problem before was retention but now they're able to retain their customers and grow so you already know where I'm so I don't know when the transition was for everything unlimited but there was a time when you have to pay unlimited talk text and web then they had minutes for taxi so this was around and I would say 2012 2013 somewhere I when did everything before I say we're months say when did everything go unlimited like when they went like all carriers or when did like t-mobile bring animals Diamond yes we're talking about five years ago six years ago okay so five six Utica so I was unlocking over 2013 to almost around they're like this yeah 2013 so when t-mobile came out and said we're going to go all Unlimited no more pay for minutes no more paying for text no no paying for data we're gonna just give everything unlimited do you notice something notice how the market when t-mobile did it and they did the fixed rate for the taxes and fees included because remember Verizon and AT&T we're stealing we're putting the tax on the side they weren't talking about the fee they're like oh they're good like we're gonna say over there kind of includes but you'll still see them no t-mobile did a fixed-rate with the taxes and fees included gave you unlimited everything it didn't matter and even if you went over there was no data cap no overt IDs and what happened to the market it took and Verizon awhile before they decide to give go unlimited to that point gigabytes or 20 gigabytes or whatever the calf and stuff but the point is is that when t-mobile did that everybody had to jump and do because they knew that t-mobile was posing a threat with that all unlimited is every company at that time frame we're still offering minutes and so offering I was in a grandfathered plan when this came out because they removed the unlimited data and stuff when I have got my first iPhone the iPhone 5 so you got to remember unlimited wasn't that common but when t-mobile did it everybody jumped and that's what I'm trying to say when t-mobile does something in the market everybody in the cellular of industry reacts and they have to play catch-up and I think that's what t-mobile's got because they know that the competition they know the average consumer values their dollar and if we can give you service and quantity and quality I meant to say for her state price that you can afford why would you want to go to Verizon why would you want a teensy when I can get everything that you're offering my average dollar to you guys for every feature like we've listed why would I want to go to them so it's the value you're speaking of this is a really good angle to consider so Verizon AT&T all the companies actually at one point or another dating back seven eight nine years actually had grandfathered unlimited plans but what they started doing was is because people had those plans that predated the modern era where you know data usage has become very high because of video consumption so they were giving these grandfather unlimited data plans they were honoring them but they started to bump the pricing specifically Verizon at AT&T so what they were doing is they were like okay well you're paying $50 a month for this old grandfather unlimited plan we're gonna raise it $10 if you want to keep it because what they did was they got rid of unlimited plans for a while they said they said if you're gonna keep it then you're gonna have to pay extra so they bumped their pricing and then they bumped it and then a year later they bumped it again by the time people were realizing this isn't worth it they're charging me a hundred and ten dollars a month for unlimited data they ended up leaving Verizon and going to t-mobile because t-mobile is doing unlimited and it took about two years a Verizon ended up following suit they ended up saying well we're losing too many customers to t-mobile we're not getting any growth let's go ahead and offer the unlimited again and see if we can try to get some of those customers back and they actually did some of the customers that they lost actually did come back to Verizon because again Verizon has a more reliable network because it is a network that is more mature they're giving people unlimited data they're not charging them additional fees they're giving them features like like bundles with you know Netflix on us and binge on us and all these other promos and it forces the issue to make companies like Verizon and AT&T respond so when you think about the merger why should we support aperture between t-mobile and Sprint t-mobile has shown reputation to actually give a damn about their customers mm-hmm meanwhile at the big two in terms of competition they don't care they're not very sensitive to let their consumers want they're more up share as a profitable it see t-mobile shows growth they add more jobs t-mobile shows growth they had more call centers t-mobile shows growth they invest in the network Verizon starts to see profitability slip eight downsize and try to get rid of their employees or get them to retire early or close calling centers and stuff like that so you see how that they're very different and how they're doing this so they're like oh we can always just make our money back but then you glue those people like you see laying off job downsize and like but we need to be celebrating too but when the fact that even if you are a Verizon or an 18-2 customer like myself I have horizon and the only reason I have Verizon is because they offer the best network in my area if t-mobile had the best network in my area I would be with them now t-mobile's gotten better and I'm very close to switching to t-mobile I was just because the fat Valley I would say switch could there is one thing I will tell you they do sell a cellular booster so basically it links to that tower that's giving you same oh you know that low because this happened in my house in Staten Island so basically a quick story guys before we get back on track so wait think when we first got there there was no signal there was there was it was dead but obviously in the time frame people's definitely got better now we don't need the signal booster anymore but we had got a signal booster it linked up to the 10th EMA and it gave us four bars once it looked hooked up to these two things boom the whole house became like four bar Phi bar no the only issue I have with t-mobile and my calling area is the actual calling on the LTE speeds are fantastic the calling is a little bit questionable so once that's addressed I will probably end up switching because I know for a fact that I will save money I'll probably save $20 a month on each one because as of right now Verizon not only charges you for unlimited data but they also charge you at line access fee which t-mobile does not charge t-mobile gets you a flat rate $70 a month for unlimited each line after that is 50 and then the third line is 40 and then the fourth line at every line after that is 30 so you'll have five lines so you have a family of five you know you may only be paying about $200 a month for five lines which is excellent that's a great value the same package on Verizon might be two hundred and sixty dollars for example so $60 a month is worth it's a switch if the service is comparable and the network is strong enough in your area and what we've been seeing is t-mobile has become more competitive in their performance which is why we're seeing the growth one plus million customers every quarter a 26 orders consecutively and they've done this being consumer-centric as opposed to profit center they're profiting trust me tea bowls make no company in this world doesn't problem exactly but they're operating for what their customers want and need and they're still making money and they're happy doing so now we got an hour and then know where to of why people who live the better company now let's get to the counter arguments now I don't know if you've seen this but on my channel when I posted my releasing that I'm gonna talk about the merger I was given a long paragraph by a user now please guys I always advise to everybody that who sees this what I'm about to read it is on my t-mobile Sprint merger in trouble video I do advise you please do not go writing bad comments to these people please let them have their opinion they are more than welcome to I even gave it a like because look that is your counter that is your claim I'm not gonna dispute it I did try to give him some you know I did try to say what are some benefits but of course he saw it in a different way so again do not go bad-mouthing people not believe that was the back and forth so looking at what that guy said and what everything I know is long and the audio got cut off but thank you guys if you want to get cut off proof cut off real fast basically I was just reading the counter-argument to what somebody was saying about the merger what are your counters to that so the concern about the antitrust which is essentially they're saying we need competitors in order to have a competitive market based on just the the premise of competition that is 100% true the more competitors the more competitive the pricing the problem is is sprint is not a legitimate competitor Sprint is operating with such a small market share the fact that they offer the best price doesn't even matter their network is by far the least comprehensive network nationwide there are people that legitimately argue if Sprint's should even be considered a national carrier because they offer so little native coverage across the US so when you people travel I mean if you just pull the truckers in the US ask them how many of the trucker's in terms of percentages have sprint I don't think any truckers could reliably have sprint they probably have to have either Verizon or AT&T those aren't really their only two options so what I would say to them is you're saying that we have for competitive carriers when in actuality we have two big ones and then we have a small one and then we have one that is fading and the simple fact is they have 34 billion dollars in debt what the heck is he talking about that they are paying off their debts how is it manageable when they've been accruing they've been accruing interest on that for the less I don't know it's been like six seven years they it used to be less but it's adding about three to four billion dollars annually what is he talking about and the second thing about them make getting more operational revenue Sprint spends between four and six billion dollars per year on their network Verizon spends 20 20 billion so who's able to spend on what see these people have these opinions but they don't understand the numbers of it Verizon has money they invest in their network that's why they're winning AT&T on the same note they spend 15 to 20 million dollars annually on their network as well t-mobile spends about 8 to 9 billion annually on their network do you get what I'm saying Michael they're totally missing the point the reason I said AT&T are winning is because they're so well no they're misguided like that guy is he's talking about competition which is valid the problem is is we don't have competition right now if we're getting rid of a carrier we're not actually getting rid of a carrier let's straighten something out yeah we're not yo J the DOJ is gonna create a fourth carrier the DOJ is saying you know go ahead and merge here are the concessions what's coming out of this t-mobile Sprint merger is going to be used as the foundation to build the new 4th carrier which by the way that new 4th carrier will be more competent and successful than Sprint is right now because right now Sprint is failing so if you want my opinion if you want to know what I want to see I want Sprint gone I don't even care if even if this merger fails Sprint has to go Sprint is going to be looking to get a buyout from somebody whether it's dish whether it's charter or Comcast or Amazon or whoever Sprint is looking to bail because Sprint is failing and for them to say that they're not failing well if they were not failing why are they giving away free liens why are they selling lines for $25 why else why aren't they cry they opened their books they opened their financial statements to the DOJ and said look we're not making money all I ever see all I ever see are the jobs that are just terminated from Sprint so when people's may we need more competition all the jobs what if I told you that every year thousands of jobs are lost in Sprint every year so then what does it matter if we have spur anymore and in my opinion we're gonna end up with three carriers unless something happens for Sprint whether it's this merger or another acquisition or there has to be some infusion of money or incentives to sprint that can help them rebound and actually 5g does offer them that possibility and let's be clear about the semantics here this is a merger this is not an acquisition what AT&T did when they bought type order that was an acquisition why was until these hands up in the air for that yeah where they you know time warning TT just so happened to be just so Michael but Michael that was an acquisition that was a it was an aberration yeah they just straight-up paid cash for that yeah hey so this is a merger this is spritzing we're taking Sprint we're taking their customers we're taking their debt also and we're gonna use their spectrum assets we're gonna build five Chi to compete that will a 5g that's probably gonna be better than anything AT&T and Verizon can do because it's true Sprint has something very valuable that no other carrier has and that's a portfolio spectrum Holdings that not even Verizon can rival not even AT&T can rival so with t-mobile's know-how which I trust you mobile to build out a good Network this has the potential to be the best 5g network nationwide and Verizon actually there's not much they can do about it because Verizon is focusing on millimeter-wave which doesn't travel very far yeah t-mobile is taking the approach of using low frequency spectrum which does propagate and travel very far yeah it could be distributed well think about it isn't the goal to be national 5g that's the goal and with low frequency rays because I remember the spectrum way because it's so short it's able to hit that area so think of it like a blanket time that if anybody wants like an idea think of it like a blanket with low frequency connected to all these in turn be able to evenly distribute spread out and cover that's why they want nationwide 5g now he brought up in his argument he said name a company that has merged and their prices didn't go lower I'll give you one remember Disney purchasing Fox yep well when did he purchase Fox they also not only purchased the merchandising rights to all their streaming services they also have got the rights to their movie companies but let's focus on that streaming service so Disney now owns Hulu Disney owns ESPN Disney is Disney they have three streaming services now they now in Hulu they own ESPN Plus and and they are coming out with their own Disney Plus now Disney on the other hand you could have said could have raised the price of whoo what did they do no they lowered the price of the base starting and lowered it to a point where people can afford it was $7.99 for the basic new went down to $5.99 and then there is pn+ I remember had a point it was pretty higher than they lowered the price with their acquisition of ESPN now Disney's coming out grocery service from $5.99 notice the pattern $5.99 throughout the board of there you see what I'm saying so don't tell them that there are no people that haven't lowered their price and Dizzy's even saying we're gonna take all three of them and bundle them into one price so you can have all three for one price but we pretty much own everything so a problem the problem though Michael I like well here's your you're citing an example of where it actually benefited the customer that's not gonna happen with or without this merger because the investment into fifth generation networks is going to be so high that with or without this merger customers prices are going to increase Oh at least not Ally at least on postpaid because what's gonna happen is in order to have 5g they're gonna have to install a lot of antennas a lot of small micro cells you guys ever seen those buckets that around like the street the street ovals I'll see these little you know they just look like a little mini cell phone towers in order to put those on every corner it's gonna cost a lot of money that network investment is going to require t-mobile AT&T Verizon and Sprint to invest a lot of money into the network so their capital investment is going up with or without this merger prices are going to increase it has nothing to do with the merger I really wish we could go forward in time so we could show the two timelines here's what the merger here's without the merger and I'm telling you the prices would be the same they were funny rates you know what's really funny is I'm actually you know I've thought about that argument you know going back in time and also I'm sorry if I keep reaching over and over the videos caught down so guys if the video I just want to put this out there if it's not capturing perfectly like the way I wanted it to be I will have to unfortunately do an audio dub but I will release some footage because it does sync oh but you know it's cutting you're not you understand what I'm saying yeah so if that does happen in the event I will release a full audio or I will just drop it in there but anyway back to what you were saying go ahead so you know with or without this merger we're gonna see pricing go up because of 5g expenditure if people want to enjoy virtual reality and augmented reality and autonomous vehicles and IOT and connected robotics and you know like all these different 5g related technologies that investment is gonna have to take place and these cellular network providers are ready to invest those billions of dollars that's not gonna change and people are gonna want to go to a stadium they're gonna want to go to a football game do you like the Giants no lose you're a Jets fan okay so how many we will fit at but how many people fit at MetLife Stadium how many people do they fit into MetLife Stadium it's at least 60,000 okay 70,000 let's say 70,000 could you imagine 70,000 people on the same cellphone tower that doesn't work so when people are at so when people are at the Jets game or they're at the Giants game and they're watching a football game and they want to send a snapchat where they want to send a Facebook live message or something they can't do it because too many people are in the tower with 5g you can there's enough bandwidth ashle people could still use their phones normally as they normally would that's impossible 4G LTE you can do that by G but it needs the investment so unfortunately people have no say in this 5g is the next generation of networks the companies are ready to speck billions and billions of dollars into it pricing is going to go up I don't know if it's 5% I don't know if it's 10% but it's going up with or without this merger what this merger does though this merger takes t-mobile and makes them a legitimate competitive player against the top two when people say we don't want to lose sprint we didn't want to lose a fourth carrier the DOJ is addressing that issue they're saying let's print merger with t-mobile let's create a new fourth carrier that will still serve as the fourth competitor and because they won't be working with Sprint's debt and because they won't be working with Sprint failures it'll be more competent and capable and able to compete so me whatever happens the Sprint I don't care they're a failure in my eyes I just want to see a new legitimate fourth carrier out of this and then the fact that t-mobile is so customer centric I want to see them become more powerful so they can continue to influence the market and compete with Verizon and AT&T and you know something that leads into kind of our transition point down to the last topic we're going to discuss now the ten states suing but again the prices are going to go up and also not only this merger also guarantees that the price will not go up for customers that if this merger was to go through so it does kind of secure some leeway for a few years and then of what you have to see them right and those they're gonna be regulating that like they're there's going to be you know this is written contractual obligation if t-mobile is going to price lock for three years you know and two people saying that all the price will go up what do you inspect if you're gonna invest money they need to make money back but it's not like they're doing it because oh we could do it they're doing it as a sort of spending them I like you said they have to invest the money and how Michael are you familiar with Netflix yeah okay so Netflix has been raising their prices pretty steadily for the last years though I think mr. Burnett has there been to price increases in the last six months yeah okay so t-mobile offers flicks for free if you're on a certain plan yeah Netflix has increased the price twice over that span t-mobile did not raise the price they held out as long as they could until let's increase it a third time and t-mobile said sorry guys we tried but it looks like they're raising it so much that we actually we're gonna have to ask that you guys pay a couple of bucks to pay the increase there's a they're still paying the $8 but they're just adding that increase to it well here's the thing that's always been the case with the Netflix on us so the way it works is you get a family plan two lines you get it found us the standard plan is free but if you get the premiere you have to pay like a dollar or two dollars extra now right you are right I was part of that plan so I can vouch I was never bothered by that $2 increase but it's better than paying the full price for Netflix right yeah especially when Netflix raised their price t-mobile did that but everyone was reacting like oh this is the first night no they've been doing it this whole time they weren't ripping you guys off it's not like oh we raise the prices because we don't care about you look they tried their best I was part of that but promotions so I'm about I don't go to the end of the damn earth to say t-mobile did not have to go up and that my pissed me off I was like why is everybody reacted to t-mobile reading the price of Netflix they're like oh now we have to pay I'm like but you've always had to pay the premium price so what's the surprise here see here's what I've seen t-mobile doing so t-mobile even when they said okay well we'll give you unlimited data you can have unlimited data but after a certain amount we're just gonna slow you down we're not gonna charge you more Verizon if you went over they charged you more so that shows you the difference in the fundamental approach to the business plan same thing with AT&T when you go over they made you pay more t-mobile said no we'll just slow you down we'll let you continue to use the data so there's a huge difference there and then the price increases we see that from AT&T we see that from Verizon we really don't see price increases from t-mobile so much it's very very rare that they do so their focus is to continue to provide good service any competitive price they're always going to be cheaper than Verizon and AT&T it's just their business model it's always gonna be that way yeah so yeah you get where I'm going you see the gist so see you guys the plane is is not that where the whole idea of this discussion is not to be like oh we're two guys favorite we're breaking it down I'm not doing as much he's doing that heavy lifting so like it I'd you like 20 pounds lot much oh listen see this is why I brought you on cuz you know the numbers I only can speak for an average consumer so I could go to that length but by having you you're giving the reals broad effective I can jump in with the average consumer I mean everyone can say oh you're not guys I know deep down you're not gonna go out and buy an iPod Touch I know you're gonna save your money to do something better with it so come on are you talking about but now let's get to the last part of these ten states suing I want to start this off I'm gonna go right into it you can break it down but I gotta start this off I am kind of ashamed that this is how low they are willing to go to stop this merger to me I when I heard this merger and I heard the claims to me okay two things wrong first of all antitrust where do you see an antitrust in there if they're working with the DOJ to make compromising that every single angle and the DOJ was about to actually let the merger that's my theory I thought the murder was gonna happen sooner this just happened and it just looked like it was out of nowhere that's one and number two the the Attorney General of New York was her name again Letitia James Letitia James did press conference I watched the conference she said something to me that hurts me in a bad way and that's why I want to go first she said we are doing this out of the care for the American average American how dare you say you're doing this on the best interest for them you're not doing this on the best interest for them because last time I checked I've seen more support for this merger than I've seen more support for a Dunkin Donuts name refresh I have seen moister but work to this than anything I'm almost done I have seen more support and I saw the backlash on her Twitter people are saying you do not know what's in the best interest how dare you speak you don't live in these areas you don't actually own spread you don't actually know t-mobile you anything about the cellular market you don't know anything about that all you can speak about is from what a politician standpoint and my politician said important I don't have any but I'm telling you right now this feels like corrupt and to me this is this is a fake attempt in my opinion to stop the merger maybe there is a claim in there maybe there is something maybe one thing I'm only gonna give it one thing because I think the rest is total but how dare you try to speak to the average consumer you don't pay you don't earn minimum wage you don't pay bills you get the tax dollars you make salary you want raise how dare you say you know it's in the best interest of the average consumer work a seven-day-a-week a job make minimum wage what get an apartment in the sea could not tell you right now any nowhere is near a hello way to live it is expensive as hell so how dare you speak to the average consumer to say you know what is in their best interest when you know damn well you don't know anything about them or their living styles how dare you at the floors all right so what Letitia James is trying to insinuate is she's trying to say that her perspective and her viewpoint on the matter is operating in the best interests of the people but what she doesn't understand is is that there are there is no competition currently we still have basically a duopoly it's still AT&T and Verizon if she really cared she would be looking at that angle how do we get more competition in the market well nobody was saying anything until there was this merger which means they were okay with a duopoly well now that there's a threat to the duopoly and now it's gonna become potentially you know these three larger carriers and then making Fort Garry call in and file well but what I'm saying is if they really cared why didn't they address the duopoly before why are they talking competition now why they talking competition two years ago and what the DOJ is doing and what they're working with is the DOJ is trying to establish we're not losing a fourth carrier we're gonna be adding a new fourth carrier they're addressing the antitrust concern so her saying you know we need more come that's what the DOJ is working towards the problem is makin del Rahim who is the antitrust chief of DOJ is a presidential adviser he's one of the right-hand men of Donald Trump and Letitia James is a Democrat and she's investigating Trump's activities financially and and tax evasions and all these other things and whatever she's the one that's fine but it's it makes it appear like she has an axe to grind because when they're waiting up until the last minute to call antitrust where were they for the last year this merger was proposed in April of 2018 one it's now doing of 2019 right and she's banded together these nine or 10 other states she's got the Attorney General's from Wisconsin and Vermont and Connecticut yeah but the problem the problem that they're gonna face is this the DOJ is still going to make a decision on this merger this week and there's going to be a decision and it looks to me like the DOJ is going to side with the merger under a very strict set of guidelines and concessions where t-mobile and Sprint have to help create the infrastructure for a fourth carrier to replace sprint and then they're also gonna force t-mobile to divest boost which is a prepaid carrier of about 7 to 8 million customers they may actually force them to divest Metro which is about 20 million subscribers which I really hope t-mobile doesn't have to do but they might have to and the last thing is providing spectrum assets out the fourth carrier take off if dish which is a cable provider if you can provide enough taking over I want to do something so you guys do not know dish like you said is a cable fire but they have gotten like you know as popular as they once were but they had the money and I will tell you dish is looking to acquire a phone because they want to compete with AT&T that was their originality they were against DIRECTV and it was Dish Network when 18c took over dishpan decline they want my phone now I can say I want a disclaim I new have sources that do give me inside news that do work for the city and I don't want to display their information and I don't want to risk their jobs but they have told me that dish is an interest to compete with AT&T this is not something that's a rumor this is a fact otherwise they wouldn't be the number one bidder they want to compete against AT&T so well here's the thing here's the thing Michael what you're talking about this is legitimate the thing is as dish owns a lot of airwaves they own a lot of spectrum they own a lot of it band and they make it actually with some of the concessions from the merger they could within three or four years build out a legitimate nationwide network with some roaming agreements from the other carriers like t-mobile and with the spectrum out of the merger and their own special moldings they can actually build a network within probably a few years and I think that's what the DOJ is doing right now they're trying to create the foundation of a network to get dish going over the next few years that will allow them to create a legitimate or carry was an attempt to stop the merger because everyone thought that was impossible you even went out and said that's kind of impossible but the way we see that they've tweaked it to allow somebody else to buy I guess you could say like someone else to work under this this roof of t-mobile work with the same satellite spectrum and stuff so at first when we heard the news it sounded ridiculous but once we did broke it down how it would work it made a little more then we were like alright it doesn't look like the murders and too much of trouble because they can probably get somebody to buy it and look all fingers are playing to dish to do this because like you said they've got the Raquin see they've got the the knees so to me that we her because I don't want Amazon we're gonna jump in there well actually what the problem is is dishes facing the timeline issue dish has to deploy their spectrum Holdings by 2020 if they don't they lose it to auctions so they're kind of forced to if if you think about it from a financial perspective none of mors them to become a fourth carrier which their TD side is not doing that well yeah so this gives them a new revenue stream and it makes them I think it makes them a legitimate player in this where they can become very profitable because what do J gives them a sweetheart deal you guys get to operate your network over t-mobile for three years while you're building out your own network launch your spectrum will give you spectrum from the merger and we're going to give you customers to start there you go that's the makings of a new carrier that doesn't have the debt that's pressed exactly I didn't see right there if we get that fourth merger for the carrier that would work out perfectly for the DL J you'll still get it but look ultimately at the end of the day these nine states are trying their best to stop this and it just so happens to be the these ten days of all Democrats at this point I think this a 40 out of the 50 states are fine I mean they're gonna try their best this week to try to get more States on the bandwagon but the problem is is the FCC is Pro merger they've already laid out their concessions mm-hmm they said it's a go the DOJ is actually not Pro merger but the antitrust chief is operating in this approach that if we build the right concessions maybe we can give this a go so if so my point is the FCC and DOJ are working towards a common ground the Democratic opposition is opposing it they're not working towards a resolution they're working towards opposition so there's a disc there well you have to two parties that are trying to work together the opposition is going the opposite way they're trying to block or sue the merger and unfortunately for them they're late to the party for one and the second thing is it's only ten states and the third thing is what the DOJ is doing with these meetings and these concessions it addresses their claim of antitrust so if they're saying we're losing competition the DOJ is building concessions to address the competition so they really can't do anything about it does the judges when it gets to federal court the judges may say we're siding with the DOJ the concessions are appropriate yeah the DOJ is meeting that compromises from not only their side but this lawsuit really should is a waste of time that's why I feel like it's just a fake attempt to stop the merger because the DOJ if they would like again what would that you were now they said they didn't want to do the merger but they have been slowly being persuaded you've been reading about it I've been reading about they're slowly edging to actually giving this thing okay they were turned around because t-mobile with willing to meet some you know compromises and they were doing it and this too means it just feels like a low blow and ultimately ultimately I feel like the I feel like the state attorney generals that are suing to block the merger I think ultimately it ends with a failure for them I think based on I mean based on the claims that they have I think the DOJ will get the job done in this and I think like you said it's a waste of resources it's a waste of time and I think it's a bit in the way of progress really because under the current markets that we have under the current wireless market we need a better fourth player and dish has more hope in it than sprint and if spring if sprint can boost t-mobile and make them a more legitimate competitor against AT&T and Verizon I'm more with that then continuing to watch that big to dominate the market share at almost seventy percent market share so I want to see it distributed a little bit better and you do that with a better competitor in terms of the new fourth fourth carrier your laundry's in right now now I've reached the end of the show and normally I do have a bonus topic but unfortunately we're running out of time it's getting late and unfortunately due to the resources that I have we're very limited so we're gonna have to end the show a little early but I promise when I get back to New York I would like to do a second episode we will just talk tech and also we'll still talk about t-mobile and stuff if anything does happen if you're willing to come back absolutely you could be good to come back for sure awesome so guys if you don't know before we give our final thoughts this was a really impossible video I'm trying to make you best out of it one vacation I don't have my macbook this would have been easier if I just bought my Mac work but I didn't I'm recording this on my iPad and I'm recording audio on my iPhone so this is gonna be like a two-in-one it's like a surgery it's like plastic surgery is either gonna go perfect or gonna look like Michael Jackson's nose at the end but guys I thought final thoughts let's let's get this going notice Michael Jackson rest in peace but final books me again I said I am for the merger but this is why I'm for the merger now on the business thing and for me I feel like t-mobile like with this merger it'll become a price setter I said about price it will be a price maker instead of a price taker so for example they'll be setting the prices and everybody will be following them now not only will it benefit the average consumer but it will also like you said nation why 5g we don't have to worry about nitpicks of pieces and pieces we can get this thing spread out I also like the fact being the t-mobile customer and having 5gs home internet because they are showing that there are signs that IG can replace home internet and it can be your home internet and now that they have T vision they're capable which I want to try out but I think the price is a little too high but once they get there by G stuff going out and then you work out their own internet boom you get a bundle boo be like Verizon but much cheaper and honestly the reason I want this merger is just simple sprint is doomed like I've known this like the evidence is out there if you doubt us this guy is telling you the evidence there is right in front of you I don't know why people keep denying it and look sprint is doomed t-mobile is the right company to merge with because T Mobile is growing whereas the big guys like you said their stake but notice the shift in the market when t-mobile does something like I said and I know I have to talk much because you've been doing a lot but I will say we agree on the mostess stuff you wait for their saving things that I would have said now some of it like the political stuff I would probably said because like although I know a lot I don't know that much but still I agree with almost everything you said I haven't had not one doubt so pretty much what I'm trying to say is this the evidence is right in front of you and if this can benefit the average consumer this will benefit America because look 5g we're almost to that point we need 5g not as badly as everyone's making it sound but we need five G as a growth to continue that cycle because if we know anything about evolution it just evolves now eighteen T's 5ge yeah we're not gonna talk about that but point is it helps mankind grow as we grow technology grows it's a cycle it's a circle that keeps circling and circling and circling and 5g is the start of that new circle if we can get this merger to go through it will not only help with the nationwide but also like you say it will be a big time player for t-mobile T they will be able to hold a candle next time I think they should at this point they are pretty good and lastly it's simple benefits the average consumer that's it for me that's my final thoughts what are your final thoughts I want to see I want to see something change in the marketplace at least we're identifying that you know if if you take a coverage map and I don't know if people look at these anymore but if you look at a coverage map yeah if you look at a sprint coverage map it's very very spotty there's not a lot of coverage it's limited to cities and it's limited some of the freeway and the interstate there's not much in rural areas there there's not much outside of those main developed areas so if we can get sprint on board with t-mobile to become a bigger threat to the big two we have three large carriers and then we get a new fourth carrier who's kind of built into the market who can do a better job than what Sprint has done for the last ten years Sprint has failed with their purchases Sprint has failed with RadioShack they failed with their WiMAX connectivity they failed an LTE they failed in 4G they failed in just business ventures I mean they're operating in debt they're so far in the hole it's like they need a reset and I think t-mobile offers them that reset and I think we can also get a reset and the marketplace and you know for the people that oppose the merger that's perfectly fine if you oppose the merger but what I would say to that is what do you expect from Sprint moving forward because I expect to see more of the same a deficient network that is going to struggle to compete and us still working with two big carriers one small carrier and one failing carrier I just don't want to continue that direction I want to see something change I trust t-mobile to actually do something more substantial to put a dent in the national carrier game more than any other carrier so the way I see it Sprint has to be kind of they've got to be realigned for their future focus and t-mobile is going to be the company that kind of tastes up and uses them correctly and I I can see t-mobile doing that and that's why I have faith in the merger and I think the DOJ sees it that way and I think the DOJ will make a decision this week and all of that will be put to rest for now but then it's got to run through the paces and the attorney-general's are just a little bit of resistance for the I hope you guys understand where I stand on this I fully supported with his reasons that my reasons also and this was fun this was really very good I hope people were able to get some information out of this from not just the tech side and outreach side but also from a guy like you that knows the facts that has the facts I'm hoping we were able to enlighten some people that are probably debating the murder or countering the merger I hope we were able to maybe enlighten you guys and if you still don't approve the merger that's completely fine and you are more than welcome to think what you want now before we end the show I always give my guests a chance to close out saying last minute something I want to say so if you have anything you want to say the floor is yours first of all I want to thank you Michael for having me on it was a pleasure to come on with you and talk tech and talk wireless networks I had a lot of fun doing it so I want to thank you for the opportunity if you don't mind I'd like to shout out my channel alright so my channel is Steve bubble tech SN EE D mobile tech and I've got tons of videos on different topics such as this I also cover things like smartphones and new releases and features and upcoming devices and whatever hoopla and hype is going on in the tech world I do a lot of live streams I do a lot of odd casts I do a lot of update videos so if you're looking for more of that please go ahead by all means check out my channel Michael if you could please give me a link in the description and that would be great Oh like you said double check a channel out I want to personally welcome you into my what I consider YouTube family I have a couple people already on my channel and you will be seeing him up on there you know they always say the expression it's always good to keep to make friends because you need friends in this world and then on YouTube I haven't had that one friends but I'm glad we were able to come together very good person thank you for giving me assistance and helping me thank you for being in the comment section and thank you for being an awesome youtuber so in bank sir welcome please definitely check him out and thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to talk this with you I was really happy that you were able to come on I was so thrilled when you found my channel because I didn't think you would check it out I'm being honest I like guys before we end I just want to say when I started watching the videos I was a regular commenter I was commenting positive things I liked his channel I was talking about the merger we were talking back and forth then one day I get a comment on my video and it was him and I was like damn he found out and you really liked what you saw and that's the whole idea is to make you guys happy I don't do this because it's a job I do it to entertain and also to keep it real so again you can wonder for you it works for subscribers if you weren't for everybody I would probably not be doing this today so thanks how about a Michael that's right thank you guys so much and listen you will be seeing him again this isn't goodbye we're gonna be doing more with the hope that we continue to grow as friends and also to grow you will be seeing me in his videos you'll be seeing him in my comment section wise anyway but we gotta go thanks for watching like comment subscribe please let me know your thoughts down below about the merger as always if you like hit the like button if you dislike what you saw hit the dislike button thanks for watching and peace

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  2. I didn't realize that the merger went to 34 billion dollars a day or transfer to T-Mobile bad deal I say not worth it

  3. I do not see the big deal on 5g. It sure as shit ain't worth billioms
    . Who cares about augminted reality and self driving cars. Give me a stick shift

  4. First things first
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