My Wireless Cell Phone is call You! Visit to US Army & Marine Recruiter! December 2, 2019

okay I’m sitting here oh my gosh my hair
is looking so great um I went I’m talking to you on my wireless cellphone
I don’t have a data plan but it’s still aware Wireless cell phone it’s a
wireless cellphone with none none no data point undone and so I went to the
all these and with all these you got to put a quarter into your you got to put a
quarter to in to use the shopping cart I guess they don’t want to be in shopping
carts in the swamp oh my gosh that looks like my little pinky finger back there
so they don’t got a big scar there and so they don’t want people stealing the
shopping carts because the city imposed an abandoned shopping cart law on them
and so they don’t want I guess I don’t know got a pay for a shopping cart and
so then I went I got some beans from all these and I just got enough stuff to
carry it out some beans mushrooms I didn’t get any onions because I didn’t
see any onions and they have huge huge shopping carts at all these huge huge
big shopping carts and so I got four cans of beans some mushrooms some
raisins and I think that’s about it I might have got one of the thing I don’t
remember Oh some little tiny peppers because I’m gonna make some chili I’m
gonna make some turkey chili and and so yeah that’s what I’m gonna be making and then I went to Michael’s cuz I wanted I
want to try to make a dryer sheett Rose I don’t know if it’ll work or not but I
got some tape some of that sticky tape so I’m gonna I’m gonna see if I can make
a dryer sheet Rose I think it might work I don’t know I’m hoping it will work but
I don’t know I’ve tried to bend it around a little bit because it would be
so like the coffee filter roses because
I’ve seen a lot of the coffee filter roses and then people bend them with the
shish kabob skewers and stuff like that oh I gotta show you this too
I just remembered I got some free pencils from the Marines and a free cup
from the Army I did I got I got a free but the lady she said they’re all out of
everything else the I asked her if they had some pencils I wanted some Air Force
pencils and they said that was down the way and I never could find the Air Force
but I gotta show you this I got to show you this I got some free army pencils or
no I got free pencils from the Marines it says Marine Corps dot-com they just
printed some pencils on there with the Marines logo you see that but this the
lady she told me I could take it it’s an army cup but she said it was
free and that I could take it so I got an army cup a free army I mean this
would cost a lot of money somewhere else so that was pretty good so I got a free
army cup by going to the recruiting station they said that that the people
my age are still too old to join we’re still too old because there’s an age an
age limit of 44 having a job yeah there’s an age limit of 44 having a job
with the government but there was a lady sitting in there she looked about my age
I think she looked about my age once but she was sitting in there
recruitin I don’t know who who is recruiting but she was recruiting
somebody and she was sitting in there I don’t know what she was doing but she
was just sitting in there so yeah she was the one who gave me the coffee cup I
thought that’s perfect a coffee cup because I like drinking coffee and so
she was sitting at her desk and they’re all like they’re all locked behind a
door which is really strange it makes no sense they’re all locked behind a door
because I know up in Iowa when my son went went to the recruiter up there it
was just in the mall we just went in and he was trying to sign up and you know
the thing I didn’t even think about my own self was that even at that time I
probably would see I was probably young enough when I moved I was think I was 38
so I was still young enough I probably could have joined the army my own self
but I didn’t even think about that and the Air Force I was young enough to join
the Air Force – now I’m too old to have a job and that
kind of mirrors advertising as well because with advertising they want to I
want to hit those kids below the age of 35 I think that yeah the army is 35 so I
was too old for the army but I could have joined the Air Force but nobody
told me that you know I mean I didn’t know I didn’t know that but that’s
something that’s stuff that they do and they keep to their self so it’s part of
the controlling that’s part of controlling the hearts and minds of
women when it comes to oh well we won’t get a wife if we won’t get a wife if if
you know all the dirty little secrets you know so with marriage is indentured
servitude so they want to get married to a woman and then they want to complain
about the woman then that they get married too and so yeah so yeah they
want to get married to the woman so they don’t have to live
the barracks then they want to complain about their family and their wife and
kids and they don’t want to hang around with her they want to go off and do
stuff on their own and I have an appreciation for that I’m not
I’ve never rejected you know my ex-husband he went to strip clubs and
stuff like that and you know there he went and left me and I’m not even sure
well the whole time that we were married and had kids I can think of maybe one
time that we actually went and did something together if otherwise it was
always with the kids but I didn’t get to do anything until they grew a little bit
older but I’m thinking about like a weekend away because we had no family
around and so yeah we had no family around so it wasn’t like I could leave
the kids with anybody it wasn’t like I had a budget for a babysitter it wasn’t
like I can remember even in California there was this lady and I had said
something about swap babysitting and and I had asked her if if she would put in a
newsletter if anybody was interested in swapping babysitting kids and I mean of
course it wasn’t anything anyone was interested in and she did she was the
one though who ended up watching my kids when I had my baby I don’t know if my
husband paid her or what but the baby that died she was the one
who watched but I did I always appreciated that that you know something
that she did do that and then there was another lady in Germany and she was just
all willing you know all willing to watch and watch my kids and she didn’t
actually I mean she never complained about it at all I mean she was where was
she from she was I think near the Mississippi River up near Prairie du
Chien and so she had a little boy and a girl and oh I just loved sharing her
husband they were so they were so nice there was a lot of the first time I was
in Germany there was a lot of nice people and the second time there there
was – it was a little bit different though
there was a lot of nice people but yeah the first time there was everybody was
really kind and but the second time well not everybody was kind it was well it
was a little bit different people got really kind of snippety and it was a
little bit different there and I know I can blame myself you know maybe it was
myself maybe it was my own attitude I don’t know but I have but it’s kinda
like I don’t know I don’t know it’s almost like maybe life wears on you a
little bit and then you become I don’t know if it’s you become accustomed to
some crap or something you know that things that people impose on you and and
I say people I use that figuratively not anyone specific but just you know ways
of life that gets imposed on people and then you might take that on and you
don’t even know why you take it on so so it’s someone else’s battle someone
else’s battle basically it’s someone else’s rhetoric someone else’s battle
and then you take you take on something that may or may not even affect you that
you know you don’t even have a dog in the fight as someone says you know all
the time you’re not even have a dog in the fight you know well there’s there is
some battles worth fighting and there’s some that aren’t your battle to be
fighting and so yeah and I guess that is why equality for women is so important
related to the military because of the fact so when we lack equality in the
United States military then then that means that there are that who is going
to fight for women when we lack equality in the United States military when we
have more men and men are the ones making the rules then who’s going to do
it and so yeah for some reason in the past two years ever since I kind of like
since I don’t have my desktop computer and the stuff that I’ve been
doing it’s like it just becomes completely clear to me and I can
understand how men would say oh well that’s not my my fight I don’t have a
dog in that fight which is probably true they don’t because they’re getting
something out of the way things are women aren’t and so yeah women aren’t
and so that’s just just that’s just how it is you know I just don’t you know
it’s really sad and you know and I guess I talked to my younger self and so it’s
like if there’s any younger selves of myself out there you’ll know what I’m
talking about when I talk about indentured servitude through marriage
and when you get zero to your social security record and then even add in the
prenuptial agreement – I’ve been talking about that so you have a prenuptial
agreement and so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a companion or not
doesn’t matter whether your companion married or unmarried if someone is
excluding you you’re working in the house maybe you had a baby you’re still
working in the house for that person and so if you have no income and no access
to a checking account then how do you how do you even begin to get out of a
relationship if you’ve got kids and even if you don’t have kids if your jobs been
taken away and you’re a 1099 worker and you don’t count as unemployed you don’t
you don’t get apply for unemployment and as a wife you don’t get applied for
unemployment or any social services and and so it’s like then they just keep
everything the man they just keep everything for their self but that’s
what we’ve got right now and so yeah that’s just where my head is right now
and I know a lot probably aren’t gonna like it
let’s do it lamp shade on my list but well that’s cute and lamp feet on my
head yeah that’s just where I am right now so it’s like you know how do you get
the attention how do you get the attention how do you get someone’s
attention how do you get like how how would our president even understand this
you know because he well oh my gosh he’s been doing bad practices though the
president’s been doing bad practices because they brought that up about you
know they well he would be he would be doing the 1099 so hospitality industry
has a lot of 1099 work and so that’s what I described that that’s what I’m
talking about so the president would be 1099 have a lot of 1099 employees and
stuff like that and then they apply for grant money and then run out and and so
then when something goes out of business and it goes out of business and it goes
bankrupt and so which is related to the stock market as well Wall Street and
then they get taxpayer money and so yeah yeah that’s that’s just how it is I mean
and there’s a lot of people that’s happening – it’s unfortunate there’s a
lot of people that’s happening to my face it feels kind of good it feels kind
of good to be feeling a little bit mushy today it’s not as I don’t have as much
fluid as I do some other days

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