Network Marketing Is Hard

Welcome to Network Marketing Pro my name
is Eric Worre and today I want to talk about an important topic especially for
entrepreneurs. Here’s the issue, people tell me all the
time you know gosh building a business is hard. Network marketing is hard. Motivating myself is hard. Right? You get all these hard things and guess
what most people want to do is they want to avoid hard. They want to avoid the
things that are difficult. The things that are challenging them. The things
that are pushing them. They think that they went to school and they got the
hard part over and now they want things to be easy. Now I have a news flash for you. Life
doesn’t get easier. You just have to learn how to work
through the hard until it becomes familiar to you. So here’s the thing, is staying in a
job that you hate, getting paid a fraction of what you’re worth, is that hard or easy? Answer is it’s hard.
It’s hard to stay where you are and live at a fraction of your potential. Now is building a network marketing
business and motivating yourself and employing yourself and developing your
skills and dealing with your emotional ups and downs, is that hard or easy? Answer is hard. So they’re both hard. Staying in that
unsatisfying job, getting paid a fraction of what you’re worth is hard. Building a network marketing business
and dealing with the ups and downs doing it by yourself that’s hard. They’re both hard. So here’s my point to you, choose your hard. You want to live with this hard or this hard?
You want to live with you know the regret of dealing with life at a
fraction of your potential or do you want to have the satisfaction of going
through and building something that you actually deserve? Choose your hard. Having somebody else
tell you what to do every day is hard. Telling yourself what to do and
motivating yourself is hard. Choose your hard. Right? Deciding going
to your convention no matter what is hard, not going to your convention is
also hard see what I mean? Emotionally to miss out on that… Choose your hard. Which one are you
going to choose? Which decision are you going to make? Stop trying to get to easy. Now, I will
tell you there is an easy path, there are some things that… I’ll start over and
say that say it better. Another chapter of this conversation is
everything that is easy in your life was once hard. It was once hard to walk as a
toddler and then it became easy. It was once hard to ride a bicycle and
then it became easy. It was once hard to learn how to read
and then it became easy. All the things that are now
easy in your life were hard at one point. So understand that if you want to grow
your network marketing business; if you want to grow yourself; you want to
develop yourself, understand that you might have to go back into what they
call growing pains. You might have to accept the fact that
it’s going to be uncomfortable in order to be able to get where you want to go. So on the first side choose your hard.
You know you have a choice of which hard you’re going to deal with. Okay. On the second side, everything that is now easy was once
hard so just understand it’s very difficult to accept a life that doesn’t
grow. I mean it’s very discouraging. If you think about a tree, a tree you
know the bark breaks every winter and it expands those rings in the tree. You see those rings that’s like a person
but in most people they expand only as far as they’re forced to
expand and then they stopped and then they search for easy all the time. They
stop looking for hard. The tree that continues to grow
into a mighty, incredible, amazing, spectacular tree is the one that
continues to grow, continues to grow, continues to go through
those hard seasons in order to eventually get more comfortable with the
new skill set. So I will tell you speaking for me now is easy. It was once hard. Disciplining myself
is now pretty easy. It was once incredibly hard. Reading and
learning today for me is easy, its second nature. It was once hard but the third chapter
I’ll give you for this week is this… first one is choose
your hard. Second one is everything that is easy in
your life was once hard and the third one is it’s very difficult to get
better and look good at the same time. You know sometimes you have to just
swallow your pride a little bit and be willing to be a novice again. You know some of you are top of your
profession your top of the industry and it and the last thing in the
world you want to do is be an amateur again, be a novice again, be a
beginner again, but here’s the cool thing about network
marketing, it will give you the grace to be able to develop. It will give you a
support system to be able to become more as you start to build your skills,
you start to build your beliefs, you start to build your mindset. It will give you the space to be able to
do it so be willing to be silly, be willing to be outrageous, be willing to
be an amateur and a beginner again. Understand that if you want to get to
easy, everything in your life that is easy to
do right now was once hard to do and choose your hard. Which hard you would
you rather have? This hard of living at two percent of your potential, five
percent of your potential, ten percent of your potential. Repeating the same things
over and over and over again. Living a life of what if and I could
have and regret or the hard of I’m going to challenge myself. I’m going to build something; I’m going
to employ myself; I’m going to develop the skills in network marketing; I’m
going to learn something that I don’t know right now; I’m going to grow. Which
hard is going to be most valuable when you look back on your life? Which hard
is going to be most valuable? Which one is going to is going to help you the
most when it comes to to satisfaction?
When it comes to how you feel about what you do every day. I believe that is the challenging road,
you know? That road less traveled. The road that isn’t the highway, the road
that’s the rocky hill sometimes. That’s the one that gives you the most
satisfaction, at least it has for me. So I hope that helps you to choose your hard,
to develop some fortitude and understand that the meaning that you
apply to the struggle in your life will make a difference in how you live your
dream. It’s worth it I promise. That’s our show for today. Ladies and
gentlemen, my wish for all of you is that you decide to become a Network Marketing
Professional. That you decide to Go Pro because it is a stone cold fact that we
do have a better way. Now let’s go tell the world. Everybody
have an amazing day and I’ll see you next time. Take care. Bye-bye.

57 Replies to “Network Marketing Is Hard

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  2. Great value to me because it's really the exact way I was dealing with my attempts to build a huge network marketing business.Thanks Eric, really appreciate this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness this is like a grow up talk! My take-aways: Staying where we are is hard. Growing is hard. Choose our hard.Everything easy was once hard. Stop trying to skip to easy without earning it. It's sometimes hard to look good and get better at the same time. Be willing to look silly. ~ The only way to get better is to work. Can we enjoy that process? Enjoy the work? Enjoy the growth? Really, only reisistance makes things hard. Let's not over-do it (like I can!) but move forward in a steady, natural way, like a river to it's destination; the ocean.

  4. Great video Eric, I love the concept of 'everything is hard before it gets easy' therefore giving up is not an option, you never see a toddler decide that walking is too hard and decide to crawl for the rest of their lives 😀

  5. I m from Tunisia networker in a company classified Triple AAA in the world, i want to share my business with positive people from all over the world. If you want to discover it conact me, let's build something big….

  6. This video is a must to every MLM baby, or anyone in any stage in business who loses motivation or hope! Excellent presentation! Thank you Eric!

  7. So true!! ❤️ I love this. Building a business is hard, but I love my hard!! Being a Younique Presenter is so fulfilling. Thank you for posting this.

  8. can you tell me which university is best for network marketing in USA? I really needed to know for choosing my major in undergraduate level.

  9. Of all the videos you have recorded, Eric, this one might just be the best since you don't sugarcoat anything about network marketing or life. Network marketing is hard, but so is anything else of value that we pursue in life. Network marketing gives us the best opportunity for a better life, and it should be taught in schools more than it is.

  10. One things for sure, when it comes to Network marketing you have to get educated, This is the best book I have found on Network Marketing, chapter 9 How To Evaluate an Opportunity, chapter 5 The Only Thing That Matters, chapter 1 Bottom Fishing For Heavy Hitters, you can download your free ebook here,

  11. It’s hard but I rather be my own boss N work my business than working at a job that’s hard. Choose your hard!

  12. I want to get into this, I truly do!!! I’m trying to force my self to like it, cause I hate bugging ppl, dear Lord!!!! Plz help me!!!

  13. A mindset mentor once said, choose your hard. Waking up every morning without motivation is hard. Seeing someone else less talent achieving what you desire is hard. Being in the same spot year after year is hard. Lack of progress is hard. Living from check to check is hard.
    Yes, there will be challenges. But see it as a puzzle. There is a solution.

  14. Staying in a job you hate and being complacent is not hard. It sucks and makes your experience of life unenjoyable, but since it's the norm, it's easy to just keep doing it instead of trying something new! Pushing yourself to deal with the new is what's challenging, which is why you need a strong why, and why people choose to stick with the easiness of the norm.

  15. thank you Eric worre gave us ur valuable information thank a lot I want to hear your network marketing videos all the time thank u once

  16. "Entrepreneurs"…lol Why is going to "your" convention hard? Is it because distributors are finding out that the mathematics of recruiting huge numbers of people to do your job for you is an impossibility? Instinctively they discover this inevitability. Going to a convention of fake emotion only confirms that and it places pressure on them to perform the impossible. That is the problem.

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  19. Staying in the 99-to-5 rat race isn't just hard; it literally sucks the life out of you. This is why I'm excited to have joined a network marketing company.

  20. A business which has a 98% of staff turn over is not much good. You need to be a salesman for MLM and an entertaining public speaker of outstanding ability to boot. For me MLM as a rule is a scam and now I am comfortably retired without resorting to an MLM scam. MLM is just for some people for people with a different moral development which is above that of a sociopath it is not. Sociopaths are very manipulative and charming speakers don't be fooled by them.

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