Nokia 9 hands-on: too many cameras?

– Hey it’s Chaim with The Verge and I’m here with the new Nokia 9, which, as you can see has five cameras. Look at it five cameras. Nokia just announced this at MWC 2019, and again the big feature
is that this is the first phone with five cameras on the back. It’s actually got six
cameras because there’s one on the front. So lets break down what exactly
we’re doing with all this. Five sensors. Three of them are 12 megapixel
F1.8 monochrome sensors, and the other two are,
again, same specs but color. So what Nokia’s doing
is that every time you press the shutter, it’s firing
all five of these sensors, to pull in all that extra color and depth data from every single shot. Now we can see some
pretty beefy file sizes. Part of the reason some of
those file sizes are so large is that the Nokia 9 can shoot in Raw DNG, and Nokia says that those
features will be off by default for most people. But, if you’re shooting with this you’re gonna wanna be using those and it’s something you
should keep in mind. The five camera system does
come with a couple big caveats. First off, this thing is kinda slow. It’s powered by last years’
Snapdragon 845 processor, but it still takes like
10 seconds between when you fire a shot to actually
viewing in your camera roll for an image to finish processing, and another couple seconds for it to load in full resolution. Some apps are better equipped
with this than others, Google photos struggled a bit, but loading things in
Lightroom was much faster. Nokia’s actually partnering
with Adobe to specifically build Lightroom presets based around
lens profile of the Nokia 9, so, when that rolls out, you should be able to get
some really interesting and hopefully impressive
results from Lightroom directly on the device without
having to go to a computer, which is kinda the dream. As for the phone itself, the
Nokia 9 is the top of Nokia’s range that they’re announcing here and it’s got the build
quality and design to match. The sides of the phone are
machined out of aluminum. It’s got Gorilla Glass 5 on
both the front and the back. Now, Nokia’s breaking from the
trend of most 2019 flagships, you can see there’s no
notch, its just a regular 5.99 inch QOLED display. It renders a 2K resolution and
it actually looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S9 or
the smaller Google Pixel. The bezels on top and bottom are bigger than I necessarily like, but they’re not egregious, and it looks really nice to just, hold. Hardware-wise, Nokia’s
including 120GB of storage, 6GB of RAM and a 3320
milliamp hour battery. Like Nokia’s other phones, it runs Android One, it runs
mostly pure Android 9 Pie. With Android One, Nokia’s
promising regular updates and you should be able
to get like good software from this to come, they’re
really not messing a whole lot with what Google has given them. Which is honestly nice to
see, cos Google has it good, like, don’t mess with it too much. There are a couple other
premium things that Nokia’s including on this phone. There’s in-display fingerprint sensing. There’s proprietary Nokia
design face unlock system that it’s introducing with this years’ models. There’s USB-C, there is still
no 3.5mm headphone jack. Sorry, folks. I mean Nokia’s really like
planting a flag here with this as a premium level device. Now the company does say that
this will be a limited edition phone, it’s not saying
how many it’s making, but it’s not going to
be a mass market device in the same way that of
those other phones will be. There’s also no real word
on price or release date. Nokia says the global average
price will be €599 euros, but we’ll still have to wait
for a word from regional partners to see where exactly this phone is going to show up, and how much it’s going
to cost when it does. So, obviously again one
of the big things on the Nokia 9 is just how many cameras it has and this sorta design might
look familiar to you from the Light L16. That wild, 16 lens camera
that shipped last year. That’s because Light has
actually partnered with Nokia on here and Light’s
lux capacitor technology is actually what’s driving these 5 lenses. Qualcomm says that it’s Snapdragon chip isn’t ordinarily equipped
for this kinda thing, and that’s why Nokia needs Light’s help in just processing this
many camera inputs at once. It is still a little early
on to tell exactly how the Nokia 9 is going to work, but in our early hands on shots, the amount of detail its been pulling in, especially on like wood grain or textures or the skyline shots
it’s really kinda impressive, especially from a smartphone, and we’re really gonna
have to test this against other phones, other cameras
to see just whether or not this investment into
this cool 5 camera tech is actually worth it. It looks really cool, but, is it? We’ll see. Another thing that stood out to me is what Nokia’s using these cameras
for, which is specifically just for color, detail and depth. We have seen other multi
camera phones like the LG V40, which took a
really interesting approach in putting different lens types
on its phones and different focal lengths. Now, with this you’re
still just getting that one static shot, just better in theory. But, I can’t help but wonder
whether there’s a better way to leverage sticking 5 cameras on a device than just making them all the same. Keep it locked here at The Verge, we’ll have more great MWC
coverage here the whole week. Make sure to like and subscribe and yeah.

100 Replies to “Nokia 9 hands-on: too many cameras?

  1. This for HMD and Nokia is just a TEST phone, why do you think it's very limited numbers ..they have been working on getting it to where they want it to be for a few years which means they can now work with the new 855 in the next one

  2. It’s an "old" phone. I thought It was available since last year. Nokia must had delays, but the phone isn’t that impressive now

  3. Why I am trusting them is that these are guys into real photography, they don't want to just thrown in multiple cameras to Mark a feat. in history, this is something new, it borrows a lot of elements from standalone cameras

  4. reporter doest understand the idea of the 5 cameras in nokia 9… its not stupidly like in other smartphones where the other cameras literally dont do anything while you take the picture, they are just there because of their different focal length. in nokia all the 5 cameras in different angles take the picture same time allowing it to capture many times more light and data than other smartphones. the camera angles also give nokia incredible depth of field and real camera bokeh effect.

  5. great video verge, but why are people still complaining about the lack of the headphone jack? bluetooth have came a long way, and most cars have bluetooth sooo?

  6. I would like a phone with so many cameras that it actually has to pull out a tree of cameras when I press the button. I already have a name for it: Nokia Tree

  7. Omg slow wtf are you kidding me man it’s an SD 845 , tech reviewers are so easy to dismiss something just because it’s not new for the sake of new, so what it doesn’t have an 855 ur not missing out much.

  8. Well nothing will happen extra if ur going to increase the number of cameras in ur mobile……Google pixel with single camera is best answer for that.

  9. Finally a phone with good features and a good design! In a couple of years we will look back at the notch and laugh about it. Coming from an Iphone user

  10. I love Nokia and use 7plus..but the cameras on Nokia 9 makes it look Creepy..I am waiting for 7 plus 2019..I hope they don't do something like this to it.

  11. Be interested to see how 5 photos at once and processing them impacts the battery life? No good having all this and then running out of battery because of it. Very interested In possibly pre ordering the phone.

  12. It actually takes freaking amazing pictures, possibly better than Apple, has an under the screen fingerprint sensor and more for $699.

  13. The cameras are NOT all the same, two of them have monochrome sensors that collect much more light than RGB sensors, this way the camera is superior in low light.
    You also forgot to mention the fact that you can refocus the image AFTER taking the shot. That is a huge deal.

  14. Just recieved mine, love it, it feels premium but not top notch, the screen is bright and colorful, just oversaturated…The camera soft is slow indeed specially with the post processing, hope they will heal it with updates !

  15. They still need a better software team. I’ve tried suggesting stuff to them but all you get back is (we done want to add bloat ware) but theirs bloat ware and just having something so stock it’s unusable which they don’t seem to get.

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