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We just stuck a straight razor on his chair, and now he’s gonna sit on it. Yeah He’s sitting down nice and slow. Yeah, yeah, he’s gonna be very upset about that oh He’ll cut us all over until we bleed out And welcome back to mobile Monday, so we’re checking out scary butcher 3d today I don’t know if you guys remember But last week we played scary teacher 3d and scary butcher 3d was one of the games that it Advertised in between levels, and so I wanted to check it out and actually looks pretty cool You can see we got our title screen here, and it it’s scary. There’s a lot of creepiness going on I think I heard a cat meowing in the background. Let’s jump into the game here Let’s go ahead and play you can see I I played through the first four levels I actually ended up trying to record those first four levels and the recording got all Weird and messed up, so now I have to start over, but that’s fine. That’s fine. I didn’t make it too far Let’s go to level 1, and it should give us a little Story here he butchered be he had a beautiful wife. They were happy once stormy night Elena got very sick She got trapped in the house the butcher could do nothing to save her be wet totally mad and now frustration He started chopping up cats and animals and whatnot so yeah, very very Messed up he chopped up her cat and he ate it And so since then pets keep vanishing all around the town some believe that it’s the butcher who captures and eats Pets so we’re essentially trying to save the neighborhood pets from getting chopped up and eaten by this psycho You know what they say about psychos, though They start out with animals and then they move on to humans So we’re just trying to stop him from killing any people because that’s the logical next step Let’s it continue so your cat fuzzball went missing yesterday Could be captured by be the butcher’s Hill is heavily protected by alarms, so you have to be careful So we’ve got to save fuzzball speaking of fuzzballs. There’s one right there I don’t know if you guys can see her. You could probably see just like her her bum just like right there you can’t see her face, but she is a Massive fuzzball she’s a very large cat and she’s very fuzzy. All right. Let’s start the level okay We got our we got our butcher cam up in the upper left hand corner. He’s he’s a cool character design I like you know what they’ve done with him. He’s got like a a chain around his like belt I mean, it’s it’s kind of crazy. He seems like a crazy fella, though I mean he is chopping up like household animals and eating them that is a very obnoxious Beep by the way hide in shed area, okay, so he is heading towards us, I guess Let’s try to make it to this red spot before he makes it to us He says some very very colorful things. Let’s see if we can get him Okay, he will Schlachter us on the spot all right Let’s let’s hit that red dot so that we can move on in the next level scary teacher 3d we’ve already played you know Thank you Hey, I like that chime. We’ve done. It well done. It was a close call It’s good that you managed to hide or you could be his next victim all right Let’s move on in the next level break into B. Shed and steal his night-vision goggles Okay Pick the shovel up and break into the shed through it. What why do we need a shovel? Oh whoa? Whoa whoa? He is he’s right here. Uh, okay. Maybe I should just go straight to the shed. I don’t know if he’s gonna He’s gonna come towards us now He’s not coming towards us all right so apparently we’re gonna use the shovel To open the shed I don’t know you see that bloody handprint Oh, man this place needs a needs a good cleaning all right Let’s grab the goggles is that it for this level yeah? That was it for this level all right be used to stock the pets in dark using night-vision goggles You save lots of pets lives good great. I’m the hero of the pets I don’t mind that title that’s pretty good All right next level find the box of razors quickly and stick them in B’s chair so that he will be stabbed when sitting yes, I remember this level this was the last level that I played and I Don’t know this just doesn’t seem like a great idea. It just seems like it’d be more irritating than anything else I don’t think that’s gonna stop him from Chopping up animals. I just feel like it’s gonna make him more annoyed. I mean could you imagine? Sitting on razors could you imagine the damage that would do to your bum you wouldn’t be able to sit that would be awful You’d have to spend the next two weeks just solid standing sleeping would be an absolute nightmare It’s just gonna make him more grumpy and more crazy. I don’t know I don’t know if this is the strategy they want to use let’s just go with it So let’s find the box of razors in the blood room, which is weird what what is a mudroom? I don’t know what a mudroom is all right grab the box which is right in front of us And then we’ll we’ll head down in down the hallway. Yeah, okay, and We’ll put down these razors on his favorite chair I do have to say these games are decent scary teacher 3d scary butcher 3d they’re not bad But they walk you through every single step They hold your hand the whole way and sometimes I kind of want the freedom of just figuring out how to beat the level But we got these arrows pointing to exactly where we need to go and what we need to do well anyways you’ve noticed that That’s it’s not a box of razors It’s literally like a razor that you would use to shave a straight razor We just stuck a straight razor on his chair, and now he’s gonna sit on it. Yeah He’s sitting down nice and slow. Yeah, yeah, he’s gonna be very upset about that oh He’ll cut us all over until we bleed out little pig well said B Well said are you enjoying scary butcher 3d you know and actually I am enjoying scary butcher 3d all right? Level complete B. Is furious due to razor cuts you better be careful Yeah, that’s exactly what I was worried about we didn’t exactly think this plan through all the way It’s just this is a not very bright. Not a very bright plan all right. Let’s move on the next level now I haven’t actually seen this level so we need to set off a noisy alarm in the basement to distract B Steal his plate of food and toss it outside once again What is this gonna do to prevent him from chopping up in fact? We’re taking the food that he’s already made and we’re gonna get rid of it, so now he’s gonna Go have to chop up another animal cook it up and make himself another meal I feel like we’re just adding to the problem here. I’m not gonna dig into it too much Let’s just do what it says to do all right? We need to set off a noisy object to Distract the butcher and actually we don’t have any arrows here telling us where to go or what to do We do have this little red spot though. All right. We’ve got a bell It looks like grab the bell And I guess I’m not sure what we’re gonna do with the Bell set off a noisy object in the basement to distract the butcher oh Oh He just said that we might be his next meal great. Okay. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do now He’s standing in front of our exit. This is a creepy basement by the way where you going buddy He’s going back to his meal What is he what is he doing? He’s he’s not sitting on his chair It’s just sit Next to the chair okay steal his plate of food when butcher leaves the butcher isn’t leaving though That’s the problem. He’s just he’s hanging out there chomping down on probably some Household cat maybe we have to like lure him maybe if we try going in like this way This’ll get his attention Possibly can I open this door please, please let me open this door. Why okay there. We go. Hey, buddy How you doing? You enjoying that cat. I don’t know what to do. I mean, I’m just kind of watching him eat right now We should try to grab the plate. Maybe you won’t notice maybe Possible oh we got it He still hasn’t noticed that we took his food, but the food is gone What are you actually eating now? It makes zero sense alright? Well we did make it out Yeah, all right make it to the red circle. I do not know what that knocking sound is that freaks me out All right, can we can we like do we throw his food here? What supposed to do here something’s wrong. We’re just dropping Tons of plates of food okay, this is clearly broken I think we might have to restart this level. Can we restart yes, we can restart all right? Let’s let’s give it another shot here So first we need to grab the Bell and set off a noise inside of the basement I guess set off a noisy object in the basement to distract the butcher, okay, so let’s go Down okay we did it did we do. Nope we didn’t do it right. No. He got us Oh, man, try this again. We can do this I’m not sure exactly how we’re supposed to do this, but we’ll grab the Bell and then we’ll go downstairs I don’t understand. He’s gonna eat us. Oh gosh. Oh, this is bad. We’re stuck in Okay So he’s gonna chop us up and eat us now all right. We’ll try it again Grab the Bell and then set off the noise in the basement Maybe I can just leave at this point Yeah, okay. I got it so we kind of just like set it on a timer now. He’s gonna run downstairs He’s gonna run to the basement. I just need to get in here Get in come on open the door all right there. We go grab the food and then we need to run away Get out of here forever the exits right here go in here and that should lead us to the outside And then can we drop this thing off Can we do it Please come on. I did it though. Yeah. Yes. Yes, oh Oh, man, I was really worried that we weren’t gonna be able to pass that level but we did. It smash B Stevie again, just making him more mad, but all right Smashes TV. Will do like it said knock the main door Okay, knock in the name door enter in the living room from the window what window? Oh that window that has the bright red circle in front of it in case you missed it all right So we’ll go over there, so he’s heading to the front door right now, and we’ll go in here. Yeah, all right We got inside and there’s his TV. Let’s grab his we are very very strong and Smash his TV. How do we how do we smash the TV did we smash it? Oh, man? He’s coming he’s he’s gonna give us. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do with the TV though I thought I smashed it, but apparently I didn’t smash it well enough, maybe we have to get back outside I don’t know like that looks like a pretty smash TV so uh I Mean can we we go out in a different direction? Oh gosh? We’re in his butcher zone the kitchen all right he he just ran over there oh He will smash our skull with the rest of this TV oh my gosh Such a violent man. Holy cow all right. Well. We did it B Can’t watch the TV But he might be watching you keep alert the game just continues to confirm that these pranks that were pulling on beat are just making the situation worse Look through B’s closet to find Elena’s apron and lipstick. Why why would we do that? He’s taking a bath is he taking a bath. He’s sort of taken aback find Elena’s closet from butchers bedroom Okay, so I assume that the bedroom is upstairs We’ll check this room. Oh wow we found it on our first try not too. Shabby. All right. We’ll go into This is a closet this does not look like closet, but okay. We’ll open up the closet We’ll grab Elena’s lipstick, and then we’ll steal the apron, okay There’s an apron on the bed grab Elena’s apron and now we will run away Which seems like an excellent idea? I don’t know where the bathroom is so hopefully he’s not downstairs When we when we get down okay? Yeah, it looks like he is Upstairs, I don’t know actually it’s kind of hard to tell let’s just get the heck out of here wait No, I didn’t beat the level y no no no no no no. Oh did I beat the level? He didn’t say anything though He always says something really nice to say about us. Good job. Now. Let’s freak out the be a bit Oh, No are we gonna pretend to be his dead wife, we got her apron we got her lipstick We’re gonna dress up as her and freak him out. We are not helping this man rehabilitate We are turning him in to a psycho murderer This is the prequel to an episode of Criminal Minds. This is we’re the problem Honestly, all right let’s go on to the next level uncover the mirrors use Elena’s lipstick to write a message murderer You killed me to be okay? Well at least we’re not dressing up like her, but still this is a Incredibly messed up set of the version in study room, okay. I don’t know where the study room is wait wait well Okay, he just ran right past us. I found the study room that wasn’t too hard all right. We need to run away Let’s let’s go this way okay He’s heading to the study room all right uncover the mirrors in the hallway Oh, we got mirrors over here. Okay? Why can’t I uncover them though? It’s not letting me do anything Oh, I have to do them in like a specific order or something can I okay? We got one right message on Mir with lipstick. Yes. Yes, yes murderer You killed me you forgot about the to be part though. We got we gotta get the to be part Oh, oh, he’s coming wait. Where is he? Oh? He’s gonna. See it. He’s gonna. See it. Oh No, he saw us what how did he catch up to us so fast? This poor man we’re torturing him this is awful. Oh, we won, though I thought that we lost but apparently we won. It feels so good to see be crying Why this is a broken man, and we are toying with his feelings? This is awful. I mean I get it He’s not a nice guy He wants to smash our head open with a broken TV and and like bleed us out like a pig yes He has issues But we’re just adding to those issues Steal the portrait of Elena from the dining room and put it in bees bed so that he will continue to think that Elena is Haunting him oh my gosh, okay? You said so steal trait of Elena from the dining room, okay? I can do that if I knew where the dining room was this is not the dining room look at him. He’s crying He’s wiping his eyes. He’s very very broken and sad man right now. This is terrible all right Let’s grab Elena’s portrait Elena’s neck looks a little strange go upstairs and put it in the butcher’s bed. Okay, sure yeah sounds like a great idea Just break a broken man. Even more kick him wall ease down That’s what I’ve always said we’re terrible people this is an awful awful thing to be doing to this man. All right Let’s uh let’s run away. He’s gonna go upstairs, and he’s going to see the portrait of this poor poor wife I do have to admit though. There is blood all over this house and it is Incredibly disturbing look at this bathroom. It is awful. Even without the blood though someone needs to scrub this tile this is gross That’s probably true yeah, he’s gonna lose his mind well done. It’s awesome to haunt be Yeah awesome Just pouring salt in those open wounds Let’s go the next level and do another terrible thing to be take the jar of missing animals teeth and smash it in the fireplace What why would we do that all right take the jar of missing children? Teeth wait a second well, it was animal teeth at the beginning now It’s children teeth no no no no well. What is it is it children teeth, or is it animal teeth? You got to tell me because those have two very very different implications all right well Let’s find this jar of missing teeth regardless of what kind of creatures. It’s out of and We’ll just we’ll just move on he seems to be sleeping there He is and he’s actually in the study, so we just need to sneak up behind him and grab the jar Hide behind the book rack and throw jar in fireplace to smash it okay We’ll hide behind the book rack and then we do something like that Did we do it should we just stay here? He is so furious, and he is behind you now, what are we dead? Are we going to die now is this our end steel bees beloved cleaver? He is said to use this for gruesome murders. It is normally tucked in the back pocket of his pants Oh, man, so we have to sneak up behind him and steal this thing out of his out of his back pocket What? What happened what? I didn’t even do anything all right B is helpless now. It’s good time to take your revenge We’re taking revenge on him killing our cat But we’re not actually Positive that he killed our cat we have no evidence that he actually killed our cat maybe our cat just found a new home you Know I mean cats will throw you over in an instant. They don’t care. I just feed them and Clean their litter box and there they’re fine, and so anybody else could do that all right well Let’s take revenge on B for his supposed killing of our cat Steele B’s apron and replace it with his Elena’s floral one we need to go up into his bedroom and Replace it with Elena’s floral apron I think this is his bedroom right yeah, all right grab this one, and then run away. Okay, I can do that I can definitely do that no problem. I think the best part of beating the level is hearing what he says No she’s not But I’m sorry that I’m doing this to you and making you think that she is Haunting and making him mad is your best bet my best bet for what? What are we actually? Accomplishing by doing this I I have no idea just torturing a broken man That’s what we’re doing trap B down the stairs and lock him in the basement Okay tie fishing line around the steps in the basement, okay. I guess I’ll go down here and Well, there’s some fishing line, so we’ll pick that up And then do we just kind of get out of the way and wait for him to go tumbling down the stairs I guess that’s what we’ll do We’ll just keep an eye on him on our butcher cam here, and yeah, it looks like he’s get ahead down into the basement oh He took a serious spill there is that it oh now. We have to lock the basement door. He’s just gonna sit there Ponder his life while we slowly make our way to the basement door and then close the door there we go did we beat it We beat this level I think we did it. Yes. We did you made it That’s probably the best revenge locking a broken man in his basement Used the sharpening block to snap B’s favorite cleaver in half. Okay. I’m okay with that We can definitely do that whoa we got some weird creepy music going on here Where is the sharpening block it’s in the sharpening room? You know this guy is serious about his craft if he has a room dedicated to Sharpening blades. I don’t think this is the sharpening room that looks more like a kitchen. What is with the weird weird music I don’t think we’ve heard music like this up to this point go in here. Oh, this looks like this might beat Ya this sharpening room all right We grabbed the hammer and use it to break the cleaver and a half all right. We broken the cleaver oh He’s gonna make us oh no no no no no did he he didn’t see us. He did not see us Oh my gosh. We walked right past him. He’s losing his mind. No. He’s so mad He is so sad that his cleaver has been broken into oh, we have to exit the house Probably should have done that a lot sooner. He’s he’s right next to the exit Hopefully we can sneak up behind him here and just Open this door can I get out get the heck out of here did we make it we exited from the house? We’re out. Yes. Yes, all right. We made it out of the house. We have survived after destroying his cleaver Which is actually the first like productive thing that we’ve done To prevent him from doing more murdering of course. He could just buy a new cleaver. I’m sure it’s not that hard all right Booby-trapped the door so that when B exits the closet a bucket of blood will pour on him That’s just disgusting, but we’ll do it go to sharpening room store and close it. Okay. I can do that. I think that the Accidentally turned on the night there, which actually looks pretty cool Let’s let’s go ahead and close the door on him there. All right booby-trapped the door with a bucket full of blood and run away Do I just happen to have I just happen to have a bucket full of blood in my pocket apparently? So let’s just let’s just leave Covered in blood now absolutely disgusting although it probably doesn’t really bother him. I mean come on. He’s a butcher He probably gets blood all over him all the time. We’ve seen his house. There’s blood all over the place I don’t feel like this is something too out of the ordinary for him. He is frustrated and helpless now It’s good time to take your revenge. I thought we already did that all right fine. We’ll take advantage of this situation you must find where B keeps his victims follow him around without being noticed until he goes to the killing room and Take a picture of him. Okay. This is getting a little bit darker Yeah, I mean it says victims, so I’m assuming that it’s not just animals anymore I don’t know let’s let’s find out let’s follow him into his Designated killing room follow butcher without being noticed. Oh, no I got stuck in the room. Okay. We just need to very Slowly follow him I guess just keep a slight distance away from him looks like he’s headed into the killing room There’s the killing room at the end of the hallway. Let’s take a picture. We’re gonna take a picture right take a picture No, that’s that’s a bird. There was a bird in there. Oh, no he’s chasing us. Oh we got out, okay? I have no idea what he said there cuz like everything was too loud in that moment That was a room full of animals, which again is still messed up, but I’m glad that it’s not humans This is high time to freebies victims. Yeah, let’s get all these animals out of there, and hopefully yes rescue mr. Fuzzball and three the other victims see he hasn’t even killed mr. Fuzzball yet, so that’s good turn the radio on in the study room. I’m Not sure where the study is let’s check this one. Oh, that’s the kitchen. That’s where he is alright definitely not over there I think this is the sharpening room. Yeah, that’s definitely not the study this is his killing room We’re not gonna go in there yet. There’s mr.. Fuzzball! How you doin’? We’re gonna gonna save you don’t you worry little buddy We’re gonna get you out of there. Just give me a second here to turn on the radio wherever it is. Yes This is the study all right turn on the radio. Nope that was closing the door exit from the house quickly and find a secret window outside Okay, I’ll take your word for it. I assume that’s the exit yep That’s the exit all right. We got out of the house now We have to find a secret window back in can we take the living room window that we jumped in earlier No, it doesn’t look like we can do anything with that window ah here We go secret room window yes get in there and there we go We made it to the animal room and now we can free all these little guys. Yeah, get out of here guys. Yeah Mr.. Fuzzball he’s my pet though. I don’t want him to leave me He’s so upset all he could say was just no now he’s hungry. He just needs something to eat all right We did it we saved all the animals great job mr. Fuzzball is free now and has actually ran away, and is never coming back. We saved mr.. Fuzzball We’ve saved the day hang up pictures without getting caught and trapped be in the long hallway to drive him crazy How many levels are in this game my goodness? I thought that would be the end we saved the animals apparently we still have business to take care of Pick the picture from the study room okay? He is he is running towards us. I don’t actually know oh he’s upstairs okay, the study is right in front of us we can grab that get the picture and then place it in the hallway He is in the kitchen right now, so I’m not sure exactly where it wants us to place this oh He’s heading he’s heading towards us isn’t he no. He’s not here, okay? Let’s go over here set down the painting and pick another picture from the TV room which I think is right here, okay? Good gonna drive this man to absolute madness. Oh, where is he? Oh? He’s going upstairs. Okay? That’s good. All right Let’s go ahead and put the painting down right there. All right did we do it yet? We did it go in the mudroom and trap the butcher in the hallway Okay, the mudroom is like the the pre entry room. Yeah, there. It is all right trap the neighbor Inside steal cowbells from the mudroom, okay? He happens to have just cowbells laying around and that was it so we trapped him inside of his house He is getting mad at anger. It’s high time to take your revenge I thought we already did that he keeps saying that we want revenge, but we keep doing terrible things to him And it apparently is not enough you must lure be out of the house and into the graveyard in order to finish me off You must hit him in the head with a shovel or trip him into the grave We’re literally going to bury this man alive. Okay well I’m gonna assume that this is the last level place an alarm engraved to lure the butcher out of his house Okay, let’s go over to the grave. Which is very conveniently already dug right over here. Go ahead and Yep, oh Great he’s gonna mount our head to a wall That’s fantastic all right, so he’s gonna head over here, and then I don’t I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do Let’s just kind of wait and see what he does there he is Heading over to the grave very suspicious that there’s just an open grave in the middle of his yard Hit him with the shovel all right? We’re gonna sneak up behind him and knock him Into the grave because he stole our cat he like all he did was steal our cat and we’re gonna We’re gonna bury this man alive this is so so messed up. Oh my goodness We just we just buried him well done in every end There is also a new beginning that new beginning being that we are now murderers awesome fantastic Well, we did it we have completed scary butcher 3d. I don’t actually know who the bad guy is in this story I’m more inclined to say that we are the bad guy because this poor guy lost his wife And we have tortured him and eventually knocked him out and buried him alive That is a very demanded thing to do, but guys that’s gonna do it for this episode of mobile Monday Hopefully you enjoyed it if you did be sure to hit that like button and of course if you’d like to see more you can subscribe
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  2. a mudroom is a place that people have usually near the front of their house where they keep things you wear outside, shoes, coats, snow stuff, etc.

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