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Hi, I need a Jennifer Langley’s room she came in about eleven o’clock motorcycle Ison She’s on the fifth floor East Wing I’ll just take the elevator Please just stay here, and do nothing you do nothing nothing can go wrong I’ve got to take care of my family now The nurse says that it’s not a coma she’s just she’s just sort of taking time out But we haven’t seen a doctor yet, so I don’t Dr.. Jacobson we need you urgently in OR3, no can do I’m doing OR4 at one sir It’s urgent you have a ruptured kidney and massive bleeding Okay Yes it’s urgent What’s happening, so he’s on his way up Last BP May have brought in by paramedics 10 minutes ago. You’ve got a penetrating injury to the left yessssss Now get him in there right now It looks like a bull in the lower thorax It seems a ruptured belong and there’s severe inner bleeding along the abdomen doctor. He’s coming – all right give me t70 got it Shall I extend the incision sir taking it from the breastbone to the diaphragm we may have to extend further to get to the spleen Sorry sir, it’s only my first week. Are you right doctor we should wait for the x-rays Watch he doesn’t go into hemodynamic shock. We’ll be right back Ohh Ah Where’s this blood coming from we gotta clamp it off where the hell’s that J 17:17 in our core, we got a major trial so much blood I can’t see a thing this is 4804 structure crazy bleeding somebody check that line pressures bottoming out. They hooked me up at 12 We’re gonna move energy games at EMS come on people eight scratching on it. I’m reading here is this Sorry sir we’re losing him. I’ve gotta get in there now Dr.. Dangerous Doctor thank God my daughter was on an accident. No one’s even taking a look at her yet. We’re desperate for some medical attention in here Would you mind don’t worry. Only the doctor will check her Promised to Langley of any kind of damage to the brain is a very Sensitive thing to observe so maybe we should just step outside and give the doctor a little room to work The first nurse said we shouldn’t think there’s a coma but more like a deep sleep Jennifer wakey-wakey breakfasts ready What time is it? It’s almost two Can you turn the clock back by twelve hours for me sure I Don’t know what to say about Bean he’s clearly a force 10 disaster area, but God helped me, I like him Now having said that there is no reason in the world why any of you should ever have anything to do with him again Mom, Dad….. anyone What happened? You had an accident, but everything is gonna be okay Well, what what happened Stingo just a bruises collarbone? He’ll be fine til I get my hands on him oh My god. Where are you going here Joey? How can we ever say thank you know you’ve made us so happy Tell us. What can we do, we’ll do anything? Well I suppose you could let me stay another week Ah Oh

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  1. Ohh! How awesome this person was! He was my dream man. I wanted to be like Mr. Bean. Those legendary work makes our teenage awesome. Thank you for making our teenage awesome. Love you Mr. Bean. You will be missed.

  2. عجباني اوي نظره الثقه اللي في عيوانه بعد ما طلع الرصاصه. راغم انه عارف انها جات معا كده

  3. At 0:14 😯😂🤣Mr.Bean had no idea what was happening but I might Tell you that mr.Bean is Trable maker and he is the best Doctor in the World

    Edit: Thank you all Even the Owner too!!
    And Look at the Best part of being to work 2:14 XD 🤣🤣 The guy said “Do I KnOW YoU!”

  4. Mr.bean make people wonder he s idiot or genius… No one doctor can known position Bullet in 2 minute, and mr.bean no need tool..

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