Optionfield Mobile App Quick Video Tour

Hi. We’ll do a quick video tour of our
mobile app. It’s called FX Go and you can download it from our website from the
trading menu – platforms – mobile and choose your operating system – iOS or Android. The first time you open it you need to tap on this button and scroll down to Optionfield. Then enter your trading account number and its password and tap on Login you are taken to the Rates screen with
the list of assets and their prices. You can modify it from here and if you tap
on an asset you’re taken to the new trade window. You can choose the period
of the chart from here. Order type – Market is to buy an option at the
current price and Pending is to buy an option when the price reaches a certain
level. Expiry can be anything from one minute up to one day, anything from this
list. Investment value – you can choose anything from this list or type in an
amount manually. The minimum trade amount depends on your account type – our Classic
account has the minimum of 5, Pro has a minimum of 10 and our Elite account
he has a minimum of 100. We see the current payout and the return in case
our option expires in-the-money. If we tap Up or Down the trade is opened and a
countdown timer appears along with the current price up there and the entry
price and of course the current result we just need to have to wait until the
time expires. We can go back of course to the rates screen and open another
trade. Let’s choose Pending this time Again we have to select an
expiry and investment and this time we need to choose an execution price with
these arrows Up on the on the chart we see the current
price displayed in gray and the entry price in green. When we’re ready we
tap on Up or Down and this time the trade is not opened immediately, instead
we see the current price and the desired execution price up on the chart. When the
current price reaches our execution price, the trade will be opened. Before
that happens we can delete our pending order. If we go to the Chart tab we see
this nice candlestick chart where we can do our technical analysis. We can select
the period from here and we can add and remove indicators from here. The best
part is we can modify the settings of our technical indicator. Positions – we see
the list of currently open trades and active pending orders. History is our
trading history for today, for example. We have also that for the last 7 days and
for the last 30 days. And Account shows a summary of our account and we can logout
from here. Thank you for watching our quick video tour, hope you enjoyed it. If
you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our Support team, they will be
happy to assist you. Bye-bye

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