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Well Hello Everybody its your boiii MDisCrazY back again with the new series of “Why You should not give Kar98 to MDisCrazY” And this is part 9 guys, and today we are going… to do Solo vs Squad, A lot of people were requesting solo vs squad with kar98 ( no scope) so after a long time, we are gonna do solo vs squad no scope today… So watch this video till end because i know everyone who are watching this video wants unedited video means without any cut or editing, they want full gameplay Like best part and also the worst of the gameplay or video, everything is including so you see… when i was getting a nice kill streak and when i was about to be get rekt by opponents… So have a look on this video till end and i am gonna give you some crazy surprise So without saying anything now, lets start Sskaarr98 part 9 Star, Don’t shoot anyone Star : Hm I am gonna deafen myself team match let’s go okay guys let’s see
how we are gonna perform Sskaar98 noscope after a long time boom first kill
time boom second kill oh this guy this guy Thankyou maybe noob Oh okay they are in my spawn oh shit Nooo Don’t Kill My Spawn O oooo Wooooooo Laaaag Don’t Stuck ffff You guys can leave now expired Oouch okay
we are losing guys They are lagging a lot, I dont know why One Gone Two Gone Oh I see Someone their Ooooo Nooo How is he alive Now he is gone 😀 noooo No :C Change your weapon oh Man, Now that’s enough This time…… NO yes Yeeeeesss Ahh Noo yes
one more reloading yes brooo My Hands Shakin…. guys What? Oh shoook Go go go Thankyou Nice Nice Guys i’m literally shaking now, my hands are not in my control I’ve no time to reload my kar98 one gone Oh Nooo Easy… Ohhhh please one shot kill please man why I’m
shaking no no one is dying no one is dying this
guy’s Ohhh, I’m in cover boii one shot head shot oh they’re triggered now Ow Man, I’ve to be 100% accurate now Ahh, Got me from behind Ohk i’ve to get 8 more points they are dominating me guys I’m losing I need some tea Again No one shot kill, you serious? please one shot one kill please just
wasting my time fire let’s go let’s go guys I’m telling you
My lovely tea helps me a lot without it i was definitely gonna lose Thankyou so much tea for helping me out guys make sure to LIKE make sure to
subscribe if you’re new to the channel this is SSkkar 98 part I don’t know What exactly part is it thank you so much this is so low on
the spot thanks for watching and Pubg please fix one shot kill or I think I was playing on wireless So maybe there were some packet loss or something, so i guess thats why they are not dying in one shot yeah I was playing on wireless why?? because my wired one is disable this one is not working now so i’ve to switch to another connection I’ve 2 ISP but my main internet wasn’t working at the moment so i switched to local one still we managed to win Thank You
some much for watching I hope everyone enojoyed So bye everyone Are you the one who watched it till end biggest shoutout to you 😀

100 Replies to “[Part 9] Kyu MDisCrazY ko Kar98 Nahi Deni Chahiye || Pubg Mobile ||

  1. Tdm mai Jab enemy muje kar98 se marta hai toh lagta hai jakar bhosdike k muh ma grenade dalkar pixwade se k98 ki puri gun size ghusadu

  2. tere se achha too mobile pe mai karleta hun
    chutiya kat te hai emulator wale
    ye le
    Pubg id-5173776240
    aja khel k dikha

  3. I challenge u to beat my SOUŁ ki squad in tdm 1v4 kar98 k only
    Name – SOUŁ々HYĐRÅ
    ID – 5495628578

    Time – Sunday 8 p.m.

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