39 Replies to “Phil Mickelson’s highlights | Round 4 | AT&T Pebble Beach 2019

  1. Way to go Phil!! Here is to an outstanding 2019 and to bigger things to come…..Do I hear a Major maybe……hmmmmm?

  2. I would give my left nut to see Sir Philip Duke of Mickelson get the grand slam!
    The soon to be old man is never going away. Davis Love will be making cuts and Phil winning on the PGA Tour into their 60s!

  3. 3 minutes from a winning round highlights, just gets worse hahaha! Good to see Phil playing well though, what a legend

  4. I never thought I’d see Old Lefty winning again after the Ryder Cup – he looked finished then. Very impressive, well done Phil.

  5. Great to see some really proper shot making on the US PGA…so much more interesting that drive + wedge, drive + wedge. He could be on for the Open if he plays like that

  6. Right on!! Phil Mickelson exemplifies everything I love about the PGA Tour – class, skill and sportsmanship.

  7. Phil mickleson is one of the greats.

    All the best from the 🇬🇧 bud.

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