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Hey friends! I come here with my new tutorial “how to track a cell phone or Trach mobile phone”. If someone stealing your mobile phone you can track your mobile phone by the help of Google and you also can lock and change your phone password. This tutorial is for your Android phone This is 1st part of tutorial I will make 2nd part for iPhone or ios device 3rd part maybe will be for Windows device 4th part for Blackberry and 5th part for your normal button phone So let’s get start today’s tutorial. this for Android device. Frist you need search from your PC or other mobile phone on Google “Android device manager”. then click on the 1st result. And sign in with your Google account or gmail account You need to use that account what you already used on your loses mobile phone. After sign in you can see on the meddle left of the screen The name of your Devices you use this Gmail. now you need to select your right device that you want to find. After select you can see on Google map your mobile location if your mobile is active if the mobile is ture off than cannot help you but it can say you last active time. Next is if your Phone is active than you can ring your phone to click on this Ring button and you can change or give a Password to click on this button of the screen. If you click on ring button then it’s ring like this. ring By the way, you can get a Android device manager app for mobile phone. So friends !! That’s all for this time. I think you will watch next all parts. . That can help you. See you on next time..

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