Police Chief Jeff Lavey explains Meridian’s ban on handheld use of cellphones when driving

This particular law says, you cannot
have your cell phone in your hand while you’re on the public roadway,
and whether the car is moving or not. So you’d be able to hit a button
real quick to turn on hands-free. But it’s like the state of Oregon,
it’s like the state of Washington, you cannot have it in your
hand while you’re driving. Meridian was one of the first cities to
have a texting while driving ordinance. We since repealed that when we were advocate to get
the state to come on board. So the state now has
a texting while driving law. So I knew that several cities in Idaho
had a hands free ordinance, and I thought it was an opportune time for Meridian as
well, in fact the whole Treasure Valley. Every day we’re hearing congestion
complaints, traffic complaints, crash complaints, road rage complaints. And we need to get the focus back on doing
the right thing and not striving and get off our phones. And so that’s why we thought it
was a good thing to propose. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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