34 Replies to “Political on-campus clash caught on camera

  1. Imagine the news coverage if a conservative did this to a black man. The fascists at YouTube are clearly suppressing videos of this incident. Took some work to even find this one with only 100 views.

  2. The DNC is officially a terrorist organization. Hill is just like all leftists, making excuses every time they commit violent acts. Now we know his name.

  3. you don't have to watch the video to know who started it and cried. A triggered democrat. Democrats sure can't keep their hands to themselves.

    Antifa assaulted this guy from KCRA news when they knocked him to the ground and tried to steal his equipment.

  4. Typical, if this was a Republican who behaved the same way he would have been expelled right away. The Republican played it cool. Props!

  5. This guy is a complete buffoon and fraud. He is an instigator and a liar. He’s been involved in several ridiculous outbursts…

  6. Nothing will happen to the white kidd he'll just go on about his life no interruption to his simple world while yet another BLACK man sufferers loss in dignity however had he fought back another BLACK man goes to Jail! Oh be non violent they say ! Verbal disarmament so i the white can pick the time and place to be VIOLENT!

  7. **VIDEO EVIDENCE CLEARLY SHOWS who the AGGRESSOR WAS** Keaton, not the Innocent Black Republican student. Keaton also made a CLEAR **death threat** He should be charged with assault & battery & convicted serving at least 5yrs in prison.

  8. As I hear the Left spout "tolerance" and "inclusiveness", it appalls me to see just how vitriolic, intolerant, and hateful they truly are. Such hypocrites.

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