PUBG Mobile Android Mouse and Keyboard Tutorial ( Octopus No Root )

Hello guys welcome back to my channel today i will make the tutorial again yesterday, I made a tutorial how to play vainglory on android using keyboard and mouse and now i will make the same tutorial but in different game in the recently released open beta especially in mobile games yup, that is tutorial in pubg mobile game and before going to the tutorial you guys
can help me to supporting this channel please subscribe and you guys will get the updates another a turorial or tips/experiments videos about android in this channel 🙂 okay now we just go to the tutorial yup, this is the tool we will use this is otg and then this usb hub connect otg to usb hub Connect keyboard & mouse to usb hub and then connect otg to your phone and then waiting notification otg has connected to your phone and you can see the cursor has appeared on the phone screen now we test the keyboard is has connected or not #Gemeplay test and if you want to enable advanced shooting mode like playing fps games you can watch tutorial how to enable/activate advance shooting mode, on my channel 🙂 The link tutorial video in description box video 🙂

100 Replies to “PUBG Mobile Android Mouse and Keyboard Tutorial ( Octopus No Root )

  1. Tutorial PUBG mobile activate advanced shooting mode ( aim using mouse ) no root required, here:

  2. What is the point of using a mouse if you still have to click on screen to turn left and right? It makes it even more tough to play.

  3. Bhai ye bta rmb pr aim aur lmb pr shoot kese lre direct ye to chutiya pnti h on screen button ab bhi click krne pd rhe h fayeda kya aur mere me space se jump bhi nhi kr rha kuch esa btaoo jise keyboard buttons se direct work ho jese shift se run f se car me baith na rmb se air lmb se shoot aur mouse move krne pr camera move

  4. Ada Monitor Kok gak di Mirror ajah. Biar lebih kaya PC.

    OHH ia ini kan Cuma Tutorial.
    Kirain yang buat videonya Bodoh hahahaha

  5. The only important part is how to map the keyboard to the touch screen actions and it's the only part you didn't do.

  6. Bang btw USB yg buat nyolok khusus keyboardnya trus dicolok ke HP otomatis udh langsung nyambung ke HP bang??, btw nama keyboardnya apa bang bagus keyboardnya😂

  7. plot twist: pugb players with octopus got banned. so octopus doesn't support pubg for now.
    try panda gamepad pro (but this app has 2 stars rate in playstore). not good choice

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