PUBG mobile + old phone + lowest graphics. Increasing fps on PUBG android! (Galaxy S4)

Remember all the times when I have made videos
for PUBG only for the game to be updated immediately and block all changes to the configuration
files. I am going to wait for this one a bit to see
if this happened. Mother frying pan. I knew it. I knew they were going to pull that OUCH. Believe it or not, PUBG was never officially
available in China, but after its unexpected exploding success of the game in the region, and its inevitable locking, tech giant Tencent licensed the game for China and against all common sense developed a free
to play version of the game on mobile. One that seems to be more optimized and provide
better performance than the PC counterpart. Not only that but the game has actual configuration
files that people started editing until the values were all replaced with keys
so people would stop. This is PUBG after all. Why would they allow people to change files? However since android has some tools that
can be used to tweak games, in general, and my thing is basically running
under the minimum requirements, or at least very close to them (and also I want to get all portable versions of
PUBG out of my system) I was interested in seeing how the game would
perform on a galaxy s4 from 2013. PUBG would not install on Android versions
under 6.1 so I used a custom ROM from lineageOS, the successor to cyanogen mod based on Android
Nougat. The ROM is still on nightly, meaning that
it is not necessarily stable but it did well on my short tests. It also makes rooting very easy which will
be useful for the apps that I am going to use. If you want to support the devs of any of
these apps the links are in the description. The first thing that I will use is GL Tools,
this app allows changes to the way OpenGL renders game graphics. I mainly use it to add an fps counter on the
game so we can see the end results and to modify the size of the textures. Limiting it to 256×256 seems to be the lowest
you can go before the game becomes hard to play due to visual glitches but it still looks a bit… hmmm… What does not work is changing the internal
resolution of the game, it just makes it tiny. If we want to change the resolution then we
need to rely on a resolution changer app. I saw good results with Resolution Changer,
which I use to drop to a crispy 270×480, brilliant. With these changes, the game seems to hover
around 22 fps. Not bad for a phone that you can nowadays
pick for around a hundred euros on my side of the world. There are CPU related drops when the game
is loading that can happen in the most inconvenient of moments, but it tends to recover after
a new area is loaded. If this is the only battle royale experience
accessible to you at the moment, of you just want to give a try to this game no matter
the cost, maybe these apps can help you. And if they do, consider joining my community
discord. It has been a good place to keep up with the
changes this game has gone through in terms of tweaking in a such a short space of time. And thank you if you a Patreon donor that is helping keep this channel going.

100 Replies to “PUBG mobile + old phone + lowest graphics. Increasing fps on PUBG android! (Galaxy S4)

  1. I have white textures on p8 lite.

    Just so everyone knows- for the sake of your money DO NOT BUY HUAWEI PHONES!! They are dipshit at performance and they release very poor updates that instead of adding options- remove them!

  2. i blame my phone not the game.. but thanks for giving me this tutorial, its better than the last time, and the thing is i cant snipe for a few miles so i rather use the lowest original settings

  3. Can you make Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild for low spec PC? Mine PC has meet the requirements but HDD is reducing the frame rate 😅😅😅so I intent to do it but I dunno… can u help me?

  4. We can use these apps on tencent gaming buddy in which there is going to be a very very big and surprising increase of performance
    If this was helpful like the comment plzzzz

  5. Can run pubg mobile in my SAMSUNG J7 1.5 GIGS RAM.. and ya an EXYNOS 7580 soc?? Ya it's cortex A53 all the way in….. #LOST_MY_POCO_PHONE…. 😣😣

  6. My tablet has 1.3 GHz CPU Mali mp400,1gb ram and Android 4.2(jelly Bean) it doesn't support pubg lite*(weird black textures) help me to play at least pubg lite.
    My tab is fully rooted and gl tools installed**

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