PUBG Mobile on MEmu App Player 5.1.0 ~ Just Ordinary Gameplay


100 Replies to “PUBG Mobile on MEmu App Player 5.1.0 ~ Just Ordinary Gameplay

  1. i got i5 3570 8gb ram gtx 950 virtual ENEBALED in bios but memu play still lags…any tips or guide? do u number of processors ON?

  2. my pc is windows7 .32bit
    AMD A4-4000 with radeon tm hd graphics 3.00GHZ .RAM 4GB.NVIDIA 2GB graphics,i can't run or play pubg plzz help

  3. bro my screen doesnot change with the movement of the mouse. it just stares ahead. what should i do? please reply soon

  4. Getting an error… It is saying that " Your device is not supported at the moment, but it will be included at a later time" (After starting the game this error pops on)… What to do??

  5. Bro can we play by share pubg from mobile to mumu app player or we want to dowload?? (sry for the english)

  6. i tried it on bluestack and pubg gaming buddy but both are lagging i dont think memu will work on my pc i have 4gb ram

  7. Bro game is very laggy in memu and when start a match it wont and say enter match again and how to remove the green button on the screen it is so irritating what is your pc specs and what is your memu setting

  8. Bluestack is better than memu i uses both and giving my experience opinion about that bluestack have only mouse related issues and memu pubg is unplayable.

  9. My pc a little potato + low but i find mamu. so.. i used it and i find PUBG has low or high so i choosed low to play bettter!

  10. In tencent gaming buddy mouse right and left buttor not working…in nox player just show the main screen and stuck …. Now which player will i use? Memu?

  11. sir mera lenovo g500s..2gb ram koi resoulation problam dikhaya….and last my not support dekhaya PUBG……plz help

  12. New Video, PUBG Moblle with HDR Extreme Graphic Setting Gameplay Test on MEMU Player 6.2.7 …

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