hey what’s up guys welcome back to our
Channel DHETHI TECH. Today’s video is going to be a gaming review on OPPO F11 PRO So before getting into the gaming part let us see some of its top
features of OPPO F11 pro so first one is its processor is coming with mediatek p70 processor piece which is a powerful chipset and second one is its
gaming performances so to experience of both of this stay tuned until the end of this video so that how this mobile is performing the both streams so what are
you waiting for let’s get into this so once open in the game space I have
two games pubg and clash of clans I’m playing in a high graphic mode so if you want to
play in high graphic mode keep in competitive mode and my battery percentage is 22 percent signal strength is very nice so block the notifications
I have enable this. okay I’m entering into the game in this.In this mobile the pubg will support in HD graphics It is very faster coming to the graphics so we can keep in
HD no we can’t keep in HDR it will
say that this option will be available on your device soon so coming to frame
rate we can keep in high and come into style we can keep in movie mode I I
enabled the shadows and anti arising okay okay See the quality of the video there’s
no lag even now when i am turning okay so,I entered into TDM .So it is how much fast
Still 1 person did not came only second person came and then third person
came so this is the advantage for the
fourfinger guys we can turn even very fastly. Another enemy is coming
chill out guys.No one is coming come on Bro come on “I want Kill”!!! oh sorry!!! so if you want to to choose any gun go with AKM or M762 M416 is also
obviously better but the BULLETS!!! whoa oh yeah I’m keeping in High graphics so see how
it is performing so this mediatek p70 processor
which is a powerful chipset and though it is mainly advantage for the gaming
performance who plays heavy gaming and we have an official slow wait I will keep
the brightness high see all they saw there is no lag even though many are going see when I am
running or this shipping ok see you even you are peeking sorry guys we have to go as 1 square
is dropping.oh shit!!! I gotta kinda hi favorite image so you only see how it’s
performing with no lag gaiz own bong-gun in 400 once I keeper the graphics in my balance
medium and elastic so see you get and seen this he would listen on my favorite then this
best was my beliefs I don’t want this much blood Soros Allah I will drop okay okay I just I’m bringing up in cooler whoa
you guys come on I don’t have a single life more lies from where did they from very diluted I
did not same way so we have to go now or again and not so see this this dungeon is not tell which it gets
so fire and I mean this dungeon this is the stronger in which they may
can’t see when we give this unit wrong there I will take a little fast
come on lie so okay no I don’t want 80 glutes what is so much so this is the
flow of snow didn’t this is now fragile looks like Union Center it’s a bomb and
smoke in these and you know it will not protect us from a white color for fall
right there the major addition very for the only
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