Pubg and Call of Duty are both available on mobile now so I thought why not flip up my flip phone and install them both to see which one is better [Music] yo what is up guys welcome to pubg on mobile today I am here with Dane and we’re just gonna hopefully destroy some people really okay and we’re just gonna hopefully destroy some people let’s go oh no oh noooo I’m muting this guy where should we land it won’t let me look down fall down his bags been need help coming for you anytime soon as he saw me I was dead we came 87th place that’s terrible yeah well we’re actually in a good place Carlo can’t tell if I’m doing this right or wrong here you’re definitely doing this wrong so when he isn’t a pistol so what are you God let’s go yeah well Cherie [Music] nice god damn get someone else I think he’s outside I think he’s outside the window I think it’s inside the building thirteen people alive turn like more faster than ice what is this master Gao of that oh my gosh ah no way no way congratulations on getting third place Wow must give you the motivational speech now we may have lost the bowel but we did not lose our but we did not lose but we did not lose the war well you saw what I said wow we are two men fighting [Music] paalam of them is down a completely naked okay no more motivational speech i’m starting the game don’t mess with me again I’m have to flipping take this call I’ll hang it off to all my y’all I’m a calling a video of cow can it’s Monday they love Christ I’m trying to get ammo SMG a Burger King down so I guess you’re gonna have to go on without me brother no way there’s 13 people after now you’re telling me I’m gonna do this by myself my God he’s actually gone no no this is going to be the winner guess this is a solo mission [Music] now how’d it go how’d it go take me out how’d I get out I am pressing every boy in here today I’ll just god damn car I guess I’m gonna scouts to stay in this car the whole entire game in the driver seat get in the driver’s seat oh my god get in the driver’s seat go ah fuck sake honestly someone’s shooting at me go away if I could exit right now it would be easy win but fucking bones not working so good no go go stuck in the goddamn storm now I’m definitely dead come on come on come on Oh third place again f*** off one piece of s*** game all right we’re headed to the bus station go straight down oh yes why is this so surprisingly good let’s go wait revive you know we might be able to actually win this stumpy try it all let’s go now I hear oh my god we use coming for you nice I didn’t need you to come here look at me up I’m gonna use a bandage hot manga school after shaving themselves what are you are going oh my god we actually destroying can you drive this oh yeah take us to the circle oh oh my god oh my god these control mice all dead a move hey goose oh my my you know what we in the circle I think we can go like any someone else you drop something yeah yes let’s go come on everybody on the map they were from the paper don’t bother me come on I’ll come in careful all let’s go and it seems no no please don’t tell you got this naked eye can you still hear you just do hope oh no he’s mics going oh oh he’s still moving Paul GT I start rounding but then oh god what else here Alvia got him oh thank god I got one of them is this just one person way I could see him go get in game game come on yes let’s go the results are in the winner for the best mobile game is Call of Duty mobile no surprise there [Music]


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