PUBG vs Fortnite

He’s up here! He’s up here… One of them’s downstairs. You got this, dude. Oh! We doing this? Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa.. You stole my kill. ( What a douche.) I’m sorry. I.. I thought I was helping. Dude! What are you doing? Let’s go! HACKERS! HuehuehuehueHUEHUEhue. There’s another one. Hm? Whoa! What are you doing? Well,what is it, what do you see? .. Sorry, my game crashed. What the-AAAAAAaaH! AAHHH! Grills, I’m knocked! He’s like 1 HP, get him! Come here.. I can’t stop lagging.. Yeah, that’s right! Keep running! Dude.. Go leave! I’m not leaving you here! Leave now, or we both lose! Are you kidding me?!? Are you kidding me, I-I bet you got like, one kill! I got like seven! You got like one! (Tryhards, amirite.) I’ll have you know, that I am number 34 on the leaderboard!! *inaudible 10 year old screeching* Yay, a chicken wing. (It was fun writing subs, Nuke!)

100 Replies to “PUBG vs Fortnite

  1. Why is everyone arguing which one is better? Who cares if someone likes something else. I personally like PUBG because it’s more realistic, and cause people don’t build huge AF buildings. I just don’t see the point on arguing which one is better. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses. They’re both good, let’s leave it at that.

  2. The kid was wrong cuz in the bigenning he killed one person and then he killed that kid in the ending so is not 1 kill is 2 kills

  3. yea im 20 why should I play fortnite that is shit pubg is a mans game I played fortnite in 2013 (it was save the world though)

  4. PUBG fans are just corny middle east asian gamers

    Fortnite fans are just retarded 9yr old north east gamers

    COD mobile fans are also corny middle east asian gamers

    Rules of survival fans are just corny southeast asian gamers ( what even is ROS? )

    Garena free fire fans are both corny Middle east asians and southeast asians combined ( tbh this is the worst game between every BR game )

  5. Watching this makes me feel like Fortnite is by far the most overpowered Battle Royale game live seen if any of whoever is reading this have seen a Battle Royale more overpowered than Fortnite let me know

  6. Fortnite is not real in this video because fortnite charecters are bots in real fortnite is not noob so much

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