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So, what’s up guys! My name is Rawknee your favourite YouTuber ever and today I’m back with the Tech2 Game challenge Real shot challenge and I have to drink these five S**t!! I don’t know what’s inside this. Can I open this? This seems like S**t! Anyway let’s start Let’s let’s… start with death match and every time I lose the match I have to drink this. Are you sure? SURE! Alright, not an issue. Let’s begin What if I hide in the spot. Like it’s part of the game. I can do whatever I want…. to not die. It’s how you play PUBG Camping’s totally legal You steal my Gun It’s legal. I can hide here. But I won’t hide I’m trying to figure out something. this is not me hiding, this is not me trying to run way from the game I’m trying to assess some strength. I’m trying to focus focus. Can I focus more No… OKAY Where is he? The blue team has scored The blue team is unstoppable I’m actually trying to get secure I want to play securely RUN..RUN..RUN… I don’t want to drink this s**t! RUN..RUN… Run from here Take heal… I lost armour. The blue team is unstoppable This how you play safely This how you play when you have to survive I don’t want to drink this. I will become Die Hard, but I won’t drink this Today I will become a pro-PUBG emulator I’m alive for this. The Blue team is unstoppable take it. The blue team is in the lead and it’s unstoppable. I have a six kill streak So, I have to stay calm and quiet I didn’t utter a word. That’s it. that’s it… Bro, why are you lying down? This happened because of him. He flashed the light to my eyes. It was his mistake. Gotya throw him out. What to drink? This one Karela Kick I’m getting the smell of Margo soap from this. It’s nice, honestly, it’s nice. OKAY. We are about to win the game. If I don’t die twice. I have to take just one. You’re about to Win I died for the second time. What’s this? What’s this? ‘Dark Vader’ What the h**l? Is Star Wars going on here? I Won. I won but I have to take just one sip. OMG! This is espresso I love it… I haven’t slept since yesterday. I need this thank you. But I won the game. That’s it, right? So listen guys, I won the game. You know And see nobody can defeat me. You know I always win and I always won. But just because you worked so hard to bring this. Let’s try this out. Max to max what will happen if I don’t like it? My friend Gotya is sitting over there, he will beat everyone. Nothing gonna happen beyond that. He has a hockey stick in his hand. So I’m doing this for everybody happiness, you know See that guy is crying over there. Okay, I will drink this. But don’t cry. It’s okay What’s this? ‘HOTSHOT’ I’m taking one sip. It’s good but, doesn’t feel good doesn’t feel good It’s actually hot. Do you guys have a glass of water? Okay, What’s next? ‘Red Red’ Whose blood is this? ‘SWEET POISON’ So, its name is ‘SWEET POISON’ Very tasty blood. I don’t like sweet tasting blood. No, It must be a little salty then, it may taste good. And I don’t know what is there in the last one. ‘LIME SHOCK’ Okay ‘LIME SHOCK’ I’m telling you this is lime. Is this lime for sure? Yes, it’s lime water OMG! It’s very sour in taste. So anyway, guys that was the real shot challenge with Tech2 And I hope you guys enjoyed it. And effortlessly, I won the game. Anyway, guys if you like it. then, please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE the Channel And Until I meet you next time.

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  1. Ayyashi dekh rahe ho bande ki.? 00:08 sec . Khud ki tarif kaise ki jaati hai.. inse sikhiye.. 🤣🤣😂 your fav…. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣✌️

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