republic wireless – unboxing Motorola Defy XT

Hi everyone, my name is Andy and today I’m
un-boxing the Motorola Defy XT, this is the hybrid mobile device from Republic Wireless.
Let’s take a look inside. So, I’m opening the box and the first I see is the Motorola
Defy XT, which has a nice slim feel. OK, so let’s see what else is inside. Here we have
a quick start guide, next we have a USB cord, which plugs in to your charger, then, we have
a battery for the device and the back cover of the phone. And the final piece is a complete
instruction manual. So, let’s take a look at the quick start guide for a moment. When
you open it up, you see a brief explanation about hybrid calling which simply means that
the device runs on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It goes on to explain how you can
connect to WIFI hot spots and complete simple activities by using your phone. This page
shows a basic visual of the phone’s anatomy and how the buttons work. Finally, there’s
a brief explanation about Republic community and where to go for support. So, to activate
the phone, you just insert the battery, then snap on the back cover and turn it on. I’m
Andy, this has been the un-boxing of the Motorola Defy XT from Republic Wireless.

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