RFID Journal LIVE 2013: Motorola Booth Interview

Hi, I’m Suzanne Smiley with atlasRFIDstore, and we’re here at RFD Journal LIVE! 2013 at the Motorola booth, and we have Carrie here to tell us a little bit more about motorola and what y’all are doing
here today. How are you doing? I’m doing well, we’re having a great show here at
RFID Journal LIVE! and I’m Carrie Angelico with Motorola’s Data Capture
Solutions group in business development, and this is a show that we come to every
year. We’re seeing great results, lots of interest in RFID. Motorola has been in
the RFID industry for quite some time, just about as long as you could say RFID,
we’ve been doing something. And products have improved greatly over the
years, lots of great innovation, and we hope to show you some of that in our
group today. Well great, so you’re kind of running the show, got the biggest booth here, and there’s constantly a bunch of people, so we’re glad we could take some of your
time to do this, that’s great. Well as a leader in the industry, Motorola does have a very big presence at this show. We totally believe in RFID, we are
constantly developing new products, and Motorola is constantly investing in R&D,
and we always have new products that are being worked on and a long road map of
where we’re going in the future with RFID. Well fabulous, do you want to take us
around your booth a little bit and show us what’s going on? Sure! Altaf is one of
our product managers who’s been with the company for ages, and he’s very familiar with our products that we have, and we’re showing them at the product bar and show
our products here, you can hear about the functionality capabilities, and then people can go out and see it being used in a solution with
our partner software. So Altaf, maybe you can just briefly explain
what we have, what we’re showing here? Oh certainly. Hi Altaf! I’m Suzanne. Hi Suzanne, how are you? Can you take us through what y’all have going on at the Motorola booth?
Oh, perfectly. What we have here is a broad portfolio of products from an
RFID standpoint, you know, both for industrial environments as well as
business class environments, enterprises. As RFID has had a wide spread of
adoption in two very different types of applications in very different verticals,
and so you need to be able to offer a portfolio that has the right fit for the
right applications, right? And so we have industrial types of fixed readers,
industrial and business class of fixed readers, to address the market with fixed
readers. We have mobile computers here, you know, both in terms of industrial
form factors as well as enterprise-class, business class form factors. Is that the 3190 that we just learned about? That is the 3190. And as you know, RFID is a
technology from a fast data capture perspective, and so and many other
benefits with all the inherent properties of RFID, but it has really
come as a step forward function from barcode world, right? And so a lot of
people are also transitioning from the bar code into the RFID space, and so
we obviously look at a product that gives you the marriage of a barcode and
RFID and allows them to transition from that standpoint. So here’s a product that
allows you to do barcode scanning, imaging through the 2D scanning, as well
as has an RFID piece in this built-in. So it also captures the transition for people from barcode to RFID. And then we have supporting accessories that we
support for different applications that would allow you to build RFID zones. And then, that’s what we are showing here today, and we are invested in RFID significantly in
terms of the future vision that allows you to do things like, just like wireless
has evolved over the years. And you get ubiquitous, seamless RFID, but we are
invested in all those types of technologies that would allow you to be
able to do things in the future both in the enterprise as well as in, you know,
from all the way from manufacturing all the way down to the retail floor, you
know, through the supply chain. So our products look at it from ultimately, even
though, let’s say the Holy Grail may start with an item level within retail,
ultimately it goes to the manufacturing because people are vertically integrated
and the supply chain, so we obviously cover it from from the point, from
manufacturing, all the way into the retail floor. I’m sure it will probably
end up in consumer home spaces someday just like Wireless has over a decade, and so part of what we look at in terms of
investment is “hey, watch three to five years out, and then what’s the future
function out there as well?” And so we have an eye into that space as well, so
that’s what our products do today. Alright, well can you take us too a little through the
accessories? I know we have some Motorola antennas on our website, and I’m sure our customers would like to learn a little bit more about that. Could you show us what you have standing up here? Yes, certainly. On the accessory side, some of the latest form factors are these A and 620 antennas and 610 antennas. Flat, low profile, ideally suited
for applications, growing new applications like point-of-sale
applications. People want to put them as, let’s say a picture frame in your in
your isles, walkways and stuff so you can just put them on there easily, like a
picture frame. You can change your artwork on the front, you know, you can have
messaging as you may need. So those are some of the cool form factors.
Also, so many times people want to put them in places where there is, you
know, you want something that’s very low profile, you don’t have enough counter
space, so those are ideally suited for those types of applications. We also have
the A and 480 antenna, which is a wide band antenna that covers the entire
frequency range response for worldwide operations. So, you know, whether you have
operations up in, you know, manufacturing in China or a distribution
through Europe and in the US, that antenna just does it all for any
of the regions. And then smaller form factors as well, you know, for more
focused, targeted applications, especially within retail. Alright, well thank you so
much Altaf, we love learning about the product bar and the new products
that Motorola has. Is there anything you want to add in there? I think the last thing I
would say is, you know, the some of the best performance in the industry in
terms of this power, this is the highest performing reader in the market, the FX9500. The buck stops here from a fixed reader performance standpoint, and so is some of our mobile computers in terms of form factor ergonomics and the
productivity enhancements that it gives you overall. So performance, efficiency,
productivity, this stops right here at Motorola. What else can you ask for? Well
thank you so much, I guess Carrie you’re going to show us around to another booth?
Carrie what booth are we at now? Ok, now we’re at a Motorola demonstration pod
where we like to just give people an idea of some of the things that they can
do with our products, and we’re going to speak with Mike who is going to show an
IT asset tracking solution, and remember the flat antennas you saw that Altaf
showed you? We have those installed in this cabinet, so we like to show people,
you know, exactly how they’re being used when when it’s a unique situation or a
unique deployment of a product, so it’s a good way to be able to show the customer how it looks and how it works. Fabulous, well Mike can you tell us a little bit about what we have going on here? Sure, what we have here is we have a
two-part system. We are using a fixed reader to first track the assets,
verifying that all the assets that should be there are there, and if one is
not we can use the handheld to locate that item. So currently, we have a file of
all these assets, all these IT data tapes loaded into the system, so we’re going to
check them out for the day. You can see that we have, again, 40 loaded in the
system. We have 39 seen and we’re missing one. So, if the item you’re looking for is
not in the vicinity, you can use the handheld with
the Geiger counter function to help locate that item. Okay. It cannot get you, it may not get you right on top of it, but it will at least get you into a defined area where you
can find it. So if we’re scanning the room, you see nothing is happening on the
handheld. as you get closer to the area where you’re working, we started to locate the item. You get away, and you miss it. You get closer to the
area we’re working, you know, again, might be in the bush, might be your behind back,
we can search the cabinet. And as you get closer to the actual asset notice the
audible and the visual as well will increase when you’re closer to that item or you have
that exact time you’re looking for. Well fabulous. And then you can just put it back in here and it goes back to the seen category? Correct, so now we are missing zero and we have all 40 that we should have. Alright, well fabulous!
Alright, and what kind of antennas do we have under here? We have two AN620’s and they are connected to the FX9500 industrial reader. Ok. So again, the antennas have the
capability to be placed on top of the table or underneath the table and have
the power to broadcast through the table. Alright great, well thank you so much
Michael and thank you for taking us through this ITE tracking. No problem, thank you. We’re going to talk about something different now. What do we have over here? We are, we’re going
to speak with Susan Flake who is our retail specialist and she’s going to be
showing our dressing room assistant, which is software that we have on an ET1 tablet in a dressing room. Hi Susan, how are you doing today? Fine, how are you? Alright, well let’s see what you have going on here. So I picked out this dress, I want to
go ahead and try it on in the fitting room, so I’ll go ahead and hang it on the
hanger, and automatically it recognized the product that I just brought in. It
shows me the additional colors, it’s available in pink and it’s also available in green. Gee, green’s pretty neat for Spring, I’ll go ahead and
try it in a size 4 and request that somebody bring that to me. Wow, okay. In
addition to that, I can get a full description of the product and also play
a video that matches the product line and what they sell as brand. This is
all user-driven content, so it’s often figurable to the brand itself. Additionally, I can see matching products and scroll. And gee, I like that necklace. I’ll
go ahead and request that to be brought to me as well. And they’ll just bring it on into your fitting room while you’re in there? Yeah! What happens is one
of our associates gets paged on one of their smart badges or one of our other
handheld terminals and they go and select the product and bring it back to
you in the fitting room. Additionally, I’ve tried the dress on now, I like it,
it fits, it’s cute, so now I can go mobile. And what this allows me to do is to go ahead and scan my QR code, open up my browser,
and from here I’ve transferred all of that data to my phone now. From here, I
can go ahead and add it to my wish list, buy it, which is tied to my loyalty card
in turn to my debit, or i can share it social networking on Facebook, Twitter. At this time, I’m going to pin it on my Pinterest board. Ok, so I’m
going to go ahead and pin it, and I want to see my pin, and this is all live, and there it is on my Pinterest
board. Well that is so cool! Now what kind of Motorola products are using for this
specific demonstration? This is our ET1 android-based product and an FX7400
reader within an AN610 antenna. Well great. Well Susan, thank you so much for taking
some time to show us this. I’m here at the Motorola booth, is there
anything else you’d like to tell us today at RFID Journal LIVE! 2013 about
Motorola? Well, I think the most important thing is understanding the benefits that
everyone can get from RFID. We know this, we’ve been trying to get the word out,
our partners have been getting the word out, the efficiencies, productivity,
accuracy improvements, increase in sales, increase in customer satisfaction are
tremendous, they are exponential over other data capture technologies. And in
addition to end-users that are interested in RFID, Motorola is always
looking for new software vendors, integrators, resellers that would like to
sell RFID and create RFID solutions. There’s a lot of business, a lot of
growth in RFID, and we’re hoping that shows like this will bring everyone in,
the end-users, the resellers, and get the adoption going for RFID. At Motorola, we really understand that business and our partners do, we really are hoping that
everyone that sees this understands RFID a little better and when they want to look for the quality products, high-performing products with a business that has the most experience and knowledge and future
innovations, come to Motorola! Well at atlasRFDstore, we love selling Motorola products and they’re always quality, so thank you for taking us around! Thank you.

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