100 Replies to “Road to Mythic | Shadow of Twilight | Carmilla | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. Why?

    When u got same epic skin it turned to 80Rare Fragments
    And u buy starlight for 200Rare Fragments and our "Star" gone!

    It should be..
    Mobile Legends: Bank Scam

  2. Yah I used her in rank
    And I got into a clash fight
    I was alone and they all attacked me xD
    But then I used her ult and continued casting her skills
    And wtf my hp wasn't going down
    And I got a Savage oof

  3. Aldousa baf gelmeli mistik liginde çok kolay düşüyor lütfen şu heronun ya hareket hızı hada hp si artirilsin

  4. Ah…I want to buy this with my BP I have been saving…but cannot play since phone screen is broken. Seems like I'll have a new Support favorite after Estes.

  5. I quit playing ML due work stuff for 7 months now but I still watch and keeping up with a new hero released in the game

    But yet never regret stop playing because I've achieved my goal now

  6. I have a question its not about carmilla its about the magic chess
    Me: My brother can play magic chess now but I can't play?…

  7. this…is so stupidly op.
    For the first time road to mythic is OK

    With full tank build and tank emblem I got a maniac in legend rank.

  8. I'm the only one person that buy carmillia first

    Andi play carmillia on rank

    I got maniac but so sad

    I don't get To top 90 carmillia

    Mmmm it's because I'm a master

    I change the item

  9. “Whattt? This support can carry the whole team? In a bot match where you always showcase your heroes spotlight?? Shocker!!”

  10. Too op for first release and she's only a support but can deal a ton of damage? So everybody would buy and suddenly after a week or two you just nerf them scumbag moneytoon

  11. I wish moonton can have time focusing old heroes
    Layla doesn’t have legendary skin
    Even freya or saber or zilong

  12. Please bring back the switching account where you login to Facebook.. I literally lost my account and I don't k ow the ID! I'll never see it again.. 🙁

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